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  • Started good, then got terrible

    It started out as a funny, nice sitcom. My favorite was the "water park" episode. And then it got TERRIBLE! It started as Malcom, Reese, and Dewey, as nice, likeable and unlikeable characters. I liked that. And then they got CRUEL! In one episode later in the show, Hal's father dies. this should be a nice, comforting time for Hal, with his family surrounding him in love. But no, they take advantage of him because Hal is going insane over his own father's death. Hal tells Malcom he will get a car for him. And Hal ends up thinking about his father's death at the car shop, and this is a quote. "Oh, dad, you don't have to do anything for me either... But if you could that would be great" He says this as he moves his dad's hand towards the signature line to buy the car. That is terrible. Someone going insane about their father's death, and he takes ADVANTAGE of it? That's horrible. The kid's just become terrible later in the series. The ONLY likeable character I found in the series from start to finish was Lois, the mom. She helped Hal through his father's death, she is funny, and she is always trying to set things straight. She disciplines her kids a little too hard, but that makes her kind of funny, in a way. I do think overall, she was likeable. Other than that, every episode after season 3 was TERRIBLE!
  • Very entertaining (Recommended series)

    I'm watching this series on PutLocker, and affirm that is one of the best sitcoms and entertaining I've seen in my life (#1). I recommend to people who like comedy

    I've been watching the show on Netflix for some time now. I love the way the characters are portrayed. Usually in shows today they would screw the whole thing up. I didn't think Lois was gonna be likeable at all. Surprisingly she is very likeable despite being a psycho control freak. Hal is a funny dad, and the writers don't screw up his character. Any of the characters who make terribly wrong moves either feel some remorse. Or they get punished nice and hard for it. I wish shows would follow suit on this type of writing.
  • I Love it


    I love this show and I wish they never stop
  • One of the most OUTSTANDING sitcoms ever made

    This show is funny and I for one admire it. Like "Moesha", I really thought this show was made from Nickelodeon. Frankie Muniz and Bryan Cranston are famous for this show, and if I was a host, I would reward these two for best TV roles. This show only took about 158 episodes, 7 seasons, and 6 years on run. This show is both awesome and funny.
  • Awsome show

    This defunct Family must be one of tvs most awsome families, Dewey is great, Malcolm the same, all of the actors are awsome. No Wonder it made it to DVD years later. Can watch it again and again.
  • Love MITM!

    Great show and family lots of laughs! And does anyone know when the full series will come out on DVD in the Thanks!
  • I love this show

    I love Malcolm in the middle It has violence, and comedy, maybe a little drama and i like that stuff i think it airs on comedy central
  • i love malcom in the middle

    i love malcom in the middle i didnt know they still played it but thaks to this web site i now no that it does still play on like MTV2 but this site would be better if they actually let you watch the shows and for free
  • Finally, a family show that reflects real life

    This is one of my most favorite shows I have ever seen on . The story follows a disfunctional family for a change instead of the perfect families that dont seem to reflect real life. I also liked how the staff decided to film this show on location instead of a cheap stage. Finally, the people on the show know my type of background. I like it when things are not filmed on stage. This is something I`d buy on DVD if the whole series were avalible.
  • awesome

  • A wacky show about a dysfunctional family... sure to make you laugh!

    Take your ordinary sitcom, a dysfunctional family, add in a boy genius character, a misbehaving son off training at military school, and what do you get?

    Malcolm in the Middle.

    I didn't watch this show for a while (I have no idea why), but when I saw that the whole series was on Netflix, I decided to give it a try. And boy, I made the right decision.

    It centers around a boy genius named Malcolm trying to fit in with others, and trying to deal with the chaos that is his brothers and mother. His oldest brother, Francis, is your typically snarky character who was sent away to military school as punishment. Of course, as the series progresses, he moves around a bunch of different places, even gaining some maturity along the way. Jamie is added later on in the series, but he provides funny baby jokes and situations. Reese is a bully, not only at school, but he picks on Dewey too (the youngest for half of the series). Even though Lois, the mother, constantly yells at the boys and scolds them for being bad, they seem to never get the picture.

