Malcolm in the Middle

Season 6 Episode 4

Pearl Harbor

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 2004 on FOX
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Pearl Harbor
Jessica has moved in a few doors down and is spending all her time at Malcolm's house. She convinces Malcolm and Reese that the other one is gay, and they start being nice to each other. Hal, tired of a neighbor always one upping him with Christmas decorations, decides to celebrate another holiday, Pearl Harbor. Dewey has to write an essay on why one of his parents is his hero, and at first picks Hal. When he makes things up Hal gets upset, so he switches to Lois, which infuriates Hal.moreless

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  • Decent.

    Okay, one of the reasons I didn't give this episode a lower rating is because of the fact that Hayden Panetierre has is in this episode. Other than that, I would have given the episode an 8 or maybe ven a lower score. I must admit that the storyline between Reese and Maloclm was quite funny and clever. I did think that it was funny, but the rest just was so boring. I liked the fact that I only watch part of the show and then quit when it becomes boring. Overall, a decent episode with some funny bits here and there. Thank you.moreless
  • Funny!

    Jessica convinces Malcolm and Reese that the other is gay Both act very weirdly around each other. Dewey must write an essay about his hero. He chooses Hal, but when Hal won't let him make things up, he switches to Lois. Hal wants to compete with a neighbor who always has better decorations than him. He does a Pearl Harbor theme, but the neighbor does a better job. Lois finds out about Jessica's schemes.

    This episode was great! The gay thing was funny! Although I don't agree with it, it was funny seeing Malcolm and Reese like that! It was hilarious when they danced. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Malcolm and Reese dances the night away!

    Haha, lol, this episode is way beyond funny when we find out that Malcolm and Reese are careful with each other when they find out they are gay all due to Jessica. She tells Lois about an Abba concert that the boys don't want to go. Jessica makes a plan for Malcolm and Reese to go and makes them careful homosexuals. The funny part has to be when the two idiots danced with each other with an Abba song. That's what makes them brothers. Then Malcolm and Reese realize what they are doing and gets a plan to get back with Jessica and Lois catches her giving Malcolm a hickey. So Lois insists for her staying but under privelges.

    The Dewey and Hal part wasn't too interesting but it was nice to see a father and son work with each other to put out a display in honor of Pearl Harbor as they compete with a neighbor. Overall, a great episode altogether.moreless
  • And now Malcolm & Reese are gay…

    The main plot of this episode is Hal & Dewey attempting to re-build the attack of Pearl Harbor. That is by far my favgourite plot in this episode. The scene where Dewey asks about the different “men” that Hal knows is really great. I also really like it where Hal has to try to stop the flying aeroplane and ends up hurting himself! Classic moment! The end of this episode where they get birds to attack is a typical style of US comedy, and that’s the type of style I love!

    The sub-plot about Malcolm & Reese thinking that they’re gay is alright. The only funny part about that I thought was when it first started, after that it seemed to drag on a bit.

    A great episode!moreless
  • Hal competes with his neighbor for a Peral Harbor display,finding himself always one step behind.A neighbor has Reese and Malcolm convinced that the other is gay.Dewey has to write a report on someone he looks up to.moreless

    Seeing Malcolm and Reese dance to ABBA was hysterical, second only to Reese launching himself onto Malcolm's neck after screaming "Vendetta!" It was another classic episode, proving that although the brothers may fight they care for each other...kind of, deep down...somewhere... Any episode with Jamie is a good episode for me!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Last mention of the events that led to the huge family debt involving the conspiracy trial and Lois losing her job. As Hal put it, "Look out world, we're back!"

    • This episode proves that the neighborhood still hates Malcolm's family even after last year's "Block Party" when Malcolm states the neighborhood hates his family more than Jessica's, and Hal's storyline is about a competition with another neighbor.

    • Goof: When Malcolm, Jessica and Reese are sitting on the couch and Malcolm and Reese both put their hands in the bowl to grab popcorn and touch each other hands, they pull their hands back and popcorn flies out of the bowl which is less than half-empty. But when the camera changes, the bowl is full again and the popcorn that fell besides Jessica has increased in amount.

    • The show that Lois took Hal and the boys to is "Mamma Mia!" -- a show that uses ABBA hits throughout its storyline.

