Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 12, 2006 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Lois discovers she has mono after a visit to the doctor. She then ends up giving it to Malcolm after her maternal instincts begin. As a result, both Lois and Malcolm are forced to spend two weeks together in Lois' room. Hal, meanwhile, is invited to all of his neighbors' parties after they know Lois will not be attending any of them. The neighbors try to set him up with someone, who thinks Hal is going through a divorce. Dewey makes Jaime his slave, and Reese wants a piece of the action when he sees how good Jaime responds to Dewey's commands, but can't figure out why Jaime won't do things for him.moreless

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  • Creepy, creepy episode.

    I really got creeped out by this episode. I thought it was good, but I really felt sick after watching it. Seeing Malcolm and Lois in the same bed together and having to be like that for days and nights made me cringe. Can you imagine being in that situation. One of your parents givivng you mono? Good grief! I have to say that while it did creep me out, I found the show to be decent. It was funny and the writing was okay. I thought that the whole mono thing could have been avoided, but I have no control on what happens on television. Thank you.moreless
  • I loved this episode!

    Lois is sick with Mono. She gives it to Malcolm when she licks her finger and wipes something off his mouth. Now, they must stay in the same bed and recover. They actually bond and buy a beading machine. They talk about Malcolm's pranks and Lois' parenting techniques. Hal is now partcipating in the neighbors' parties because Lois is sick. A couple tries to pair Hal up with a recently divorced woman, but he has no idea. She thinks he's sweet and likes him, but he just thinks they're friends. Dewey teaches Reese how to treat respect to slaves. Jamie is a slave for Dewey. Lois goes back to her normal self with Malcolm after they feel better.

    This episode was awesome! I loved the scenes with Malcolm and Lois! Hilarious! I loved their weird "zzazz" talk. I lozazzved this epazzsode! I gizzazzve izzazzt a 10 out of 1zzazz0!moreless
  • Mono!

    This was a good episode but still not the best. I still thought Burning Man and Reese vs. Stevie are the best episode of the season. Malcolm and Lois part was silly that after seeing the redecorating of the room. Hal's part was okay but he did seem happy. Reese and Dewey's part wasn't really that interesting but overall it was a great episode.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Lois and Malcolm become hooked on the Pizzazzler. This is the show version of the product Bedazzler, which actually does all the things Malcolm and Lois do with it and more.

    • Malcolm says that all those years of stepping on cracks has finally paid off with Lois getting sick. He says it's no broken back, but he'll take it. This is referring to the old nursery rhyme 'Step on a crack and you break your mother's back'.

    • Just like last time, Lois was sick for a good portion of an episode. (Season One's "Smunday," Lois lets her guard down and reveals things she never would normally allow her kids to know).

    • The neighbors in this episode are different from the neighbors seen in "Block Party."

      NITPICK: The reason for this could possibly be that since so many people in the neighborhood hate Malcolm's family, they all had moved away since Block Party.

    • During the argument between Dewey and Reese in the front room, Dewey is lying on the sofa reading a copy of "The Jester."

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Dewey: Slaves can have slaves; this is America.

    • Reese (at the computer): I can't wait until everyone at school finds out you got the kissing disease from mom, which will happen right about (Reese clicks a button on the computer's mouse) now.
      Malcolm: I didn't kiss her; you saw it.
      Reese: What I saw was you and mom making out on the couch. Dewey?
      Dewey: It was disgusting.
      Malcolm (frustrated): She licked her finger and touched my face!
      Reese: Spare us the perv details.

    • Hal: Okay, I'm going over to Dave and Tina's. Everything okay in here?
      Lois: We're fine.
      Malcolm: Fizzazzine.
      Lois: Fizzazzine. Feeling mizzazzuch bizzetter.
      Hal: Are you taking your pills?
      Lois: Gizzo awazzay.
      Malcolm: Yeah, lizzeave us alazzone.
      Hal: Okay, well... gizzazzood bizzazzye.
      Lois: What? Hal, you're not making any sense.
      Malcolm: That's really weird, Dad. (when Hal leaves, Lois and Malcolm start laughing).

    • Reese: (to Dewey) Your attitude's been pretty lousy lately. I know you've been spitting in my sandwiches. I mean, I still eat them, but now the trust is gone.

    • Lois: I'll apologize in advance. I have gas to beat the band.

    • Hal: Okay, Jamie. Here we go. None of mommy's monster germs are in here. But don't get too comfortable in the big boys' room. It's only temporary.
      Dewey: He's never leaving, is he?
      Hal: What? No. This is just until it's safe to go back into our room.
      Reese: You said the same thing when Dewey moved in. Are you gonna take him back now that your ringworm's better?
      Hal: I told you we are still on yellow alert with that!

    • Malcolm: This is so awesome. Mom and Dad just got back from the doctor's, and it turns out she has mono. She's been ordered to stay in bed for two weeks. After all those years of stepping on cracks, it finally paid off. I mean, it's no broken back, but I'll take it.

    • Lois: Malcolm, quit hogging the covers. You're just like your father in bed.

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