Malcolm in the Middle

FOX (ended 2006)





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  • A show you can't help but love.

    In my opinion, 'Malcolm in the Middle' is still one of the best sitcoms around. Being able to give the audience values and upholding character development, whilst still being funny is an achievement many sitcoms are unable to accomplish even to this day.

    The characters in this show are so diverse it is almost impossible to not to relate to at least one; Lois is a controlling, but loving mother, who is seen by her sons as the cause of their problems. Hal is the softer but more neurotic parent, who sometimes needs disciplining himself. Francis, the oldest son, is the 'rebel' who becomes a more mature man; whilst still maintaining his childish ways. Reece, the second oldest, being the misunderstood bully, showing rare moments of affection. Dewey, one of the younger brothers, is a strange child who is also a musical prodigy and Malcolm, the middle child, who happens to be a genius, is a teenager who just wants to be normal - but finds that pretty much impossible to achieve.

    This show gives the audience lessons of every day situations. Whilst never going too over the top, it still manages to be continuously entertaining through pretty much every episode. It shows that there is no need for extreme storylines in order to enjoy a show. A sitcom with a fantastic cast, lovable characters and good plots; what isn't there to love?