Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 26, 2000 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Lois and Craig get in trouble when armed-robbers come to the Lucky Aide. Craig begins to get really annoying when he doesn't want to give the combination to set them free and that brings him to reveal something for Lois. Meanwhile at home, Hal and the boys face themselves against bats, where they use Dewey as bait. Francis tries to cheer up a recently dumped Finley by taking him to a strip club.moreless

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  • great

    lois and craig are caught in a robbery at the store. when craig lets it spill that he knows the combination to a safe, will he be murdered if he doesn't give it to the robbers?

    francis takes his friend to a strip club.

    hal and the boys have to fight off bats.

    good episode, but i don't like the end. it seemed weird. the episode was pretty funny, like with craig fainting, but overall i did not like the conclusion. as such my overall grade for the episode is a "B" or so. Good episode but could've been a bit bettermoreless
  • Decent but filler.

    I hated parts of this episode. I just thought that the entire episode was pointless in the fact that it wasn't at all funny. The reason I didn't rate it lower was because of its entertainment content. I thought that the first time watching this episode was actually decent. But the next 2 or 3 times you see it, the sode gets more annoying. I can't stand it when there is storyline that is so stupid. Bats? Who in the world cares about bats? Overall, this was an average episode that was saved by the fact that it was entertaining in some parts. Thank you.moreless
  • I loved it!

    While at the drug store, Lois and Craig get involved in a robbery. Lois wants to give the money to the robbers and just get it over with, but Craig won't give them the combination to the safe. At the house, Hal gets Lois an anniversary gift, but it turns out to be a ton of bats. Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, and Hal spend all night trying to get the bats out of the house. Craig tells Lois that he loves her, but she rejects him.

    This episode was so great! All the bats was nonsense, but it was funny! I felt sorry for Craig. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Great!

    The boys and Hal must stay at home in order to defeat hundreds of bats that are flying every where, meanwhile, Lois and Craig and the whole Lucky Aide store get into trouble after thanks to Craig they are taken hostage when he accidentally bothers the robbers and also tells them about the safe and that makes things worse. Well, this episode is really funny, especially with Craig.
  • A superb episode from Season 2.

    PLOTS: 1. Lois and Craig become hostages of a robbery at the Lucky Aide.

    2. Hal drags a thrown-out armoire into the house as an anniversary gift to Lois, but Hal doesn't realize that it's swarming with bats. Soon, the whole house is infested with bats. Hal, Dewey, Reese, and Malcolm try to get them to leave.

    3. Finley's girlfriend leaves him, so Francis tries to make him feel better. Francis makes Finley discover that there are worse things than his girlfriend leaving him, through examples.

    This was a great episode. The funniest things were Craig throwing the safe at the robbers, making it open so that the robbers could get the money, Malcolm and Dewey hitting Reese with objects to try to get the bat off of his back, but Dewey kept continuously hitting him even after the bat was gone, and Hal and the boys discovering that they had destroyed the house in their quest to rid themselves of the bats, then Hal asks the boys to get a dustpan. The plot of Craig and Lois being held hostage was great, as well as the side plot with Hal, the boys, and the Bats. However, the other side plot with Francis and Finley wasn't all that great. The jokes were great. Craig finally tells Lois that he loves her, but Lois denies him because she's married. I guess that's character development. Poor Craig.

    Great plot and side-plot, fair second side-plot, great humor, and good character development.


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • This the 2nd or 3rd time that Craig has mentioned his love for Lois, and she has finally told him up straight and personally that she doesn't love him.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Hal (to Dewey): Now, this last bat is tricky, son. You see, if he lands in our hair, he'll bite, get tangled, and keep biting. But if he lands in your hair, he'll just bite once. So, I want you to go in and lure him out. Okay?
      Dewey (scared): Okay.
      (Dewey makes his way in and pokes the bat with the pole; through the bat's vision we see Dewey's mouth open up then the scream comes out, and as the bat flies towards him, Dewey runs out of the room; as it gets to the doorway lots of white lines literally fill its vision up within 2 seconds; back in the family's viewpoint we see Malcolm, Reese, and Hal emptying three FULL cans of silly string on it)
      Everyone: YEAH!! ALL RIGHT!!
      Hal: Well, I don't know about you, but I sure feel great.
      (the whole house is a wreck; Hal sighs)
      Hal: Okay, somebody go get the broom and dust pan.

