Malcolm in the Middle

Season 6 Episode 22

Mrs. Tri-County

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 15, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

Malcolm, Reese and Dewey have some fun filling out a entry form for the Mrs. Tri-County Pageant in their mother's name. When Lois receives a positive answer some days later, she's touched by her children's belief in her. She also sees it as a chance to get rid of a childhood trauma. When she was young, she had to assist her sister Susan in beauty pageants, but no-one ever paid attention to her. Hal realizes that the boys were just goofing around and he is afraid Lois will get hurt.

To his surprise Malcolm discovers that Mr. Herkabe is a judge at the pageant. In return for a decent result for his mother, Malcolm has to deliver messages from the lovestruck Herkabe to other candidates. Lois meets some women she knew from Susan's days in the pageant business. Most of them take the contest very seriously and find the idea of Lois joining them ludicrous. (One of them has hired a professional trainer, Nina Perrucci.)

Hal coaches Lois, chooses her dresses and decides which talent she will show the judges. At the next rehearsal Reese manages to steal a judge's manual, which he reads with interest.

At the first interview Lois answers the typical questions with her usual honesty. Motherhood is not pleasant, but she wouldn't miss it for the world. The other contestants are amazed by her success, but can't quite imitate her honesty. They realize Lois could be serious competition.

After having read the judge's manual, Reese comes to the conclusion that he is a perfect specimen of mankind. He could win pageants himself and so he decides to leave home. Nina Perrucci notices him at a rehearsal and gasps when she sees his beauty.

At the next stage in the contest, the other women tell Lois they are all going to wear tiaras. When they walk on, it's only Lois who's wearing one, making her look very pompous. Reese also gets a disappointment. Nina tells him he has the perfect features ... for a middle-aged woman.

The final stage of the contest is the talent show. Fed up with the other women's nastiness and Hal's infuriating behavior, Lois wants to leave the pageant. Hal convinces her to stay: all these women are afraid of you! Lois walks onto the stage and starts whistling, accompanied by Dewey on the piano.

In the last scene Lois is celebrating her win with the rest of the family, enjoying ice cream. Only Reese is missing. He's still strolling around the stage, imagining that he's accepting a crown of his own.