Malcolm in the Middle

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 06, 2002 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Hal is invited by Abe to go to play poker, but he is embarrassed with Abe's friends because he is not a professional. As a result, Abe and Hal decide to fight against each other in a poker showdown, with the help of their genius kids. Meanwhile, Lois takes Reese to dancing lessons, where he begins to make big money, but when he insults Dewey, he decides to get revenge. And in Alaska, Francis is turning mad for a piece of rope in a blizzard that traps him in a hut.moreless

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  • I liked it!

    Hal is excited when Abe invites him for poker. It turns out to be awkward as Hal is the odd one out. He loses terribly and goes home with an empty wallet. Meanwhile, since Hal is at poker, Lois and Reese go to dance class. Lois seems to be the best dancer in the class. Reese has to dance with old women, but they pay him for it. Dewey gets Reese on tape dancing with old women. Lois does her routine with the teacher and, in her mind, she is amazing, but in reality, she isn't good at all. Hal and Abe get into a fight and play a one-on-one poker match. The cards end up being messed and they make up. Francis, Eric, and two other guys are trapped in their room because of a blizzard. There is nothing to do, so they go insane when their only form of entertainment, a string, goes missing.

    This episode was pretty good! I liked Francis's plot. The fake dance with Lois was good! I loved seeing Bernard in this episode! This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!moreless
  • Hal plays poker in this episode...

    This is the first episode where Hal plays poker with his poker buddies, and it's also the first appearance of Hal's poker buddies (besides Abe). When they were playing poker, Hal had lost almost every time, so he got mad because he thought that Abe and the other poker buddies were ganging up on him, he tried to cheat, with some help from his sons. Meanwhile, Dewey tries to get revenge because of Reese's torments, and in Alaska, Francis was trapped in a hut for a long time. This episode is another great episode; the characters are really comical here, especially Dewey and Reese.moreless
  • Is not that bad...

    This episode is ok, Hal goes to play poker with Abe and his friends, where he feels uncomfortable. Later, Hal blames Abe for doing something so terrible to him, and Abe thinks that he is angry because his friends are black, but later Hal says because Hal is not a professionist and that makes each other fight with their genius sons, who are in a discussion on their own too, and well this is a really good episode, is one of my favorite, also I like when Dewey film Reese and threaten to tell him, and Francis figthing for a string of rope.moreless

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    • Lois: Do you want to dance with the star pupil? You know, (suggestively) dance?
      Hal: No, I'm not in the mood.
      Lois: You're always in the mood.
      Hal: Not every single night of my life.
      Lois: Yes, you are.
      Hal: It's not like I'm some kind of machine.
      Lois: Yes, you are.
      Hal: You can't just snap your fingers and ...
      Lois: Yes, I can. I always have.
      Hal: (pauses for a second) All right!

    • Hal: You and your poker buddies all ganged up on me because I am not a professional.
      Abe: Excuse me?
      Hal: You and your doctor friend, your lawyer friend and your dentist friend, you decided it was okay to skin a guy just because he's a working stiff.

    • (Reese earns money dancing with older ladies.)
      Reese: I am not running a charity here, you have to come up with the dough. I do not dance on credit. No offense, but some of you might not be around next week.

    • Reese: It's just like touching a dead person... it's just like touching a dead person.

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