Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 23, 2006 on FOX

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  • great

    Malcolm and some unpopular kids plan an anti-prom which they call morp. Reese is paid to go to prom with a girl, and at home, Dewey is mad when he discovers there aren't any baby pictures of him, so he decides to teach Hal and Lois a lesson.

    Good episode. Reese was pretty funny, the guy at the morp taking off all his clothes was funny, and so was the ending (what, Dewey, did you expect Hal and Lois wouldn't punish you, after all you made them go through?). Pretty good penultimate episode of the show, I give it a B or so as a grade.
  • Prom Morp

    Reese gets asked to the prom by a smart girl. She is only doing it because she wants to have a social life. She even pays Reese. He does it and he treats her very well. She realizes that she may like him, but when midnight comes, Reese turns into his old self. Dewey feels neglected, so he takes Hal's wallet and makes Lois and Hal go on a wild goose chase. Malcolm plans a Morp, an anti-prom, to show the outsiders that they can still have fun. It doesn't go as planned when the popular people apologize and everyone goes to the prom except him and another guy. Dewey wants Hal and Lois to treat Jamie with care, unlike they did to him.

    This episode was great! I wish Reese wasn't like that at the end, although I had a feeling he would be. I think they would've been good together! I recognized Adam Rose from Aliens in America. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • Malcolm comes up with an alternative party to the prom for the unpopular kids, Reese dates a girl for pay, and Dewey creates an elaborate scavenger hunt to punish his parents for their neglectful treatment of him.

    This episode was very funny and entertaining, like all of the Malcolm in the Middle episodes were. I found it interesting that Reese actually knew how to act like a civilized guy when there was money involved for doing so. I found the idea of having a morp (prom spelled backwards, a party Malcolm came up with for the unpopular kids) was very creative. (And I mean creative of the writers, not Malcolm, as the party was terrible, but amusing to see!) I also thought little details of the show were clever, as always, such as how everything about the school was crappy, including having asbestos in it, and how Hal and Lois didn't even know what grade Dewey was in. Little details like this make the show the perfect satire. My favorite part was the Dewey part, probably just because Dewey is my favorite character. I liked his righteous indignation towards his parents for not having any photos of him because they hadn't bothered to take any. The best part of the show was when the scavenger hunt ended up at a party Dewey had thrown for Jamie at a kiddy type restaurant. He told Hal and Lois that it was too late for his childhood, but that it wasn't too late for Jamie's. He then gave them a camera he bought and told them they now had no excuse for not photographing every important event in Jamie's life, starting that night with his party. It was very heartwarming, both in Dewey's altruism towards his little brother and in Jamie's delight at the party. I am glad Dewey has turned out to be a loving and protective older brother, (as especially shown in this episode and Mono) instead of a mean one beating on Jamie, because I had always thought if Dewey picked on Jamie it would be very out of character for Dewey.
  • One of the best episodes this season.

    This is truly a classic Malcolm in the Middle season 7 episode. Reese changing his character was nice for a while, but everyone knew he'd change back. Malcolm and the underground prom was a creative change of pace for the "unpopular" students attending high school. But I especially enjoyed Dewey's scavenger hunt that ended up at a party for Jamie. Heartwarming, heartwarming stuff.

    This episode one of the best of Season 7, but it was not that so great I was expecting, I wish that the next and final episode of Malcolm in the Middle is a lot more better than this one. Anyway, this episode was very, very funny and it a very great episode.
    Too bad, Malcolm is turning into an end.
  • poor boys

    The school prom is approaching. Malcolm thinks it's a fraud about school because of how much he feels about school and how people made fun of him and what he never expected from school. So he gets a couple of other guys to form an organization called morp, the opposite of prom for normal kids. It goes well until the prom kids come up and see how much they hurted them and confess. So the morp kids all went to the prom except for Malcolm and (lol) the naked guy. Reese on the other hand, gets introduced by a nice and lovely girl and gets asked to go out to the prom. They both had a great time and it was very nice until midnight when it was time to "clock out." Meanwhile, Dewey thinks he doesn't have anything that contains a childhood memory since he thinks Lois and Hal are careless. So during a sex rampage between the parents, Hal gives Dewey his wallet to go and have fun. So Dewey goes out and spends most of the money and items in the wallet at several places. Then Lois and Hal both track him down and lead them to a Chuck E' Cheese like place to celebrate for Jaime. Dewey, on the other hand is punished for spending almost all of their money. A great episode. Only one more left...
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