Malcolm in the Middle - Season 2

FOX (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Flashback
    Episode 25
    During a pregnancy scare, Hal and Lois look back at the eventful births of their four sons via flashbacks.
  • Evacuation
    Episode 24
    When Hal accidentally looses a couch while driving it to the dump, it causes a toxic chemical spill when it gets hit by a train. Everyone in town is forced to evacuate to the school gym. Hal, feeling guilty, tries to help people out, including a boy who lost his parents due to a toxic cloud, whom is none other then Dewey. Reese forces people to give up their possessions because he has supplies that they need. Malcolm, is grounded and Lois is determined to punish him despite not being at home. Meanwhile, Francis is on a double date with Eric. But his date is 12.moreless
  • Carnival
    Episode 23
    Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, and Stevie decide to do a trick on their parents in order to go to a carnival, but hardly have any fun there. When they come out from an attraction, they find the place empty, and then begin to get followed by a drunk security guard, but ultimately get help from the freak show guys. Meanwhile, Lois, Hal, Abe, and Kitty discover the kids' scheme and request Francis' help to find them.moreless
  • Mini-Bike
    Episode 22
    Malcolm, Dewey, and Reese find an old mini-bike that they quickly fix, but unfortunately that brings rivalry among the brothers, especially when Lois forbids them to use it. When Lois realizes how rough she has been, she tries to make up with the boys, but unfortunately Reese used it against her judgment and breaks a leg. Meanwhile, Craig is driving everyone in the family crazy. Hal visits Francis at school for a father/son weekend event.moreless
  • Malcolm vs. Reese
    Episode 21
    Malcolm and Reese are forced to be Francis' servants after he has an extra ticket to the wrestling event. When they think that the other one is winning, they fight against each other, but when Francis says that he will take a girl instead, they decide to get revenge. Meanwhile, Dewey tries to take care of Craig's cat.moreless
  • Bowling
    Episode 20
    Malcolm and Reese go bowling. In one scenario, it is Hal that is with them and in the other Lois. Either way, disaster ensues. Meanwhile, at home, Dewey makes elaborated plans against either parent he is with, to let him watch TV.
  • Tutoring Reese
    Episode 19
    Malcolm tries to help Reese get better grades in order to prevent him from going to the slow learning class, but after he discovers that Reese has no chance, he decides to cheat for him. When Malcolm discovers that the grade was an "F," Malcolm discovers that Reese's professor is totally against him. Meanwhile, Francis tries to take revenge over Lois after she kicks him out, but later discovers that living with his friend Richie is horrible, so he begs for Lois to return home.moreless
  • Reese Cooks
    Episode 18
    Run out of ideas on how to punish Reese, Hal decides to sign him up for a cooking class. It turns out that Reese is a natural and really enjoys it. When he sabotages everyone else's dish in the cook-off, Hal and Lois think they finally have a way to punish him effectively. Malcolm tries to convince Cynthia to not throw a party for the whole school, because he thinks no one will show up. Eric tries to get Francis to do his half of the history project, but Francis keeps on getting distracted.moreless
  • Surgery
    Episode 17
    Malcolm complains about a stomachache and Lois takes him to the hospital, where Malcolm finds out strange things happen there, and when he discovers that he doesn't have anything wrong, he tries to prove it to the doctors. Meanwhile, Francis leads a hunger strike when Spangler bans TV, and Reese, Hal, Lois, and Dewey get totally crazy for a board game.moreless
  • Traffic Ticket
    Episode 16
    When Lois refuses to give a cop a free ice tea, she is sure that he seeks revenge when he gives her a traffic ticket. Convinced that she is right, she blames Francis for it, so Francis decides to throw a stunt to get some money. After going with Craig, Malcolm discovers that Lois was wrong about the traffic ticket, and tries convincing her. Just as Lois admits her mistake, new evidence shows up.moreless
  • The Grandparents
    The Grandparents
    Episode 15
    Lois's nightmare parents, Victor and Ida, come for a surprise, and puts the house in more turmoil than it usually is. Francis motivates his fellow cadets to break out for a weekend and go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but then spend the entire time there suffering from eating bad sushi.moreless
  • Hal Quits
    Episode 14
    Malcolm becomes concerned with his future and his career. He takes an aptitude test, which doesn't help because he finds out that he is equally excellently qualified to do anything. Hal, after having a bad time at Dewey's class career day, quits his job and decides to paint. His family is amazed at the transformation: suddenly he's happy and more attentive to both his sons and his wife. However, he soon becomes obsessed and spends twenty-four hours a day painting. Francis gets a job over spring break at Lucky Aide, where Lois works, and loses his mind working for Craig in inventory.moreless
  • New Neighbors
    Episode 13
    Malcolm and his family try to be nice to the new neighbors but soon clash. Only Hal and the father get along. Commandant Spangler, excited for his hero, Ollie North, to arrive, gets drunk, and it's up to Francis to save the day.
