Malcolm in the Middle

Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 15, 2004 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Malcolm signs up to play softball to get away from Lois only to find out she is the coach. He initially drops out, but winds up playing. Francis comes all the way home to prove to Lois that he is not lazy, after she called him that on the phone. Dewey cons Reese into doing a dangerous stunt involving collecting toilet seats from a local junkyard. When Hal, afraid his company will go under, tries to find work accidentally applies to become a member of the CIA.moreless

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  • I love Francis! He's hilarious!

    Malcolm joins the softball team at work, only to find out that Lois is coaching. Francis comes down to tell Lois that he isn't lazy. He tries to prove her wrong and wants an apology. Dewey is controlling Reese and makes him go to the junkyard to beat Francis's record of getting 11 toilet seats with vicious dogs in there. Malcolm can't stand Lois. She trades him to another team and he loses. Hal accidentally applies to the CIA.

    This episode was great! Francis is so funny! Now, I'm not sure who my favorite character is anymore. It's between Malcolm, Francis and Reese. This episode gets a 9.5!moreless
  • Softball!

    Malcolm puts himself into the softball team thinking that he will be away from Lois, but later the plan backfires when he discovers that Lois is playing too. Later, thanks to Lois, Malcolm discovers that he sucks at softball, but he is determine to make his mother go wrong, so he begins to do crazy things, until the end he finally realizes what he has done. Meanwhile, Francis comes from the ranch and wants a fight against Lois, Reese wants to get the new record of collecting toilets... from Francis... what a cool episode the part between Reese and Dewey was the funniest!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Lois apologizes to Francis, she says that he should have said so before, but Francis did ask for an apology before that.

    • Continuity Error: Outside the junkyard, a contrail in the sky behind Francis changes from fully formed to being made by the jet, then dissipated, and then back a couple of times. This occurs as Francis is standing over and talking to Reese.

      Continuity Error: When Hal goes back to the building where he had an interview, there is a shadow behind him, but when the camera shoots from behind him, there is no building and there is a full sun. There should have been sun in Hal's face if the building was not there.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Dewey: There is a certain pleasure secretly controlling someone dumber than you.

    • Craig: Hey, Lois, you're signing in for the softball?
      Lois: I don't need to sign up, Craig. I'm coaching the team this year.
      Craig: You are?
      Lois: Yes, Stu was going to do it, but his wife was born again and ruined his Sundays.

    • Hal: I think I'm an international spy, and I don't even know which side I'm on. I could be a supervillain and not even know it.

    • Lois: You know what your problem is? You know why you can't accept my apology? Because you can't stand to be happy.
      Francis: What?!?
      Lois: You have an addiction to trouble. You need to have chaos in your life. You always have. I mean look at you--You have a great job, a nice home, a wife, and you can't stand it. You have to come back here and pick a fight with your mother.
      Francis: That's not true! I came back here because you've destroyed any chance any of us ever had for happiness. Tell her, Malcolm. (who walks in with spots of zit cream on his face) Tell her what a horrible mother she is.
      Malcolm: He's right! You insinuate yourself into every part of our lives just to make sure there's no place we're not miserable. Well, you're gonna turn me into a drooling infant like you did Francis.
      Francis: Yeah! What?!?
      Malcolm: I'm quitting the softball team!
      Lois: You are doing no such thing, Malcolm. You had a chance to quit, but now we have a game. You made a commitment to a team, and other people are counting on you.
      Malcolm: You can't force me to play.
      Lois: No, but I can confiscate your paychecks.
      Malcolm: You are pure evil!
      Francis: How do you sleep at night? (holds up his old tricycle then leaves with Malcolm)

    • Lois: Well, that was a pretty shameful display this afternoon.
      Malcolm: Look, I-I was...
      Lois: It's all right. I'm not gonna ask you why you've been behaving like this lately because I think I know. You're jealous of the new baby. But don't worry. Tomorrow, we're gonna go out, we're gonna get you a haircut and some new undershirts, just the two of us, okay?
      Malcolm: (his voice sounding at least 7 years younger as if not going through puberty) Thanks, Mom.

    • Reese: (after kicking the fence to the junkyard and the dogs attack) Okay, it's obvious they hate shoes, write that down.

    • Hal: Beer in the garage! How many times have I told you about drinking?! (opens a can and starts drinking it) Oooohhh, look at me, I'm MR. COOL! I'm so cool 'cause I drink! (takes another drink) Ooh, I'm so cool!
      (cuts to after he drank 3 cans, he's draped over the table with a crushed can in his hand) I'm cool, I'm cool, I'm cool, I'm cool...
      (cuts to after he's finished off the pack, he's on a chair singing into his tie)
      I am Japanese, everybody look at me. Oh, I am so neat because I'm Japanese!
      Malcolm: Hey, this is the whole reason we bought that beer and stuck it out in the garage. Hey, the plan didn't backfire and Mom found it.

  • NOTES (2)