Malcolm in the Middle

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 06, 2000 on FOX

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  • Pizza kid.

    Malcolm ended up punching a 7 year old boy. Normally I would say that it was a crying shame for him to do such a thing, but that kid was a pest. I don't blame Malcolm for doing what he did, although he probably should have pushed him down instead of beat on him continuously. I thought that the writing was good, but the comedy was better. I could have done without all the guilt trips from Malcolm as it really became a dragging occurance. Overall, I have to say that this was a great episode and entertaining to a point. Thank you.
  • Malcolm Beats Up Kevin

    Malcolm is constantly irritated by a new kid at school named Kevin. So Kevin takes this too far and Malcolm beats him up, hard... only to learn the kid is actually 7 and is tall for his age. Now Malcolm is really upset because he beat up a poor 7-year old. He tries to get over his extreme guilt, and in the end, Lois helps him get over it and he feels much better.

    Not a favorite episode but it was a decent story and had some good parts. I wouldn't recommend it, one of my least favorites from the earlier years
  • Great episode!

    Malcolm gets really annoyed with a kid named Kevin, so he beats him up. It turns out that it was Kevin's seventh birthday, so Malcolm feels really bad. Kevin did not look seven at all, he looked older than Malcolm! Malcolm tries to do good stuff to weight out what he did. Hal cuts down the tree in the front yard after Dewey falls...again. Francis tries to spice up the sex talk that the commander is giving by putting in funny slides.

    This was a great episode! The only thing is that the commander's talk and slides were true about sex. The last part was so hilarious! Malcolm's conscience was good! This episode gets a 9.5!
  • Not one of my favorite episodes.

    This episode is not a very good Malcolm in the middle episode. There isn't much suspense like there is in other episodes. In Shame, Malcolm is encountered by a bully in school, who is always teasing him, and is extremely arrogant. Malcolm gets tired of it, so he takes a stand, pushes the bully to the ground, and starts beating him up. When the bully goes to the nurse, she tells him that the kid is only 7 years old. Malcom then feels reaaly guilty that he beat up a 7 year old. When he comes home and tells his family about the incident, he expects to be punished, but instead they all just laugh, and because of that, Malcolm can't stop feeling guilty. So he starts to run a charity race, but trips over the starting line. Poor Malcolm. Meanwhile, Malcolm's Dad is chopping down the tree in their front yard, and Dewey and his brother are amazed to watch the wood chopper, and so all three of them bring in various objects from the house and chop them into bits.
  • ....Malcolm is ashamed of his family...

    Well, I think that this episode will be much better, but it was not, unlike many episodes of Season 1 there was not as much laugh, but it was still interesting. This episode is OK, but I particuraly like more the part between the corpse and Francis and all the burial and every thing that is most hilarious that the family part, but still I think that this episode was really good...
  • You think Malcolm is already ashamed to have his family? Now he has to deal with beating up an obnoxious seven-year old!

    Shame is one of the strangest episodes ever in that:

    Malcolm feels guilty (over something that was an accident)

    Lois didn't punish Malcolm for once and he actually did something wrong in this case

    I personally think Kevin got what he deserved even if he was an extremely large kid. The episode itself is very funny, especially Malcolm basically scamming people for the fundraiser (and not even close to geting the money) and we also see Francis' scheme to embarass Spangler which backfires and Hal, Reese and Dewey destroying things through the shredder.

    Overall, the episode is oddly plotted but very funny in all plots.