Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 11

Old Mrs. Old

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 07, 2001 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Old Mrs. Old
After Malcolm breaks the arm of an old woman, he must turn into her new assistant, but after the Krelboynes decide to trick the old woman by driving in her car, and Lois discovers it, Malcolm thinks that he is in deep trouble, but the old woman protects him in the end... for a price. Meanwhile, Dewey takes a purse to school, and Reese tries to prevent it, but later discovers its benefits, and Richie joins Francis in military school, where he gets all the attention of Spangler and soon the rest of the cadets decide to take revenge.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • good

    malcolm needs to do chores for the meanest lady on the block after he accidentally breaks her arm.

    dewey takes a purse to school and reese tries to prevent him from getting bullied.

    francis' friend richie attends the academy and everyone hates how he gets special treatment. is there a reason for this?

    good episode, for once the main plot did not interest me as well as the other two did. both francis' plot and dewey's were a lot funnier and entertaining than malcolm's plot, i thought. still a good episode though, i'll give it a C+ or a B- or somoreless
  • Okay but tiring.

    I thought that the first time I saw this episode it was good. All the other times after, it was a bore. This is one of those times where an episode hurts itself by being annoying by reruns. The plot was okay, as was the storyline and comedy. The problem is the big picture of the episode. Malcolm hurts an old woman and everything goes down from there. This episode is played too frequently for my tastes. The things that I liked was the fact that Dewey is funny and this was no different. It was hilarious when he smacked the kids with his purse. Thank you.moreless
  • Good!!!

    When Malcolm accidentally breaks the arm of the old crabby lady next door, he must visit her everyday and take care of her. She is really mean to him and he even has to see her naked. One day, she takes too many pills and passes out. The Krelboynes come over and they have a good time. They take her car out for a joyride, but Lois sees Malcolm driving. When he gets back, the old lady covers for him, but he must visit her even more now. Dewey uses Lois's purse as a backpack, so Reese tries to prevent him so he won't be ridiculed at school, but later, he sees Dewey use it for good. Richie has come to military school. He doesn't adjust easily, so Spangler gives him a lot of slack. The others get mad and beat him up, which was Spangler's plan all along.

    This episode was great! Wow, I feel sorry for Malcolm. This episode gets a 9.5!moreless
  • good

    the begining of it was classical. the kids playing ball outside when it flies into a yard or breaks a window. i hate that lady she kicked her cat cruelty to animals if your not going to respect the cat get rid of it its much better of with a better family. also how rude she was to malcolm she deserved to have her arm broken after how she treated the problem of malcolms ball in her yard, I've onmly seen 5 minutes of this episode and that enough to write a reviewmoreless
  • Kind of boring

    Nothing happens in this episode that deserves something funny, this episode is kind of boring, the only funny thing in the episode is when Lois catches Malcolm driving her car and well that is not the best thing that could have happen, but still I think that this episode was the only down fall in season 2, but still all other episodes are really cool, but I did not enjoy this one as much as I have enjoy all other episodes.moreless
Florence Stanley

Florence Stanley

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Brandon de Paul

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Evan Matthew Cohen


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Even with Lois' quirky tendancy to yell at just about anything, it seems extremely unlikely that she would give Malcolm such a hard time about the old lady. She was grabbing him, pulling his hair, and generally man handling him when he quite reasonably pushed her away. Almost any mother would be enraged at another person treating their child that way.

    • In this episode (as well as a few other past episodes), Malcolm makes another remark about his grandmother before "The Grandparents" episode.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • (the Krelboynes are shocked and hide themselves, except for Malcolm)
      Malcolm: What? What's going on?! (in slow motion, he sees his mother in a van passing by, both are shocked)

    • (some bullies are picking on Dewey for his purse)
      Dewey: It's a bookbag.
      Bully: It's a girl's purse. That makes you a girl.
      Dewey: No, it doesn't.
      Bully: Are you calling me a liar?
      (Dewey takes his purse and slaps the bully in the face as all of them run away, Reese sees them and Dewey takes a brick out of his purse)
      Reese: (to Dewey) Nice.

    • Mrs. Griffin: Ooh, these corns are burning. (to Malcolm) You better go get the lotion.
      (Malcolm gives a disgusted look)

    • Malcolm: Think! Think! I can think of something! (to the camera) Why can't I think of something!!

    • Mrs. Griffin: (as she is driving, she feels an itch inside her cast and let's go of the steering wheel) Ooh, damn cast itches like a Greek sailor.
      (Malcolm tries to turn the wheel)
      Mrs. Griffin: Stop, pawing at me!

    • Hal: Reese, an old woman's purse is a little boy's book bag... if he's European.

    • (Mrs. Griffin starts complaining about other types of people)
      Malcolm: (to the camera) I can't believe how horrible she is. I'm just gonna ignore her. (turns around and keeps hearing her complain more, then sees a loose blouse hanging as he looks over and sees Mrs. Griffin's robe open; Malcolm is shocked)

    • Malcolm: (at the front door of Mrs. Griffin) Hi, I'm Malcolm. I'm the kid who broke your arm. I'm really sorry.
      Mrs. Griffin: Here, fill this up. (hands Malcolm a small jar) I'm not having any druggies in my house.

    • Lois: I talked to Mrs. Griffin. This is what's gonna happen. You are going there every day to help that poor woman until her arm heals.
      Malcolm: Every day??!!
      Lois: Not one word! Every day!! End of story!

    • Reese: Dewey, you're wearing an invitation to an ass-kicking!

    • (Spangler enters)
      Cadets Drew & Eric: Sir!
      Spangler: Cadets!
      Francis: What's up, Chief?!
      (Spangler pauses and gives Francis an evil eye, next scene goes to Francis in the courtyard holding up equipment)

    • Hal: Us men have to shove our lives into a little square of leather, which we then have to sit on.

    • Lois: You broke her arm?
      Malcolm: She had my ball.
      Lois: You broke her arm for a ball?
      Malcolm: No, I already had the ball. I just pushed her away.
      Lois: You pushed her and broke her arm for a ball?
      Hal: Was it a special ball, son?

    • Spangler: I'll be keeping my eye on you.
      Richie (starts laughing): That's funny. Since, you know, you only have one eye. (still laughing) Like Popeye!

    • (after being caught, all the Krelboynes leave except for Malcolm & Stevie)
      Malcolm: Need some help, Stevie?
      Stevie: Pop... the trunk.

    • Malcolm: Hey, I think 45 minutes of rubbing out corns is worth at least an hour joyride.

    • Malcolm: God, she's like a homeless person and this house is her shopping cart.

    • (Dewey is kicking his backpack to school one day; it suddenly lands right in front of an oncoming lawn mower; flash to...)
      Dewey: I need a new back pack.
      Lois: Again!! How do you keep ruining them??!!
      Dewey: I don't know.

    • (throwing rocks at Dewey)
      Reese: I'm trying to protect you!

    • Reese: Kids like me, we look like things like this. We see three kids. Normal kid, Normal kid, and kid with the purse. Which one do you think we are going to hit?
      Dewey: Is one of the kids fat?
      Reese: It doesn't matter! That kid will be fat tomorrow. But the kid with the purse, might not have the purse tomorrow!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Featured Music:
      "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin
      Eraserhead's Piano Fun
      "Smile" by Hanson
      The Krelboyne Joyride

    • Cold Open: Malcolm subtly lets Hal beat him in chess, in order for him to beat Hal in basketball.

    • When this episode aired for the first time, it was preceded by a "World Premiere" music video of the MitM theme song, "Boss of Me" by They Might Be Giants. The video presented the band members as action figures the boys blew up and paintballed in various ways.