    • Dewey's essay is captured on camera for a split second, and the visible part reads: "Oh, I almost forgot the best one. One day at my mom's work there is this older man who does nothing but eat and smoke all day. So one time my mom got so mad at him she burned him with his own cigarette right in his eye. Then she cornered him in the parking lot and choked him with her bare hands."

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Malcolm: (holding up a sandwich) You want half?
      Reese: I'll fix my own.
      (Malcolm sees Reese go into the cupboard and reach for the bread and peanut butter)
      Malcolm: Peanut butter's good, too. Nothing wrong with having peanut butter.
      Reese: What?
      Malcolm: Just because I'm having ham, doesn't mean you have to have ham. Just because we're brothers doesn't mean we have to enjoy the same thing, right?
      Reese: Exactly. Everybody's different. It'd be stupid if I tried to force you to like something I like.
      Malcolm: Right. Plus, it wouldn't work anyway. People can't help what they like. That's just the way they're born.
      Reese: I know. Like me. I've never liked... ham.
      Malcolm: Really? 'Cause maybe if you tried it...
      Reese: No! But that's me. I'm not putting it down or anything.
      Malcolm: I hear you. There's no... right sandwich.

    • Jessica: And it never even occurred to you to wonder why Reese is so angry all the time? Why he acts like such a jerk?
      Malcolm: Because he's a jerk.
      Jessica: Oh, that's right, just because he's your brother doesn't mean you should put anything thought into it. He couldn't possibly be dealing with anything weird and confusing. He couldn't possibly be afraid to admit that he wanted to go see a musical because you'd make fun of him.
      Malcolm: Of course, I'd make fun of him. What kind of guy wants to see a Broadway musical?
      Jessica: Yes, Malcolm. What kind of a guy does want to go see a Broadway musical?
      Malcolm: Come on.
      Jessica: Maybe you're not being selfish. Maybe you're just too scared where it leads if you think about how much he fusses over his hair and his body and his Gourmet cooking. Some people don't want to see what's right in front of their faces.
      (Jessica glances over to a pile of weightlifting magazines on Reese's bed)
      Malcolm: (nervously) Nuh-uh.

    • Lois: I know how much you boys have sacrificed, kicking in your paychecks and working extra shifts, and, well, we thought you guys deserved a reward.
      Reese: Really?!
      Lois: Your dad and I are taking the whole family, and Jessica, to see...
      (Lois holds up theater tickets)
      ... a musical!
      Reese: A what?
      Lois: A musical. From Broadway. It's called Mama Mia! They take all those old ABBA songs, like "Dancing Queen" and "Fernando," and stick some story in between.
      Malcolm: Oh, my God, you're serious.

    • Lois: Jessica, your pasta recipe is terrific. Look at us, eating healthy for once. Reese, you want some more?
      Reese: No! She took over the TV, now she's taking over dinner. This isn't even food.
      Jessica: Reese, it's just low-fat.
      Reese: And if you knew anything at all about food, you'd know that fats and oils are the vehicles by which flavor travels. Fat is what makes things taste good. That's why a wise and loving God created fat in the first place.

    • Malcolm: Okay, you know what? This is stupid. We have to talk about this.
      Reese: Right. I mean, just because it's weird, doesn't mean we can't handle it. We're brothers.
      Malcolm: Right. We've been through everything together. We shouldn't be pussyfooting around about it. I got you something.
      Reese: Hey, I got you something.
      Malcolm: Really? See this is what I'm talking about. We're being open and supportive and honest with each other. Here.
      (Malcolm hands Reese a pamphlet and Reese hands Malcolm a videotape)
      Reese: What's this?
      Malcolm: It's called, "If You're Gay, It's Okay." It's full of great resources. What's this?
      Reese: "Naughty Pool Boys III." I watched 10 or 12 of these, and this one seems to have the most stuff you guys like.
      Malcolm: Wait. I'm not gay, you're gay.
      Reese: No, I'm not. You are.
      Malcolm: I'm not gay.
      Reese: Malcolm, check out what they're doing in that movie and then tell me you're not gay.

    • Lois: You know how last year with the conspiracy trial and your father and me losing our jobs and we ended up $20,000 in debt, well after 6 months of scrimmaging and saving and going up to $28,000 in debt, we are now down to $26,000 in debt.
      Hal: Look out world, we're back!

    • Jessica: I didn't do it for me, I did it for your brother.
      Reese: Malcolm is gay?! I knew it!

  • NOTES (4)