Malcolm in the Middle

Season 5 Episode 6

Malcolm's Job

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 07, 2003 on FOX
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Malcolm's Job
Lois makes Malcolm and Reese get jobs. Reese gets one at a butcher shop. Malcolm gets a job working with Lois at the drugstore loading dock. Malcolm goes to talk to Lois and is shocked to find that she smokes. She makes him promise not to tell, then turns her back on him and writes him up for a silly offense. Meanwhile, Dewey runs away to the Ranch to be with Francis because he says he is tired of Reese and Malcolm. Hal is also busy, secretly betting on and entering Jaime in baby competitions.moreless

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  • Very funny. A little different but still classic Malcolm!

    I love this episode, and I think demonstrates how much poor Malcolm is destined to suffer as an adult dealing with idiots and the series of contradictions that is your average job in retail.

    It's also a good representation of what a great job the shows producers do to parody Is kind of scary, that box flattening scene is a good representation of what working for the government is like on a daily basis.

    It is a little different in some of the character's plots, but overall it's classic Malcolm, which to me means a good representation of what a great job the shows producers do to parody the series of contradictions, challenges and general annoyances that make up everyday life.moreless
  • Lois makes Malcolm and Reese get jobs while Dewey runs away to Francis' ranch.

    This episode was great. It has one of the funniest moments I've ever seen on t.v. Hal and Reese are in the kitchen and Reese is packing frozen meat into the freezer. Hal asks if he can borrow some money. Reese says, "Sure, how much do you need?" Hal thinks about it for a moment and says "How much do you have?" Then the moment happens. Reese stares at Hal with a priceless look on his face before finally saying "Why don't you just tell me how much you need?" Hal starts to ask for $100, but sees that Reese isn't reacting so quickly changing it to $200 and then adds "plus another hundred" when he sees Reese still isn't reacting. Priceless.

    Lois and Malcolm's story almost made me hate Lois. The way she sold her son out at every opportunity while at the same time wanting him to keep her secret. She's a terrible mother and her speech at the end did nothing to redeem her. I'm not even sure it was supposed to. The "Box Flattening Area" guy was very funny.moreless
  • Great episode!

    Lois makes Malcolm and Reese get jobs. Malcolm has to work at the Lucky Aid where Lois works. He finds out that she smokes and she writes him up for not following directions, even though the way he does it is better and faster. Reese loves his new job. Hal goes to a father/baby class where he and the other dads compete with their babies for money. Dewey runs away to Francis's ranch.

    This episode was great! I liked this episode a lot! I would not like my mom is she treated me like Lois treated Malcolm. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Lois smoking! Reese enjoying work! Hal enjoying parenting class! What the hell!

    Quite an episode here as you read in my summary - a lot of revealing moments!

    The best part of the episode for me was the Hal-Jamie plot in which he bets on various events which involve babies. I think Bryan's acting in that is wonderful - his facial expressions are great! Polly has a great line in that scene: "I need to go and call my parole officier!"

    I liked the Dewey plot as well - although I was a little confused on how he managed to make it all the way across the country on his own.

    The Lois-Malcolm plot was alright for me - I didn't know what to think when Lois wrote Malcolm up after he had covered for her - I was shocked!

    The Reese storyline was quite good but I didn't like the way they made veal sound funny. That offended me greatly which is why I only fave this episode a 7, otherwise it would have gotten a 9. To think what those poor animals have to go through and the show's creators try to make it funny makes me sick.

    Aside from the veal incidient this episode is very good and it would have scored higher than a 7 if it weren't for it. All-in-all a good episodemoreless
  • Average episode for Malcolm standards. What the hell is wrong with Lois in this episode?

    This episode is nothing special. It was funny, as always.

    What was strange, though, was the way Lois was acting in this episode:

    Malcolm gets a job at Lucky Aide and he discovers that his mom (or 'Beans') as she's called by her colleagues acts totally different than at home.

    She's funny, relaxed, and doesn't madden about every little thing immediately. And worst of all: in the break she's smoking, which she allegedly quit together with Hal a few years ago.

    Malcolm just can't believe it and starts wondering why she's so totally different at work. I don't get it either. Can anyone explain it to me?moreless
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Todd Stashwick


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Holmes Osborne

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Time Index 4:18 and a few seconds after. The middle baby is the one Hal was holding, and for several episodes is actually the baby used as Jamie. However, it is the baby to the right of the screen that is later used for Jamie throughout the remaining episodes.

    • We find out that Lois told Hal that she quit smoking, even though she didn't.

    • Malcolm and Reese both get permanent jobs (for now) which are hinted on in future episodes. Malcolm works a low-paying job with Lois at the Lucky Aide, and Reese works at a high-paying meat cutting plant which is never seen.

    • In the final scene with Malcolm and Lois in the break area, you can hear the door close, then the scene changes and you see the door still closing.

    • It's shown that Craig was a district manager, but somehow got bumped down to the training level. He still is a manager, but he took the traniee course anyways.

    • During the baby drool contest, you can see Jamie turn his head and when he does, you can see the drool line coming from the other side of his head.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Dewey: I can't handle Malcolm and Reese anymore. I need a good big brother before it's too late. I'm like one wedgie away from an eating disorder.

    • (Reese loves his job at the meat processing company)
      Reese: The guys at work are great. I already got a nickname, "Ten Fingers". The old Ten Fingers wasn't using it anymore.

    • (Malcolm has just caught Lois outside with a cigarette.)
      Malcolm: YOU'RE SMOKING?! After all the times you've lectured us? After telling us if we smoke you'd kill us before the cancer did, after you would push Francis' lit cigarette back into his mouth and make him swallow, and you smoke?! You SMOKE?!

    • Lois: Boys, I wanted to talk to you. I've been doing some thinking. I was wondering you're both growing up and growing maturity.
      Reese: (excited) We're getting a car!
      Lois: You're both getting jobs.
      Malcolm and Reese: What?!

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