Malcolm in the Middle - Season 4

FOX (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Day Care
    Episode 22
    Now that the fifth child has arrived, Lois and Hal must find a way for someone to take care of Jamie. Later on, they discover that the church has a day care of their own, so they pretend to be Christians in order to get accepted, which makes Dewey and Reese start finding out the joy of life believing in God. Hal makes their Christian fellows to build up the broken wall, and Lois takes care of another child. Meanwhile, Francis tries to attract people to the ranch by faking a UFO sighting.moreless
  • Baby (2)
    Baby (2)
    Episode 21
    While Lois is in labor, the house is hectic, and Hal, desperate to get home, has crashed the car on the way out of the expo. At the hospital Hal has delusions due to the drugs given and the boys decide to sign up for a parenting class so they can be better brothers.moreless
  • Baby (1)
    Baby (1)
    Episode 20
    Hal tries to take the boys to a car expo but they are a week late. Instead they wind up at a bridal expo where Dewey plots to get revenge on Hal for something he did and Reese gets a job, but doesn't do it. Malcolm, who got an offer to go to a school in London, probes Hal about financial issues to help make his decision. Back at home Francis and Piama are visiting and Grandma Ida shows up claiming she is moving in because her house burnt down. They try everything to get her to leave to no avail. They finally come up with a way to get her to leave with Abe's help, but on her way out a surprise comes along.moreless
  • Future Malcolm
    Episode 19
    Malcolm runs into a man named Leonard at the park who is very similar to Malcolm. Although he does not see the connection, Malcolm grows attached to the man and helps him out. Lois is upset that she keeps on gaining weight, but doesn't know that it is thanks to Hal. Dewey is convinced that the baby is telling to do things that keeps getting him in trouble. Meanwhile, Francis decides to become a nude model and begins to delight in the exposure.moreless
  • Reese's Party
    Episode 18
    When Hal and Lois go out of town for a "last chance" getaway before the baby comes, Reese has a big bash that gets out of hand. College-age thugs show up, cancel the party and set up a drug-making operation in the garage. Hal and Lois spend the whole time fighting. Dewey is off with Craig and helps him live the childhood he never had.moreless
  • Clip Show #2
    Episode 17
    Clips from past episodes are interwoven with the current squabbling of Hal and Lois, who set out to draw up a will and wind up at odds over their legacies and their kids.
  • Academic Octathalon
    Academic Octathalon
    Episode 16
    The Krelboynes are in an academic octathalon and Malcolm isn't thrilled, especially after being asked to cheat by Mr. Herkabe and his classmates. Reese agrees to take Alison to a formal dance but doesn't want to spend the money so he tries to get out of it. Dewey tells Hal he doesn't love him anymore when Hal says he can't give him rides to bed because he is too big. Hal also faces an ant problem. Francis accidentally starts a chain of arguments between couples about chores.moreless
  • Garage Sale
    Episode 15
    Malcolm suggests that the family have a garage sale in order to earn money to pay for the repairs in Hal and Lois' room (caused by Hal in "Hal's Friend"). Lois, finally returning, decides to put Reese in charge, because while she was away she was reminded of her childhood and how she was never encouraged, and now wants to give Reese a chance to prove himself. Malcolm hates that Reese is in charge especially when he is instructed to throw out a Nortair 680B computer part (worth $1300). Malcolm plans on making everyone realize the mistake and enlists Craig's help. Hal finds an old transmission that he used to run a pirate radio and decides to hook it up for old times sake. Dewey decides to sell things from the house. Meanwhile, Francis tries to get Otto to open up about his long lost son.moreless
  • Hal's Friend
    Episode 14
    Malcolm tries to emancipate Dabney from his overbearing mother while Hal invites his ne'er-do-well old buddy to the house. Dewey pretends to talk to Lois on the phone so he can get Reese to do jobs for him. At the ranch, Francis is forced to share a room with Otto.
  • Stereo Store
    Episode 13
    Due to the doctors not allowing Lois to return home yet, Hal has to pick up a second job at a stereo store. He gets instant praise from his boss, although his co-workers aren't much to brag about anyway. The boys are upset when they get a 16 year-old baby sitter, who uses mind games to get them to do whatever she wants. A movie is being shot at the ranch, and when Francis finds out what kind he is shocked. When Gretchen gets hired to play a role, Francis tries to stop it.moreless
  • Kicked Out
    Episode 12
    Hal is in charge while Lois is away, and has "zero tolerance". Malcolm sneaks out and when he gets caught sneaking back in he winds up getting kicked out of the house, and goes and lives in his girlfriend's attic. Hal feels guilty and goes on a frantic search for him. Francis gets annoyed with Otto and Gretchen's nephew when he constantly plays the piano every time Francis moves.moreless
  • Long Drive
    Episode 11
    Pregnant Lois has to stay at her sister's house for several days. While on the way there, she lectures Malcolm on everything about sex to Malcolm's strong disliking. Meanwhile, Hal's singing group finally gets to perform at the Elks Club but during rehearsal Dewey stirs up trouble when he points out that his father is always placed in the rear. Reese spends the day in jail with a group of troubled teens with the hope to shock-scare him. But Reese soon realizes the big bad prisoner can't really do anything so Reese begins to mock him. Meanwhile, Francis accidentally blows up Otto's beloved cow when he sprays it with cow dewormer then tries to brand it. Otto, not knowing the full story, is left brokenhearted thinking the cow ran away.moreless
  • If Boys Were Girls
    Episode 10
    After being rattled by a battle among the boys, a pregnant Lois ponders the consequences of raising another brawling kid. While shopping with the boys she fantasizes that her unruly sons have morphed into well-behaved young daughters. Meanwhile, Hal searches for the perfect Valentine's Day gift. When he finally finds it, it is sold out and he is determined to get it.moreless
  • Grandma Sues
    Episode 9
    Francis, Piama, AND Grandma Ida are all in town, which forces Malcolm to sleep in the backyard in a tent, putting him in an even worse mood than usual. After Grandma Ida falls on a leaf in the front she sues them. Things get worse when Lois finds out she is pregnant and tries to convince Grandma Ida to stop the lawsuit, but she refuses. Hal and Lois keep everything a secret from the boys, except that Francis knows about the lawsuit. Dewey and Reese come up with a plan to cheer everyone up by buying something really cool, unaware of everything going on.moreless
  • Boys At Ranch
    Episode 8
    Hal and the boys go to Francis's dude ranch for a weekend. When the boys do their usual antics (this time with ATV's), they are punished Lois-style by Francis. This sets Reese and Malcolm on a quest of getting the Francis they know back. Dewey bonds with Gretchen by cleaning numerous parts of the ranch, while Hal and Otto get drunk and lost in the desert.moreless
  • 1/5/03
    After joining the basketball team at school, Malcolm soon finds himself under the coach's skin due to his constant complaining, which eventually gets him kicked off the team. Determined to put an end to his horrible habit of talking before he thinks, Malcolm starts "holding his tongue" which solves all the problems with his coach, girlfriend, and parents, but it ends up causing more stress than before. Hal takes up speed walking and is desperate to be the best. Reese gets Craig to take him and Allison to a concert and Craig succeeds in ruining his date. Francis gets new boots and believes he knows how to loosen them up.moreless
  • 12/15/02
    Malcolm goes out to teach a girl trigonometry, but ends up falling in love with her, unfortunately her dad is an eccentric veteran who totally forbids him to be with his daughter, so they begin to see each other secretly. Dewey keeps getting money from neighbors for jobs they think he does, but it is actually a kid that looks like him. When Reese finds out he uses it to get back at a bully. Hal and Lois have to go a week without having sex and it actually makes them nicer and do a lot of jobs around the house. Francis has problems with other ranchers who keep on destroying a fence.moreless
  • Forwards Backwards
    Episode 5
    Malcolm and Reese take turns getting revenge on each other, each time upping the anti. Dewey is worried about a school play. Hal is over his head when he tries to buy a comic for Malcolm's birthday, and goes to Craig for help. Francis squares off with an "evil" cow.
  • Stupid Girl
    Episode 4