    Overall, a great sitcom for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Funniest Show Ever

    I love this show. I started watching it 3 years ago and it was funny. It's still funny to this day. The jokes are funny and witty, I love all the characters and the episodes are so hilarious. Malcolm in the Middle is the best best live action show I've ever seen.
  • Perfect

    I just dont get how its writers could come up with so many clever jokes for years
  • A show you can't help but love.

    In my opinion, 'Malcolm in the Middle' is still one of the best sitcoms around. Being able to give the audience values and upholding character development, whilst still being funny is an achievement many sitcoms are unable to accomplish even to this day.

    The characters in this show are so diverse it is almost impossible to not to relate to at least one; Lois is a controlling, but loving mother, who is seen by her sons as the cause of their problems. Hal is the softer but more neurotic parent, who sometimes needs disciplining himself. Francis, the oldest son, is the 'rebel' who becomes a more mature man; whilst still maintaining his childish ways. Reece, the second oldest, being the misunderstood bully, showing rare moments of affection. Dewey, one of the younger brothers, is a strange child who is also a musical prodigy and Malcolm, the middle child, who happens to be a genius, is a teenager who just wants to be normal - but finds that pretty much impossible to achieve.

    This show gives the audience lessons of every day situations. Whilst never going too over the top, it still manages to be continuously entertaining through pretty much every episode. It shows that there is no need for extreme storylines in order to enjoy a show. A sitcom with a fantastic cast, lovable characters and good plots; what isn't there to love?
  • This shows so funny

    This show makes me laugh,Lois is a terrble mother she treats malcolm,Reese and Dewey terrble and some times punnishes the kids for know reason,Now thats entertament,The show was made at 2000,the good thing is they never canceled it thats great.The show rules,rules,rules,rules,rules,It rules its so awesome its entertanen its great.
  • My Childhood!

    I grew up with Malcolm in the Middle as my favourite show. And hell it taught me a lot. Besides the comedy, Malcolm told me how life can suck sometimes, but you have to get over it. And how can i forget, it teaches me why not to be an attention hog and this is like my family. So my sister and i used to think of ourselves in place of these people and enjoy. In the end the show's amazing. Dewey you were and will always be amazing.
  • A very well thought out show, truly clever!

    I really do like this show because it was really funny and the acting was good and it very well parodies the life of a kid in which in a way we can relate to some of the situations the characters go through. Probably, one of the best parts of this show is that there is no laugh track, which I really hate laugh tracks because you shouldn't tell the audience to laugh, plus it gets very very annoying. Although with all of this being said this show is one of the best shows I have seen!
  • One of the funniest TV shows on FOX.

    Malcolm In The Middle was one of the most popular and funniest shows on FOX in its 6 year run from January 2000 to May 2006. The show is about a family of people whose last name is never revealed (although it is rumored to be Wilkerson). The family is very dysfunctional, but seems to stick together in times of crisis. The family is made up of: Lois, the strict, hard working mother who will do everything it takes to make her sons listen to them, Hal, the laid back father who tends to stand by all of Lois's decisions, Francis, the oldest son who was such a troublemaker that he had to be sent off to military school in Alabama, he returns occasionally and leaves military school for Alaska where he marries a woman named Piama, Reese, the troublemaking, not very intelligent younger brother, Malcolm, the middle child, he has an IQ of 165 and knows how to get out of (and into sometimes) trouble, Dewey, the younger, shy brother who tends to get in trouble once in a while, and Jamie, the youngest son who Dewey keeps an eye on to make sure his brothers will not treat him the same way they treated Dewey. The show perfectly shows the dysfunctional family. They can rarely have a good dinner and the boys constantly cause trouble, but yet they still stay together. This show was one of my favorites and didn't really deserve to be cancelled.
  • kind of boring.. I usually watch it because I dont have anything better to do

    show could be better. Its sometimes sort of funny but generally the plot is stupid and the characters all overreact too much. my favorite scenes are the ones with the boys all doing stuff to get into trouble, because that is at least a little bit interesting. I hate the episodes where lois and hal are all into each other... I mean, I'm all for Friends and Will and Grace and Sex and the city, but who wants to watch two people in their 40s hit on each other and stuff? I liked this show more when I was younger, but now its just stupid
  • The smartest, funniest show since Seinfeld.

