Malcolm in the Middle

Season 5 Episode 15

Reese's Apartment

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 21, 2004 on FOX
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Reese's Apartment
After Reese pulls a stunt, he gets kicked out of the house, and moves into an apartment. Francis tries to convince everyone that Reese needs to go back home. At first Lois and Hal ignore Francis, but start feeling bad for kicking Reese out and look for help. Dewey enjoys Reese's absence. Malcolm tries helping a football player write an essay for college.moreless

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  • Francis is annoying.

    It is so annoying when Francis whines. Why? Because he is such a baby. My advice to him would be to build a bridge and jump off of it. Anyways, I thought the episode was good. I thought the apartment story was entertaining, yet I could have done without Francis crying his eyes out. Seriously, someone needs to slap him upside the head! My favorite parts had to be where Reese gets his ear pulled by Lois and where Malcolm writes an essay for someone. Overall, a good episode that could have been better had it not been for Franny. Thank you.moreless
  • Intelligent comedy.

    This is a good episode to explain to people why Malcolm in the Middle deserves its position in the pantheon of great sitcoms. (Might as well use difficult words when talking about a genius.) Every character serves its purpose and could support a show on its own. This is a Reese episode, one of the most ferquently underestimated characters. Originally just a bully, he's become a younger (slightly nastier) version of Homer Simpson. Like in The Simpsons, the absence of a laugh track makes the dry wit or plain stupidity of the characters even funnier.

    Above all, the show trusts the viewer's intelligence. It allows you to fill in (funny) gaps, which is what happens in the explanation of Reese's big faux pas. Several times we get to hear Lois and Hal start the story, and then it switches to the other person's reaction. Like not showing the monster in a horror movie, leaving out a joke makes the viewer create his own. And like The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle shows us a family that may seem dysfunctional, but is actually quite loving, with clear moral standards. Like Marge and Homer, Lois and Hal may seem hopeless, but they mean well. In this episode they seek the help of a counselor who gives them some tips to handle their kids. They try the method, but it becomes clear that their own way is the correct one. The family that shouts together, stays together. Well, at least in Malcolm's family.moreless
  • 100th episode!

    Reese does something horrible, so Lois and Hal kick him out of the house. Reese manages to get an apartment by himself. He becomes more responsible living alone. Dewey doesn't want him to come back. Malcolm helps a senior, Ira, who can't think, write an essay for college. Francis is sick of Lois and Hal and how they treat their children. Lois makes Reese come back.

    This episode was great! At first, I thought Reese was so responsible! Then he had to ruin it. Ira was funny! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Reese and his crib!

    Hal comes home and Lois talks to him about the trouble kid, Reese. Something happened at his job that got him in trouble. The funny part is that we don't know what happened. LOL! So, Reese takes the fall and runs away/gets kicked out. As that happens, Francis finds out how Reese got kicked out and he goes to the house to tell Lois and Hal to bring back Reese or else he would end up like Francis. As that happens, Reese gets his lovely apartment and invites his brothers. Malcolm and Dewey are okay with it because of more room in their bedroom but Francis isn't because he wants Reese to take revenge on his parents.

    About Malcolm's part, he is suppose to help a witty football player, Ira, and his scholarship letter. And since Ira is dumb, Malcolm offers to help him as a deal so he can get out of gym class. Malcolm comes up with ideas and begins writing the letter. Ira steals the letter from Malcolm. Later in school, Malcolm tears up the letter and tells Ira to come up with an idea. He does...except he's unexperienced with writing letters and tells a story about his gym class. Surprisingly, he gets these approvals from a few colleges and also gets an A on his math midterm. Malcolm is jealous about his acceptance in Stanford.

    Meanwhile, after arguements between Francis, Lois, and Hal, the parents seek help about parenting skills. Realizing they make mistakes, Lois gets a call from Reese's chemistry teacher and find out he got an A on his midterm. They dealt with sorrow after being happy about their son. So, they saw Reese and his apartment and realize that he spend more than a grand on useless material. So with all due respect, they dragged Reese by the ear all the way home and await on punishments. Poor Reese!moreless
  • giant gong in the bathroom LOL!

    this episode was very funny i can't belive resse spent 11,000 made the refrigerator look shaby just keep it. i just tuned into to the end but it was still funny. a white streak of hair i wonder how Lois is going to kill him this time i can't balive reesse is in federal court all the time well thats all i wanted to say byt still i haven't gotten to 100 words ohh and resse could of gotten in the coledges but no its cool how much you can write on 4 minutes of an episode that rocks byemoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • We never get to find out what Reese did that was so horrible, the only clues being there might have been an evacuation, it happens all the time in third-world countries according to Reese, and there were cats involved for an unknown reason.

    • Jack McGee also appeared in Season 4-7 "Malcolm Holds His Tongue" as Malcolm's basketball coach. In this episode, he was the school's football coach. He also didn't believe Malcolm when he said he didn't mind gym, but in Season 4's episode, Malcolm made the basketball team which he was in charge of.

    • Ira played by Jonny Acker, whom Malcolm had to help with his college application essays, also appeared previously in two other episodes. Season 5-5 "Malcolm Films Reese" as a high school kid who spent his summer in theatre camp and Season 4-6 "Forbidden Girlfriend" as a tough high school jock.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Malcolm: Stanford liked your essay?!
      Ira: No, I forgot to put it in the envelope. I got in anyway. But don't worry, that essay didn't go to waste. I handed it in as my math midterm and got an "A".