    Malcolm gets a crush on a girl, Alison, but has problems because he thinks too much. He enlists the help of Reese who shows him how to shut his brain off, but it has bad consequences. Stevie is staying at the house because his parents are out of town and Lois enjoys his company because he is such a good kid. Hal wins $1000 from a lottery ticket and rents a steam roller. Otto gets tricked into buying cow sun block, and Francis must get the money back.

  • Family Reunion
    Episode 3
    Hal's family is having a reunion and so the family goes. Lois is constantly insulted by the women, Hal's dad enjoys Civil War talk with Malcolm, Reese and Dewey try to get their hands on their grandfather's dough by being nice to him and Francis is bogged down by the children. Hal tries to bond with his dad especially when things get out of hand with Lois and the other women.moreless
  • Humilithon
    Episode 2
    It's the first week of high school for Malcolm and he is determined to rid his Krelboyne past and become popular, but it only backfires on him. Hal and Lois are forced to help out around the school as part of the PTA. Lois has a blast and Hal hates it. Dewey enjoys his fifteen minutes of alone time after school. Francis is forced to do extra jobs around the ranch as Otto gives everyone vacation.moreless
  • Zoo
    Episode 1
    Malcolm and his family visit the zoo. Hal and Lois argue over a former beau, who lectures on rain-forest animals at the zoo. Reese butts heads with a goat. Malcolm, who is in a foul mood and Dewey take a tumble into a tiger den. Francis and Piama run into car trouble while on a cross country road trip, but meet a German couple who offer him a job as foreman of a dude ranch.moreless