    Some shows take a while to find their footing, but not Malcolm in the Middle. From the very first episode, the writing was top-notch, the acting was perfect and the characters were well thought out and developed. The production style was edgy and modern with single camera scenes, Malcolm talking right to the camera, the absence of a laugh track... and don't forget about the music. What really makes MITM so funny is the dynamic between each member of Malcolm's incredibly dysfunctional family. But for all the screaming and fighting, they still genuinely care about each other, and that's what enabled the show to run for seven great seasons without getting tired. Without getting into too much detail, I'll leave it at this - Malcolm in the Middle is unquestionably one of the most brilliant, original and hilarious TV shows of all time. Never again will there be a show like it.
  • Fantastic show!

    This has to be one of my "all-time" favourite shows EVER!
    Malcolm is a genius (really? Didn't he once handle a gun that his friend brought to the house and try to chop it up, without even contacting the police? Didn't he once re-write a "pet-food" commercial as a heartfelt ballad? So he's a "genius" is he?)
    Anyway, Malcolm has 3 brothers (Dewey, Reese - and older brother who doesn't live at home - Francis. Oh, and in later seasons a fourth brother is born who they named Jamie).
    Malcolm also has a stupid father (much like Homer Simpson.. Only a little smarter (I guess)..) named Hal, and a "screaming / yelling" mother named Lois.
    This show is a look into the lives of Malcolm's family (also including Malcolm's friend Stevie, and Malcolm's hateful Grandmother Ida).
    Personal view:
    I think comedy is fantastic and I love the way the characters gradually change throughout the progression of the seasons (Francis getting married / Lois beginning to understand Malcolm's problem of being a "genius" a little better / Francis moving from job to job etc.)
    I just wish that they would straighten themselves out and release this to DVD though.
  • One of the funniest most origional shows in telivision history!

    One of the funniest and most energetically written sitcoms in American television history, Malcolm in the Middle was consistently great. One classic episode after another. This show reminds me of a comic strip that used to appear in the National Lampoon back in it's golden years of the early 70's, The Appletons. This was before political correctness
    swept across the land like a fatal disease and killed off a lot of the fun in the world. "BOOOOYYSS...ARE YOU ABORIGIONIES!?!?" Yes. They
    sure were. But they grew up and moved on...and may Malcolm in the Middle live on in syndication for years to come. Amen.
  • This is the show about the family that you love to watch, but would never want to be in.

    This show is just plain amazing. The plot is a little off of the same ol' cleche happy family, and that makes it what it is. Each episode dares to veer from the clasic happy ending, and just really leaves you laughing (and feeling sorry for Malcolm). You can really relate to each of the characters, and their roles in the family. It's really just a laugh. The episodes don't really affect each other, but there is a storyline that progresses (mostly about Francis's boarding school). It's dissapointing that it isn't aired any more, but it's one that most of the re-runs are satisfying on their own.
  • i like this show ive only seen a few episodes but all of the ones that ive seen are good

    i like this show ive only seen a few episodes but all of the ones that ive seen are good. so what its about is four brothers and the fourth is in the military so you dont see his that much. the plots, jokes and characters are all good.
    i like this show ive only seen a few episodes but all of the ones that ive seen are good. so what its about is four brothers and the fourth is in the military so you dont see his that much. the plots, jokes and characters are all good. . .
  • This is a great show

    This is one of my favorite shows of all time, along with The Simpsons, Spongebob, iCarly, Everybody hates Chris, and Futurama.