    • Francis: (on the phone with Lois) Hi, I just got off the phone with your son, Reese. It's been over a week and you still haven't talked to him. Congratulations! The fraction of the family is now 2/5ths complete!

    • Francis: (on the phone with Lois) All I know is that you have a child that needs you!
      Dewey: (on the other line) No, he doesn't! He's happy where he is and so are we!
      Lois: Dewey! Get off the phone!
      (Dewey hangs up)

    • Lois: You've been using credit cards? How much have you spent?
      Reese: Ten... eleven grand.
      Hal: How could you spend that much in 10 days?
      Reese: Well, I got the new convection oven and it made the refrigerator look shabby. Plus, I had to buy new clothes everytime they get dirty. And that giant gong in the bathroom... I mean, how do you guys do it?
      (Lois pulls Reese's ear)
      Reese: OW!

    • Reese: (gets dragged by Lois by the ear) Ow! You're gonna drag me all the way home?
      Hal: Well, we're taking your ear there. If the rest of you wants to come, that fine, too.

    • Reese: Francis, this is Teddy, Lou, and George. (points) Divorced, separated, wife's doing the best friend.
      George: Ex-best friend. (sobs) Excuse me. (leaves)

    • Teddy: Hey, is that a wedding ring?
      Francis: Yeah.
      Teddy: Start saving the money, friend.

    • Dr. Lucille Armstrong: I've been in therapy for a long time. There's nothing that can shock me.
      Lois: (thinks for a moment) Alright. Last week, Reese...
      (scene changes)
      Dr. Lucille Armstrong: Oh, my God! What were the cats for?
      Hal: We don't know.

    • Hal: If Reese is unhappy, he brought it on himself.
      Francis: Really? So what's this like the tenth time he's "brought in on himself"? And, let's see, Malcolm's "brought in on himself" six times. So with my 28 times, that makes... 40 kickouts, three different kids and the only constant through all of this is you two.
      Lois: Francis, that is not fair.
      Francis: So when's Dewey going to "bring it on himself"? When's Jamie? Where is Jamie?
      Lois: He's at the babysitter's.
      Hal: Just 'til 5.

    • Hal: (upset) NOOOOO... COMPLAIN... YEEELLLLLL... USSSSSSS!!!!!

    • (Hal speaking angry gibberish)
      Lois: (looks at Hal) Was that scramble or strangle?
      Reese: What are you guys talking about?
      Lois: (to Reese) You know what we're talking about! Last week, you...
      (scene changes)
      Reese: I can name third-world countries where stuff like that happens all the time!

    • Malcolm: What's wrong with Dad?
      Lois: Your father found out what Reese did.
      Malcolm: What did he do?
      Lois: Your brother...
      (scene changes)
      Malcolm: Oh, my God! Did they have to evacuate?!

    • Lois: Alright. Reese...
      (scene changes)
      Hal: (upset) That... (speaks gibberish)

    • Francis: And now Reese is living in that apartment with his cable TV and huge stack of video games... miserable!

    • Francis: The minute a child is inconvient to you, you kick him out!
      Lois: Francis, this is none of your business. You don't live here anymore!
      Francis: Because you kicked me out!

    • Malcolm: Name one thing you fear.
      Ira: Spiders. No... waffles!
      Malcolm: Okay.

    • Malcolm: (sees the apartment) Whoa! This place is awesome!
      Dewey: One thing's for sure, I'd never ever leave this place.

    • Francis: Who's apartment is this?
      Reese: It's mine.
      Francis: Reese, you can't live in a place like this!
      Reese: Yeah, I can.

    • Malcolm: (to the camera) Stanford. Poor guy. I bet he doesn't know it has the third best astrophysics department in the country.

    • Francis: (to Reese) Mom and Dad did something horrible to you and you can't let them get away with it. You don't belong here. You belong at home.
      Reese: Alright, give me one good reason why my life would be better if I was still at home.
      (Francis is about to say something, but is blank; the scene changes to Malcolm, Francis, & Dewey leaving Reese's apartment)
      Malcolm: I thought the "toilet seat never needs warming" arguement was pretty good.

    • Malcolm: Oh boy. In this family, that's what we call "the closer." We now know that Reese is definitely not living here for the next few days. The only question left is who gets to take the credit.

    • Reese: YES! Tie goes to the runner.

    • Coach Oleski: When a football player doesn't do something, someone else does it for them. The cheerleaders understand that!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Cold Open: Lois and Hal check in on the boys and see Dewey "asleep" with a magazine, his finger pointing to a gift he wants for his birthday. They say he can't afford it, so he moves his finger. They say he can have that one if he loses his birthday party. He moves his finger one more time and Lois and Hal agree that it is a good gift and that he will be surprised.

    • Although "Lois' Sister" was called the 100th episode by Fox, this episode is the real 100th episode, both in filming order and airing order.

    • In syndication, the scene of Reese watching TV in his bedroom while listening to his neighbor is cut out completely.

    • As of this episode, Justin Berfield gains the distinction of being the only child actor under the age of eighteen to film 100 episodes of two different television shows ("Unhappily Ever After" and "Malcolm").

    • This episode was filmed the week of February 2 to February 7, 2004.


    • The coach calls Malcolm Brainiac. Brainiac is a property of DC Comics, and one of Superman's archenemies. In addition to his goal of assimilating all life into knowledge, he is massively intelligent.