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Malcolm in the Middle

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 21, 2004 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Hal and the garbageman get into a trash-dumping war. Hal enlists Reese's help. Dewey enjoys his time in the garbage. Meanwhile, Lois gets her job back at Lucky Aide but is on probation. When an offensive billboard of a smiling black janitor, whose nametag reads "Slappy", holding a mop and a 6-pack of malt liquor goes up, Lois tries to take it away. When Malcolm puts it back up under orders from his boss. Lois tries to get him to take it back down, but he refuses.moreless

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  • Totally racist-hidden agenda episode

    What people are failing to recognize is the episode is "portrayed" as an "anit-racism" lesson. If you stand back and look at the big picture- you have Lois pissed and screaming racism- and causing a big deal- while the husband (and black friends) were sitting at the table- and playing cards they also laughed at her to tell her how ridiculous she is. the friend that made the mess and went to get the mop came back looking JUST like the poster- making it even funnier (or so you thought) They then all laugh at her and quote Martin Luther King Jr. If you knew how to read between the lines of what the purpose of this episode was- it was to desensitize people to racism. Not saying that the cardboard cutout itself was racist. That's kind of subject to opinion But the agenda of the show- completely different. Completely racist and in a down low way teaching kids that people are too sensitive and it's "not a big deal" DE-SENSITIZATION. Pay attention to what you and your kids watch. You are being programmed.moreless
  • Good episode.

    Hal and Reese fought the garbage man for dominance and for power. They ended up losing because of the fact that they didn't have as much fire power in terms of garbage. Lois and Malcolm fought over a stupid issue of a black man on a cover sign. They were both being stubborn and they made a bigger issue than most. The episode had some funny bits here and there and I have to say that I was very much entertained. Decent writing and storylines is what made this episode solid. Overall, it was quite enjoyable and refreshing at the end. Thank you.moreless
  • Sort of deals with racism

    Lois is back at the Lucky Aid along with Malcolm. She is on probation. There is a racist poster on display that she wants to take down. Malcolm and her argue about it as he is told to leave it up. Hal and the trashman get into a fight. Hal puts some trash on his lawn, so the garbage man dumps a bunch of trash on their lawn. Dewey plays in it. Reese tries to help Hal get rid of it.

    This episode was great! It sort of dealed with racism, which is good. The trash looked kind of fun! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • the best episode in Malcolm in the middle history

    this was the funniest episode ever i enjoyed hw everyone went to the extremes the fgarbadge pile was huge bigger than the contrevorsy oin lois\' dilema. the kity paradise thing was cool i gotta get that for my cats. that was a very humiliation picture of malcolm whitch was funny. i really liked the garbage wars. the ending was the funniest when he destroyed the fire hydrant. the cutout thing wasen\'t racist i don\'t knw what lois and malcolm wre thinking thank you for reading my review and have a good day byemoreless
  • Wow!

    Lois tries to take out the offense image of a black janitor having a mop and some beers, because of according to her is really racist. Lois tells Malcolm to take it away, but later discovers that all what Malcolm cares about is his boss's opinion, so Lois begins to drive Malcolm crazy, when Lois brings the picture to Hal's friends everyone is convince that is not racist, and finally when Lois finds out that there is a much more racist employee than the man, he decides to put it there. Meanwhile, Dewey celebrates Christmas with the whole trash in their backyard, and Reese and Hal get into a fight with the garbage man.moreless
John DiResta

John DiResta


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Gary Anthony Williams

Gary Anthony Williams

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David Anthony Higgins

David Anthony Higgins

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Dan Martin

Dan Martin


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the episode "Malcolm's Job", Lois lectured Malcolm about having to do what one is told over doing what is right. In this episode, she contradicts that statement by enforcing principles over instructions by the boss.

    • Lois regains her job at the Lucky Aide on probationary status, and it is revealed Malcolm still works there as well.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • (Malcolm sees an embarrassing picture of himself dressed like a hula dancer complete with a fruit hat, coconut bra, and grass skirt at Lois' station at the Lucky Aide)
      Malcolm: What's that?
      Lois: Hmmm?
      Malcolm: I threw that picture away!
      Lois: Oh, we still have the negative. It reminds me of the old you, back when you still knew right from wrong.
      Malcolm: Just because I'm not doing what you want doesn't mean you can humiliate me!
      Lois: Humiliate you? You mean there's an offensive image on display in the store?
      Customer: My son used to love to play dress-up just like that. Give him a call. (She hands Malcolm a paper with his phone number and winks at him)
      Malcolm: Take that down!
      Lois: Gee, I'm not doing what you want. You're not doing what I want. Maybe we should bring Mr. Kushell into this, since he's the only one whose opinion you seem to care about.
      (Several minutes later, Lois is forced to remove the picture as Malcolm reads the store's rule book with Kushell standing beside him)
      Malcolm: No employee may display personal items at his or her workspace. Don't worry, Mom. It only added a day to your probation.
      Shirley: (Another employee forced to remove her cross) I'm sorry, God. You're against the rules here.

  • NOTES (3)