    Now, onto the review. This show is about a middle class family with many children. There's Francis, the oldest child who's in Military school, Reese, the second oldest, whos always in trouble. Malcolm, the middle child, who's very smart, Dewey, the youngest, until later in the show, there's Jamie.

    This is a great show, and I watch all the time when it's on Nick at Nite, but the sad thing is, it's not on much anymore. This is still a great show.

    Overall Grade: A++++/100%
  • What a show!

    A real great show from start to finish. There were funny characters, excellent jokes, and many other things. I started watching this show when it first aired on Nick at Nite, so I haven't seen every episode quite yet, but I'm quite sure they all will be pretty good. I like the incidents Malcom gets in, the troubles Reese causes, and all the other characters and their strange actions. That is really all I have to say. I don't have any negative commets at this moment.

    Overall, I think this is a pretty great show with really no errors. I give it an A+.
  • Perfect

    This show is about middle child Malcolm, dealing with his younger and older brothers, and he's constantly in trouble with his mom. Also, he has a brother named Francis, who was sent to Military School because he was so bad. One thing I'd like to get out of the way, I love the theme song for this show, it's perfect really. Ok, onto the real review, this show is really good, I've seen a good amount of it on Nick at Nite and I really enjoy the show for the most part and I hope to continually enjoy it. Well worth watching. 10/10 A+
  • Follow Malcolm as he tries to figure out life being a genius.

    Malcolm lives in a crazy house. Malcolm has 3 other trouble making brothers. The oldest Francis, 2nd oldest Reese, and youngest Malcolm. He had a strict scary mom, Lois and a funny kind of weird dad Hal. Later on in the show Lois has another baby, who never really develops. Towards the first few the show is really good and funny with different story lines besides Malcolm. Francis had good roles at the military school, going to Alaska, and then working at a ranch with his Wife. Reese and Dewey are always getting into trouble. Malcolm deals with being put into the genius classes and finding new nerdy friends. Malcolm in the Middle did actually win Emmy's and Golden Globe awards. It was a good show for the first five seasons, but did tail off towards the last couple seasons as people did lose interest in where the show was going.
  • Malcolm in the Middle is the type of show with a lot of odds and ends that just don't mix together as well as they should. Sometimes you can laugh, other times you can just say "whatever" and somtimes you can just grimace with hate.

    When I began giving this show a try, Sky One was airing season five and six episodes. I liked most of them, they were rather funny-Like when Reece ran away to join the army and when Dewey's special class went on a rampage. However, jokes began to get much darker and less funny. I laughed it off; some humour has to be black and raw, I thought. The characters weren't that bad; and Jamie was also a nice little character to like, as he was a toddler rather than a boisterous boy. By the end of season seven I thought "Well that's quite decent" (even though the last episode was complete utter rubbish).

    Back to Season One, I began watching it again. Woah nally, everyone's younger. I thought I would hate it, but it still retained it's humour. Well, that's what I thought, at least. Every episode that followed Season One just got stupid, with pointless amounts of this and that thrown here and there to try and make comedy. Sorry, but it is not funny in my opinion, it's just ignorant

    The episodes got worse: The humour was dark, haunting and malicious, The Francis in military school plots were downright boring and every episode contained the horrific Lois screaming, Hal spontaniously combusting with excitement, Malcolm and Reese pulling off a violent stunt, vandalizing something or trying to woo a girl. And, Dewey just kept complaining about everything. But it got even worse. Now at Season Three, almost every episode literally sucked and I just couldn't enjoy it. It was the same old thing every time.

    Eventualy, I just stopped watching it. However, I sometimes tune in to watch one of the "nice" Season 5-6-7 episodes. Sorry, but Malcolm in the Middle doesn't quite meet my quota. To be nice, I've given it a clean 5.2, as some episodes worked. But the crew could have worked a lot harder to make the others, instead of bashing together a plot made up of spart-part storylines that would never make an entire episode on their own.
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