Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 10

Malcolm's Money

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 06, 2006 on FOX
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Malcolm's Money
When looking through the mail Hal comes across a check for $10,000 in Malcolm's name and he convinces Lois to keep it with an intent to pay him back in full later on. Hal accidentally tells Dewey about it and now he is in on it to. Now they can't seem to agree on how to spend the money. Malcolm tries over and over to get the right year book photo. Reese gets his old job back at the slaughter house, but is now a delivery man. He hates it at first until he delivers to an old age home and discovers how amazing it is.moreless

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  • Awsome

    Hal and Lois cheat on Malcolm's money spending it on themself. Then Dewey finds out, and its a great comedy
  • Great!

    Lois and Hal find the mail and Malcolm gets $10,000. They decide to spend it and then pay Malcolm back later. Dewey gets in after Hal accidentally tells him about it. The money turns them all into monsters. Reese goes to an old folks' home for work and decides to have fun there. He hooks up two old people. Lois accidentally spends it all on a dollhouse. Malcolm takes the yearbook picture seriously after seeing everyone else taking it seriously. He can't seem to get the perfect picture.

    This episode was great! Malcolm's photos were funny! I can't believe Lois spent all the money. This episode gets a 9.5!moreless

    This episode just seems like those episodes of Malcolm that are not really good, Season 7 just counts with few very good episodes, this one is alright but it could have been much better. I hope that the last two episodes of series will be much better than this or other lame episodes of the season.
  • Malcolm hates his pictures, and Lois, Hal, and Dewey takes Malcolm's $10,000 check and wastes it.

    It all starts as Malcolm not wanting to be remembered a geek when he gets his school picture. So it all turns out trash. Meanwhile Lois and Hal discover a check made out for Malcolm for $10,000. They decided to use that money and pay him back but it turns out chaos, even when Dewey wants in. So the money was used on a dollhouse that broke instantly. So all three had to decide how to pay Malcolm back. All they could find was $3,000. And guess what Malcolm used it on...yep, on photos. I hope you're happy, Malcolm. Reese on the other hand, well, he just started liking senior citizens. No biggie. I think this episode was a little above average. A typical dyfunctional family.moreless

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    • Mona: You whore! You stole my husband!
      Judith: No, I just used him without your permission and gave him back to you... Just like someone did with my sewing machine.

    • Malcolm: (seeing his photo on the screen) What did you do to me?! I look like a freak!
      Earl: Kid, that's you. That's what you look like.
      Malcolm: I can't let my grandchildren see me like that! You have to fix it! Put on a special filter, or-or brighter lights... Please, you have to fix it.
      Earl: Sorry, kid. That's the best I can do. I'm a yearbook photographer, not a magician.

    • Reese: This is great. I never knew old people could be nice. I thought you were all wrinkled bags of skin babbling about how stuff used to cost less.
      Judith: No, some are like that, but there's a few of us who still have some life left.

    • Earl: Sorry, pal, you had your chance.
      Malcolm: No! You have to take my picture again! Please! I thought I didn't care what people think of me, but I do. I really do!
      Earl: Look, kid, I'm making 20 cents a head, and re-shoots come out of my pocket. That adds up to "I don't give a crap."
      Malcolm: Don't blame me that you're a no-talent clown who couldn't even cut it at Sears!

    • Reese: Geez, my feet are killing me.
      Nick: I told you, you gotta let the blood drip into your shoes. Once it coagulates, then it's like walking on puffy clouds.
      Reese: Look at all these people, sitting here, just waiting for death.
      Nick: Yeah, I'd like to show those animal rights whackos this place. This is exactly what would happen to cows if it wasn't for us.

    • Dewey: What about this watch, Dad? It's only $12.99.
      Hal: That's where they get you, son. See, it says $12.99, but that doesn't include the hidden costs. Shipping, handling, box tops... by the time you're through, you're paying on the high side of $15. I've never owned a $15 watch.
      Dewey: But I need one, Dad!
      Hal: Son, a cork and a piece of string make a perfectly fine sundial -- and a great conversation piece with the ladies.

    • Reese (referring to one of the nursing home patients): When he has his teeth in, he's quite a looker.

  • NOTES (3)


    • The dollhouse catching fire is very similar to a scene from Friends, in which Phoebe builds a dollhouse and burns down as well.