Malcolm in the Middle - Season 3

FOX (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Monkey
    Episode 22
    After saving Hal and Lois from a robber, Reese decides to become a police officer. Meanwhile, Craig enlists the help of a monkey nurse that at first seems to do whatever he wants, but ultimately, he tries to kill him, until Hal comes to the rescue, Malcolm and Dewey face sleep troubles, and Francis and Piama are forced to retire from their home toward a new location.moreless
  • Cliques
    Episode 21
    After the Krelboynes blow up the class, they are forced to go back to the general school population, where they all join a new clique, except Malcolm, who just hangs out with his old friends. But soon all the cliques are fighting each other. Dewey gets the chicken pox and to entertain himself he plays with Dominos. Hal can barely control knocking them down, especially when Lois catches Reese trying to do the same thing, and says that no matter what happens he will be blamed if the Dominos get knocked over. Reese then makes sure Hal stays clear of the Dominos. When Francis learns that a part of his house in on Native Reserve he starts up a casino.moreless
  • Jury Duty
    Jury Duty
    Episode 20
    Lois gets jury duty and refuses to allow anyone to leave until all the facts have been sorted out. Hal and Abe discuss the trial they believe Lois is working. Malcolm, Reese, Dewey and Stevie get lost in the sewers and start arguing with each other. Francis, Eric, Artie and Pete go ice fishing, and get stranded when a bear surrounds the cabin.moreless
  • Clip Show
    Clip Show
    Episode 19
    When Lois and Hal think that the boys have ruined the car, which they claim innocence to, they are taken into therapy where they tell the psychologist about their family.
  • Poker #2
    Poker #2
    Episode 18
    It's Hal's turn to host poker night, but it turns out to be more about competing over minor things than about poker. One of the guys brings his daughter and she brings a friend. Reese helps Stevie get one of the girls, by making up that he his dying. Malcolm finds a gun in the purse of the other girl and hides it. Dewey keeps on getting kicked out of every room of the house. At first Francis is fine when Piama says that an old friend is coming over while he is at work, but after talking with Eric he gets more and more uncomfortable with the idea.moreless
  • Dewey's Dog
    Dewey's Dog
    Episode 17
    Dewey gets followed home by a dog and decides to use it to get revenge on Reese and Malcolm for the years of torture, when Craig arrives he gets sucked into it as well. Hal tries to take Lois out on a date a numerous amount of times and when he finally does they both wind up sick and trying to hide it from each other. Francis is visited by someone from his past.moreless
  • Hal Coaches
    Hal Coaches
    Episode 16
    Hal decides to make himself Dewey's new soccer coach, but that brings trouble in the end. Meanwhile, Malcolm is addicted to a virtual computer game, but unfortunately his character is the only one who seems to be doing badly. Reese blackmails a married neighbor, after learning that the man is sleeping with other women in the neighborhood. Francis and Piama fight when Lavernia starts treating Francis nicely because of something Piama does.moreless
  • Hal's Birthday
    Hal's Birthday
    Episode 15
    Francis arrives in time for Hal's birthday, along with his new wife, Piama. Suddenly, that brings trouble among Lois and Francis, who discuss why he always does stupid things. When Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey try to help, they are totally forgotten, so they decide to escape to a fancy hotel somewhere in the city. When Hal, Lois, Francis, and Piama discover this, they try to find them, desperately.moreless
  • Cynthia's Back
    Cynthia's Back
    Episode 14
    Cynthia returns, but now in a very bad and angry manner. When Malcolm tries to find out what is going on, he discovers something shocking about her physical maturation, and he promises not to tell anybody. But he accidentally tells Reese, who plots to date Cynthia so he can see the development up close. Karen tells Lois that she kissed Hal on New Year's Eve, but Hal denies it. Dewey teaches Hal how to fly a kite. Francis looks to a totem pole for answers in his life.moreless
  • Reese Drives
    Reese Drives
    Episode 13
    Reese is old enough to get his learner's permit, and, much to the dismay of Lois and Hal, has been perfect. During one of the driving lessons, Reese gets upset when he doesn't get his turn. When the distracted teacher gets out of the car to do banking Reese takes over and gets in a slow highway chase. Craig lies to Lois in order to get Malcolm over so he could help him install a new television system. Francis has a whole that needs fixing and gets himself in a chain of promises while trying to fix it.moreless
  • Company Picnic (2)
    Company Picnic (2)
    Episode 12
    After Hal is mistaken by his new boss, as that guy's boss, Hal plays along. Malcolm is in a three-legged scavenger hunt with the girl he likes, but becomes upset after he confesses he likes her, and she says she likes another boy. Reese is also the the scavenger hunt, and at first doesn't like the big dumb bully he is with, but they grow to like each other when they bond over beating up the other contestants and stealing their items. Lois continues to balance keeping Dewey intact and dealing with the crazy woman, but now must talk to the husband as well. Francis continues to sabotage his own team, this time on the ice.moreless