    • (Lois gets up and leaves; Craig is shocked)
      Robber #1: Whoa, chubs, you got busted.
      (Craig rises; Robber #1 is afraid, gets back, and goes to his partner; the two look at him)
      Craig: You want this?! You want this safe?! You want this stupid-stupid-stupid safe?! (he lifts it up; the robbers are shocked) Here's your stupid safe!!!!
      (the robbers get out of the way and the safe hits the floor and breaks open)
      Robber #1: Cool.
      (Robber #2 grabs the pack of money and the two take off)

    • Lois: Do you see the big buck knife that guy has? Do you want to antagonize him? Do you really want to feel that knife cutting through your flesh...
      (Craig starts passing out again)
      Lois: Craig, stay with me here. Damn.

    • Lois: Can we hurry this along?
      Robber #1: Yeah, if someone would give us the combination.
      Lois: Well, I can't, but the assistant manager can.
      Robber #1: Great, what's the combo?
      Craig: No.
      Lois & Robber #1: What?
      Craig: You can't have it.
      Lois: Craig, yes, they can.
      Robber #2 (pushes Robber #1 aside): Watch out, I'll get it. (takes gun out) WHAT'S THE COMBO?!?!?!
      (Craig passes out)

    • Craig: Trust me, anything you say won't hurt me.
      Robber: Yeah, how about you give us all the money and every other cash register?
      Craig: Oh, my God, a gun!
      Lois: Craig, don't panic. We just give them the money from every cash register and they leave.
      Craig: What about the safe?
      Robber: What safe?
      Craig: -ty, safe-ty of the customers.

    • Hal: So, Dewey, how was school today?
      Dewey: Mikey Duffy pushed me down today.
      Hal: Well, did you push him back?
      Dewey: No, he's bigger than me.
      Hal: Uh-huh... Reese?
      Reese: I'm on it.

    • Hal: Don't worry, they're just flying rats with radar. Say it with me...
      Hal & Boys: Just flying rats with radar. Just flying rats with... Ahhhhhhhh!!

    • Reese: Does anyone want my baked potato? It's kind of burnt.
      Hal: Reese, we didn't have any baked potatoes.
      (Reese looks down and sees a bat on his plate)
      Everyone (screams): Aggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    • Hal: Well, that's just crazy. Why would someone fill this thing with hundreds of hanging black bowties?
      : Those aren't bowties. Those are bats!
      (All the bats come flying out of the armoire, causing Hal and the boys to panic.)

    • Robber (cheery): How are you?
      Craig: Good.
      Robber (smiles): Good. (screams) NOW TELL US THE DAMN COMBINATION.

    • Lois: Craig that button's been disconnected for a year now.
      Craig: What?!?! Why?
      Lois: Because you kept pressing the damn thing.
      Craig: In an emergency, that's what it's for.
      Lois: Oh, like the time you saw a bee. Or the time you mistakened a big buzzy fly as a bee. What about the time you thought you saw a ghost?

    • Lois: I am going to have to destroy what ever made you say that. But believe me, its for your own good. #1 no to anything your thinking, no to the buts, no to your what if's, no, no, NO, NO!!!! #2. (she grabs Craig's arm and twists it)
      Craig (cries): Owwwwwww.
      Lois: Remember that pain. Whenever something else creep's in your head other than the friendly hello I give you in the morning, you remember that pain.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music:
      "Proud to be an American" by Lee Greenwood
      At the strip club
      "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter Group
      Getting rid of the bats
      "The Most Beautiful Girl" by Charlie Rich
      Song that Craig sings

    • Cold Open: Hal watches Mexican soap operas all night long, and then goes to work the next morning.