Malcolm in the Middle

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 14, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • A temperature of 104 degrees is extremely serious. Anyone burning that high of a fever must be iced immediately and taken to a hospital. At 106 degrees, the brain begins to die.

    • When the boys were on the roof and away from Lois, why didn't Lois just use a ladder to grab them? The boys used a ladder to get on the roof.

    • When they didn't go to school, wouldn't the school call to see what was up since they probably skipped before?

    • Lois has a fever of 104 degrees.

    • When Malcolm is walking on the roof, it's clear that he's played by a stuntman and not Frankie Muniz.

  • Quotes

    • Malcolm: Mom said you ratted on us about Dewey's bike. But she's probably just mixed up, right? Because you're our big brother and you wouldn't do something like that... Francis?
      Francis: You don't know what kind of pressure I was under. I...
      Malcolm: (shouts) You butt-wipe! How could you?

    • Malcolm (to Richie): Look, you can burn the house if you want to, or you can just escape like the monosyllabic monkey I know you are.
      Francis (on phone): What did Malcolm say?
      Richie: He said a lot of things, but basically we have to tear up the house.

    • Malcolm: I did the smartest thing, I gave it to Dewey.
      Dewey: And I hid it under Mom's pillow.
      Malcolm: You what?!
      (scene skips to Lois looking at the letter and shocked)

    • Dewey: What's your favorite color?
      Lois: For the third time... green.

    • Reese: I'm really adopted, aren't I?
      Lois: No, you're ours, and we love you.
      Reese: Damn!

    • Reese: (acts like a ghost) Woooooooo, this is all a dream.
      Lois: SHUT UP, REESE!

  • Notes

    • This episode originally aired as part of a Fox promotion called "The Mother of all Sundays", featuring episodes about mothers.

      The Line-up consisted of

      Futurama "Mother's Day" - A story about Mom, the creator of all robots.
      King of the Hill "Transnational Amusments Presents: Peggy's Magic Sex Feet"- A sleezy man puts Peggy's feet on the internet.
      Simpsons "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Marge" - Marge thinks Otto's ex-girlfriend is trying to take her place in the family.
      Malcolm in the Middle "Smunday" - A high fever makes Lois think Monday is actually Sunday

    • Cold Open: Malcolm uses the old "finger in water" camping trick to make Reese think he wet the bed.

    • Featured Music:
      "The Spiraling Shape" by They Might Be Giants

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