Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 13

New Neighbors

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 21, 2001 on FOX

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  • one of my faves

    a new family moves in next door to malcolm and his family. at first, they all seem to get along fine, but soon lois questions the parenting techniques of the mom, upsetting her, and starting a war between the neighbors (except for hal and the dad, who become good friends).

    one of my favorite episodes, though to be honest, the more i see it, the more boring it becomes, so i actually try not to watch it a lot. so, one of my favorites, it is really funny with a good plot, overall this episode definitely gets an A+ from me
  • Have Malcolm and Family met their match?

    This is without a doubt one of the greatest episodes of the series. New neighbors move in next door and the family tries to get friendly with them but aren't met with high expectations. The son Josh is a pathological liar and lies to Dewey that garden gnomes like to eat kids, as well as spreads lies to everyone about Malcolm to give him a bad reputation. Reese can't deal with his rival in a four year old girl named Emily who likes to bite him every chance she can get. Lois gets into it with the wife/mother Tina because she can't control her own daughter when she is biting Reese, also hates it when she sees Tina treat their gardener like dirt. Only Hal makes a friend in the father Mike. They keep it a secret because they are well aware of the families feuding. Josh spreaded lies to the neighborhood that Malcolm is a peeping tom, even his own family believes it. So him and Reese devise a plan to get them out of the neighborhood for good by making Josh look like a thief but spot Tina having an affair with her gardener, and draws attention to fellow neighbors, even Hal and Lois, which then forces them to move. Funny ending too, when Hal and Mike say goodbye to each other and a new family moves in and the man tries to get acquainted with Hal but he felt that it was "too soon". Funny stuff. A classic episode overall.
  • Great!

    There are new neighbors moving in! Malcolm and the family want to make a good impression. They meet them and hang out in their backyard. Emily, the little daughter, bites Reese and chases him around. Josh, the son, makes up lies about Malcolm. Dewey is scared of their lawn gnome, who Josh said eats little kids. Lois and Tina get into a fight after Lois takes Emily off of Reese. Hal and the father really get along. They have a great guy friend relationship. When Josh claims that Malcolm is a peeping Tom, the whole neighborhood goes against Malcolm. Reese and Malcolm try to blame Josh for something, but they find Tina in the pool naked with her Mexican worker. Hal and the father have to leave each other because the family moves. Francis has trouble with Spangler after Spangler gets drunk, right before his hero is coming to see them.

    This episode was great! I recognized Dakota Fanning. It was a pretty good episode with the Hal thing. This episode gets a 9.0!
  • Probably one of the best episodes of the season.

    Instead of the show usually revolving around Malcolm's problems, it deals with the whole family and their 'noisy neighbours'. Lois continuously argues with Tina
    about who's family is the best, Reese is bitten by the neighbors youngest daughter, Emily and Josh spreads rumours and lies about Malcolm, which the public believes.
    In addition, Dewey is scared of the Gnomes in the garden and Hal is surprisingly friends with fellow father, Mike.
  • great!

    Along with Bowling, this got to be the best episode of Season 2, it really tells about the neighbors rather than the family, is really special and I think that is really cool this episode, Reese begins to get bite by the neighbor's daughter, the boy, Josh, begins to tell lies about Malcolm and makes him look a weirdo and a total pervert, and Lois fights against the mother, Dewey tries to destroy the evil gnome in the other house, and the only that seems to get along is Hal, and well simply this episode is really cool!
  • This episode is one of my favorites in this show.

    I like this one episode because is very funny. The new neighbors are crazy and they has a funny performance in this show, Tina overprotects his sons, Josh likes to lie to people, Emily likes to bite Reese, and mike he likes to be friendship with Hal . Poor of Malcolm, he has to suffer of the lies that josh talk about of him, and Dewey wants to destroy the gnome because Josh tell him what it will eat him. My favorite scene is when Dewey is singing when he is jumping a cord, the song, well, you know which is, is very funny. This is one of my favorites episodes in Malcolm.
  • These people just are neighbours from HELL!!!!!

    The Wilkersons are getting new neighbours after all the hell they put the last neighbours through they thought people had finnally learnt there lesson but these are not just normal neighbours they are even worse than the Wilkersons themselves have they met there match or is it just the family problem hal seems to have found a new friend but a word seems to be going about feud,neighbours from hell or what finnally reese has been cancelled out by an evil blood-sucking fied,malcolm has labelled a peeping tom by the entire neighbourhood and louis is trying to get back at the control freak mother it's all over for the wilkersons or is it.
  • Its worth it just to see Francis & the Cadets perform "Candyman".

    This episode is by far one of my favourites of MITM.

    While I think all their episodes are great, this one deserves a 10 for the "CANDYMAN" production performed by Francis & The Cadets.

    The image of all of them singing, with white military dress uniforms on and moving their hats around while singing Sammy Davis Jr.'s classic is amazing.

    If you have not seen this episode of Malcolm, I hope you agree with me that the performance is very very cool.