  • Krelboyne Girl
    Episode 12
    There's a new girl in the Krelboyne class: Cynthia, a fresh recruit from New York. She is really weird but earns Malcolm's affections with wit and Israeli butt whoopin' moves. Meanwhile, Dewey is wearing a home made hazmat suit killing all the home's scary germs, because he doesn't want to lose his eyes. Hal covers for Francis but then starts to feel guilty.moreless
  • Old Mrs. Old
    Episode 11
    After Malcolm breaks the arm of an old woman, he must turn into her new assistant, but after the Krelboynes decide to trick the old woman by driving in her car, and Lois discovers it, Malcolm thinks that he is in deep trouble, but the old woman protects him in the end... for a price. Meanwhile, Dewey takes a purse to school, and Reese tries to prevent it, but later discovers its benefits, and Richie joins Francis in military school, where he gets all the attention of Spangler and soon the rest of the cadets decide to take revenge.moreless
  • The Bully
    The Bully
    Episode 10
    Reese is suddenly the school hero when he joins the wrestling team, but after he gets thrashed by a girl wrestler, he misses that feeling of pride. He decides to give up being the school bully and instead tries to do many misguided good deeds. The school kids are excited to be out from under the reign of Reese, but Malcolm soon learns that not everyone appreciates his sarcastic comments all the time, and now that his brother is no longer there to protect him, everyone wants to beat up Malcolm because he hurt their feelings. Just as Reese is about to join a feel-good cult, the Krelboynes beg him to regain his crown as school bully because lots of little bullies are causing anarchy. Francis, scared of the school tradition of having every hair shaved from his body on his birthday, begs his parents to fly him home, but they can't afford it. Finally, he thinks he has an out when he injures his hand and the nurse takes pity on him and invites him over to her apartment for birthday cake.moreless
  • High School Play
    Episode 9
    Malcolm gets a role in the high school play and is so captivated by high school gossip that he forgets his lines. Lois discovers the joys of massage. Hal and Dewey build a society of model buildings in the living room. Francis tries to show his individualism at school when the commandant cracks down on personal belongings.moreless
  • Therapy
    Episode 8
    Malcolm begins taking therapy when he thinks he will be able to get out of an embarrassing Medieval l themed week in class until Reese discovers his plan. Hal and Lois clean out the closet which leads to the discovery of a talent that Dewey has, and the original intent of the room. Francis takes over the laundry at school, and starts charging his fellow cadets.moreless
  • Robbery
    Episode 7
    Lois and Craig get in trouble when armed-robbers come to the Lucky Aide. Craig begins to get really annoying when he doesn't want to give the combination to set them free and that brings him to reveal something for Lois. Meanwhile at home, Hal and the boys face themselves against bats, where they use Dewey as bait. Francis tries to cheer up a recently dumped Finley by taking him to a strip club.moreless
  • Convention
    Episode 6
    Hal and Lois go to a convention, where Hal gets into a fight with a man that stole a great idea that he had, and now seeks revenge. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Reese fight to get the sexy babysitter's (Patty) attention, but it all turns to youngest sibling, Dewey.
  • Casino
    Episode 5
    The family goes out to a weekend vacation to an old indian casino, where Hal cheats over them, thanks to Malcolm. After being banned, he, Malcolm, and Reese go into a trip into the desert and they end up in a bomb testing place for the USA army. As Hal is gone, Lois decides to use the luxury of the SPA with Dewey. Francis manages to go home, but there is no one to play with, until he receives the unexpected visit of Craig.moreless
  • Dinner Out
    Episode 4
    Trouble comes when the Kenarbans invite the entire family to dinner with them, where Reese takes advantage of a new game, Lois and Kitty get into a discussion about Kitty's attitude, and Hal and Abe sneak out to drink some beers. Meanwhile at school, Francis must recruit Spangler's help to help them with some party-crazy girls that have taken over the school.moreless
  • Lois' Birthday
    Episode 3
    When Lois gives the boys $10 each to buy her a present (and she evens tells them what she would like), they decide to get something for themselves, which causes her to have grief. When Hal also forgets her birthday, Lois decides that is enough, so she escapes until the family finally decides that they need her. Meanwhile, Francis brings home a beautiful African woman.moreless
  • 11/8/00
    The boys are disappointed that Francis did not make it for Halloween, but he proposes a trick that includes a giant slingshot, but later they get in trouble when they are overcome to the smart Krelboynes. Hal and Lois steal the car of what Hal considers a speed racer, but later finds out the great pleasure of driving such a car.moreless
  • Traffic Jam (2)
    Traffic Jam (2)
    Episode 1
    Hal, Lois, Malcolm and Reese are trapped in a horrendous traffic jam. Francis enters himself in a bet that recalls the egg-eating wager in "Cool Hand Luke." Malcolm becomes smitten over a girl he meets. Dewey has his own little adventure--all over the world--before his family returns home.