Malcolm in the Middle

Season 1 Episode 14

The Bots And The Bees

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 07, 2000 on FOX
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The Bots And The Bees
Malcolm and his Krelboyne classmates enlist the help of Hal for a school project, which involves a robot, and an enormous swarm of bees. Lois visits Francis at his school after he becomes injured and soon clashes with Spangler.

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  • The Bots And The Bees

    Malcolm and the rest of his Krelboyne friends want to make a killer bot to enter in a bot fight contest. But none of their parents would allow this, so Malcolm asks Hal, who of course does accept. But soon Hal takes over the whole project and becomes insane.

    Lois is at Marlin Academy visiting Francis, who has had his appendix out. But Lois acts differently then she usually does.

    At the end of the episode everything is back to normal of course.

    A decent episode, main plot is more interesting but sub plot is funnier. 8.5 score from me, a great onemoreless
  • Damned good!

    I thought the Francis/Lois story wasn't funny at all, but the rest was soooo funny.

    The part with the "bee cannon" is so funny, its Hal's face as it aims at his's just like...LOL!!!!

    Hal's decine in sanity and appearance reminds me of Jack Nicholson in The Shining

    i think the Bee Cannon should be used in the army...that'll teach people to mess with the the greatest country on Earth...ENGLAND!!!!!!

    But this review isn't about England...despite how good we are...anyway...

    i highly reccomend this episode having just finished watching it for the 5th time ever...

    (the rest of this is just filler for the 100 words...sorry :/ )moreless
  • Funny!

    Malcolm and his nerd friends try to build a killer robot. When Lois leaves to see injured Francis, Hal becomes crazy without her there. He starts helping with the robot, but goes too far, which makes the nerds not want to work on it anymore. He lets Reese, Malcolm and Dewey do whatever they want. Meanwhile, Francis is driven nuts with Lois there. She is actually being cool.

    This episode was great! I can't believe how crazy Hal was! Lois seemed cool at the school, I wonder why? I think that the robot looked cool! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • Not that bad...

    This episode was not as much as I expected to be, I think that it would be a lot more funnier than this, but still it was not something horrible to watch and by myself I think that this episode is really good and is not bad at all, and well the only thing is that I don't think that this episode have a certain plot in it, more of like they do any stupid thing about it, but I still think that this episode is really cool...moreless
  • Malcolm and the krelboynes design a robot

    This episode is crazy, the end being spectacular with Hal being covered in bees and the rest of the episode with Hal slowly descending into madness was terrific, and the characters' reactions were very real.

    Lois being a completely different person at military school and therefore making the cadets think Francis was a liar was actually a very understandable idea since Lois had gotten a bad but true reputation and embarassed Francis by not being her usual self.

    Overall, this episode was definitely a silly one and more farfetched than most Malcolm episodes but that is why it is entertaining and that is the main thing.moreless
Marco Gould

Marco Gould

Infirmed Cadet

Guest Star

Daniel Von Bargen

Daniel Von Bargen

Edwin Spangler

Recurring Role

Will Jennings

Will Jennings


Recurring Role

Kyle Sullivan

Kyle Sullivan


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This is the first time Hal wears his white underwear briefs.

    • When Hal tells the boys to run because the robot is about to fire, he clearly has plenty of time to run himself. You only have to stand still AFTER the bees attack, not before.

    • When Spangler is talking to Lois, he says "The all Alabama gay rodeo is in town." He should have said the all gay Alabama rodeo to be grammatically correct.

    • When Hal was covered in bees and told the kids to go to the neighbor, they don't because Malcolm says the neighbors won't let them over anymore. They could go to Craig's house as he was there the whole time.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (Lois and Francis are at a gay rodeo)
      Lois: Are you sure you're not embarrassed to be seen with your mother?
      Francis: Nah!
      (the camera backs up and we see teen boys with their mothers as well)

    • (Hal is covered in bees)
      Hal: Call animal control.
      Malcolm: You ripped the phone off the wall.
      Hal: Go to the neighbors.
      Malcolm: They won't let us over any more!
      Hal: Do something!

    • Malcolm: I thought this was porn.
      Dabney: Ew! No, this is much better.

    • Malcolm: How many sodas did you have?
      Dewey: (all hyped up on caffine) I dunno, I dunno, I dunno. Wanna see me write on my tongue?

    • (Hal is slapping Craig's stomach on top of him)
      Hal: Say uncle!
      Craig: No!
      Hal: Just say it! We can end this right now with a little dignity if you just say it.
      Craig: Never!
      Hal: One simple word.
      Craig: Duncle.
      Hal: Uh-uh, you said duncle. Now you gotta say "uncle" in my butt.
      Craig: LET ME UP!!!

    • Malcolm: Wait, we need your help. My dad's going crazy. He hasn't slept in 4 days. He's smoking, he's dancing around in his underwear. He's ripping phones out of the walls. You've got to stop him.
      Craig: Don't worry, son. I'll handle this. (opens refrigerator)
      Malcolm: What are you doing?
      Craig: You don't expect me to tackle something like this on an empty stomach?

    • Hal: (answering phone) Hello! Oh, hi, Mr. Jackson. Well, yes, I do have a very good reason for not going in to work today. Well, how about this? I didn't come to work because somehow I felt that eight hours of joyless, mind-numbing crap just didn't seem like fun. Well, I guess we're just going to have to agree to disagree. (hangs up; rips phone from wall)

    • Spangler: Hello!
      Lois: Who are you?
      Spangler: Edwin Spangler. I am Commandant of Marlin Academy.
      Lois: Good for you. Where's your eye?
      Spangler: Pardon?
      Lois: Do your ears work? Do you have some business with my son? He needs to rest.
      Spangler: Well, I stopped by to pick up your boy's homework.
      Lois: Homework?! You're not giving him homework. My son nearly lost his life - something that never would have happened if you'd taken proper care of him in the first place.
      Spangler: Well, I assure you, ma'am, had it not been for Francis' long history of crying wolf...
      Lois: Crying wolf? You listen to me, you idiot! My child is sick. He does not need you marching in here, puffing up your little chest, and making his life more miserable than it already is. Why don't you just go play "army man" somewhere else?
      Spangler: (walking away) God, she is magnificent.

    • Craig: (hugging Hal) Be strong. Lois will get through her operation. She is a fighter.
      Hal: No, no, Craig. It was Francis.
      Craig: (crying) Oh, my God! Did he shoot her? I knew it! I told her to stay away from him! That boy has been nothing but trouble.
      Hal: Uh, Craig, uh... Lois did not have an operation. Our son Francis did. She just went down to Alabama to look after him for a while.
      Craig: Oh. Well, tell Lois I stopped by.

    • Finley: You feeling okay?
      Francis: I feel like I have a belly full of broken glass. Every time I breathe in, I almost pass out from the pain. This is the single greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

  • NOTES (3)