  • Company Picnic (1)
    Company Picnic (1)
    Episode 11
    It's Hal's company picnic, and Hal is nervous about meeting his new boss, because of his reputation when meeting new bosses. Malcolm prepares to see a girl who he has liked for a long time who moved away. Lois has her hands full trying to keep Dewey away from candy and also gets stuck in a conversation with a crazy woman. Meanwhile Francis finds out he owes a debt to Lavernia and when the loggers have a hockey game against women, he makes a bet that will help him get out of the debt, and is determined on winning the bet, even if it means sabotaging his own friends.moreless
  • Lois' Makeover
    Lois' Makeover
    Episode 10
    Lois gets a makeover that instantly makes other employees look at her and even help her with other things, which she suddenly begins to enjoy, but later discovers that she is not being herself. Meanwhile, Hal plays basketball against the boys, but when Hal discovers how good they are getting, he fakes a broken talon, and Francis is in Alaska in a new rat-killer job.moreless
  • Reese's Job
    Reese's Job
    Episode 9
    Richie manages to get a job for Reese in a burger place, but when $400 is stolen, he gets in trouble. Malcolm is tutored by a new Krelboyne that is younger than him, and both of them decide to help Reese. Dewey tries to get a dog, but Hal and Lois sabotage his plans. In Alaska, Pete is getting married via mail-order bride and Francis isn't too thrilled with the idea.moreless
  • Poker
    Episode 8
    Hal is invited by Abe to go to play poker, but he is embarrassed with Abe's friends because he is not a professional. As a result, Abe and Hal decide to fight against each other in a poker showdown, with the help of their genius kids. Meanwhile, Lois takes Reese to dancing lessons, where he begins to make big money, but when he insults Dewey, he decides to get revenge. And in Alaska, Francis is turning mad for a piece of rope in a blizzard that traps him in a hut.moreless
  • Christmas
    Episode 7
    When Malcolm and his brothers destroy their Christmas tree ornaments, Lois punishes them by canceling Christmas and moves all the presents into the garage. The only way she will reinstate the holiday is if the boys behave impeccably up to Christmas morning. Her plan works better than expected, and Lois is touched that her family responded so well to her challenge. Meanwhile, the boys decide that Lois could use this tactic for future holidays and retaliate by breaking into the garage and opening up all the presents. Elsewhere, Francis is forced to visit his Grandma Ida for Christmas.moreless
  • Health Scare
    Health Scare
    Episode 6
    When Hal's doctor discovers something suspicious during his routine check-up, Lois and Hal become frantic, nervous wrecks as they wait for the test results. As a result of her anticipation, Lois becomes even stricter with the boys, leaving them to misinterpret the new house rules. Also, it's Dewey's turn to take care of the classroom hamster, and he becomes too attached and sets him loose in his orange rolling ball. Meanwhile, in Alaska, Francis comes to blows with his boss.moreless
  • Charity
    Episode 5
    In an effort to contribute to society and to make her boys useful at the same time, Lois "volunteers" Malcolm, Reese and Dewey for charity work at a local church. The boys are assigned to sort giant piles of donated items. Initially they are irritated at their new task but they soon realize the donated stuff is a lot nicer than their own possessions, and they begin swapping out their old stuff with the second-hand items. And eventually start selling things to the neighborhood kids. Francis finally arrives in Alaska but it is nothing like what he thought it would be.moreless
  • Malcolm's Girlfriend
    Malcolm gets a girlfriend, much to the dismay of Lois. He seems really happy, but it has effected his grades, and friendships. Dewey makes a friend and uses him to get the birthday he's always wanted. Francis gets put in jail and is entertained by the guards who live a Soap Opera like lifestyle.moreless
  • Book Club
    Book Club
    Episode 3
    Lois goes to a book club to talk about a book, but later discovers that what they actually do there is drink and tell everyone what they feel. Meanwhile, Hal tries different crazy tactics so the boys don't do something stupid and Francis hitch-hikes through Canada.
  • Emancipation (2)
    Emancipation (2)
    Episode 2
    Still reeling over Francis' break for freedom, Lois and Hal find themselves face to face with their newly independent son. While at home, Francis wins back Hal's support, but Lois is a completely different story. Also, Malcolm and the Krelboynes meet their match when a new teacher—a former Krelboyne himself—is assigned to the class. He sets up a ranking system that pits the students against each other and eventually drives them to the brink of insanity.moreless
  • Houseboat (1)
    Houseboat (1)
    Episode 1
    Malcolm's family takes a summer vacation trip on a houseboat with the Kanarbans. Malcolm gets roped into going fishing with his dad. Abe and Kitty argue the whole time. Reese and Stevie set sail to a cheerleader camp. When Francis is forced to fix something that fell on him and broke, he gets pushed to the edge and decides he's had enough of Marlin Academy.moreless