Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 29, 2000 on FOX

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  • Art Therapy

    I absolutely loved the picture that Malcolm drew of Lois devouring him (or one of his brothers, or even Hal), as the other males of the family look on in fear. I wish I had a copy of the pic to put on my 'fridge!
  • great

    malcolm fakes having issues at school so he can go to therapy. what will happen when reese finds out?

    lois and hal clean their closet, only to discover it isn't a closet, but a secret bathroom in their room.

    francis does the other cadets' laundry at school.

    good episode, the resolution that it was a bathroom was funny, but francis' plot was kind of boring. overall it was a pretty enjoyable episode from the show's second season. it had some good laughs, especially from malcolm's plot (and the end of the episode). so i give this episode the grade of a B+
  • Great!

    In order to get out of dorky class, Malcolm fakes a mental breakdown and sees the therapist. Malcolm has to try and strategically figure out how far to go and how convincing he has to be. Lois cleans out the closet. Hal and Dewey play an old game that Dewey is fantastic at. Hal pushes him too hard. Reese figures out Malcolm's scheme. They get caught, but Lois and Malcolm have a real moment. Lois and Hal find out that the closet is actually another bathroom.

    This episode was great! I didn't really like the Hal/Dewey plot. Malcolm is really smart! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Another good episode!

    This episode is really cool actually is one of the best episodes of Season 2, at first I did not find it interesting but as time pass I discover that this episode is really funny, especially when Malcolm becomes so embarrassed about being a Krelboyne and every thing I think that this episode is one of the funniest episodes of Season 2, is pretty good actually, I actually think begin putting old until season 5.
  • Malcolm goes to therapy and Reese finds out. Lois cleans an ovewhelming closet. Dewey uncovers a hidden talent.

    Malcolm hates being a Kreylboyne. He learns a great way to get out of doing stupid stuff in the class is to go to therapy. He reads books on child therapy and fakes it. He goes to therapy for a while and Resse catches on. Then Reese fakes being crazy. The shrink comes to their home and gets the family to resolve some hidden issues. Lois realizes how dirty their closet is. She starts cleaning it to realize that it has never been cleaned. when she finishes cleaning she finds that it is a second bathroom. Hal finds his old skittles board. After playing two minutes with Dewey he realizes Dewey has a talent. He takes Dewey to a tournament and Dewey flops on purpose because he finds it boring and quits skittles forever.