Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 29, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • This is the only appearance of the Wilkersons' second bathroom.

    • This is the first time Malcolm and Lois have cried in the series.

    • When Hal and Lois are clearing the closet and Dewey is playing at throwing the ball at the pins, there is an unknown man to the left of the picture (when the camera is on Lois). Who is he?

    • When Hal and Lois discover the toilet in the closet, it is easily noticeable that the front of the toilet (bottom right of the screen) is just shy of the wall. It would be incredibly difficult for anyone to use a toilet in such a position.

    • When the counselor shows up at the house to tell Lois, it is absolutely against the law. All persons are entitled to client/patient confidentiality when talking to a counselor. This is especially true of children in a school setting, which helps protect the children from possible abusive backlash for having sought a counselor in the first place. If a school counselor finds the case warranting enough, they can bring in Child Protective Services (CPS) to investigate. They are, under no circumstances, ever supposed to address the issues themselves without the express consent of the child.

    • We find out in this episode that Caroline (Catherine Lloyd Burns) is pregnant (in her third trimester).

    • Lois attaches the bells to Malcolm's jester hat several inches from the end of each tip. But later, when he's in class, the bells are neatly attached at the end of each tip.

    • In this episode, Hal and Lois discover a second bathroom in a closet and promised to keep it a secret.

    • At the start of the harvest dance, Malcolm is wearing a yellow shirt under his jester costume, later he is wearing a white shirt with blue stripes.

  • Quotes

    • Lois: (while cleaning out the closet) Who are the Petersons? Why do we have their photo albums? Hi, Malcolm. How was school?
      Malcolm: It was normal. Yeah, I'd say normal. Very medieval. (pointing in the closet) Is that a truck tire?
      Lois: What? Oh, my... Hal!

    • Malcolm (to the camera): Okay, so I faked it. But with the family I have, it would've been only a matter of time anyway.

    • Cadet Eric: I tried to stop him. I said, "Hey, don't put that red t-shirt in there. That's not colorfast." But he just laughed. He said, "Pink was a better color, because that's what little weak girls wear."

    • Malcolm: What happened? Did you get caught? Where were you?
      Reese: Geez, you're always so angry. Maybe you really do need therapy.
      Malcolm: What I need is for you not to ruin everything for me. Do you know how much trouble we'd be in if we get caught. With Mom, with the school, WITH MOM!!
      Reese: Give me a little credit, psycho. I've been doing my own research. (takes rental videos out) See, I rented Silence of the Lambs, Seven, and the Nutty Professor.
      Malcolm: Oh, God! Reese, tell me exactly what you told her.
      Reese: Nope. That's confidential. Now, which do you like more? Hannibal Lector or the hockey mask.
      (knock on door; Lois & Mrs. Gilbert appear)
      Lois: Malcolm? Reese? What do you have to say for yourselves?
      Reese: Don't blame Reese? Blame Davey.
      (Lois grabs his finger and breaks it)
      Reese: Ow, ow, ow, ow!

    • Malcolm (sees Reese): What are doing here?
      Reese: I figured out your scam. As it turns out, crazy runs in the family.
      Malcolm: Reese, you don't know what your doing. You're gonna ruin everything.
      Reese: Relax. I got it covered.
      Mrs. Gilbert: I'm ready to see you now, Reese.
      Reese (in a gravelly voice): Reese, isn't here right now. This is Davey.

    • Malcolm (to the camera): I need to seem cured, but to leave the door open for a relapse when I start ballet next semester.

    • Malcolm: I think it's time I had a major breakthrough in therapy.

    • (Malcolm enters)
      Reese: You missed a great assembly. I can't believe it. They actually gave us fruit to throw at the Krelboynes. What were they thinking?
      Malcolm: Don't you ever get tired of making their lives miserable?
      Reese: Nope. Beside, I want them to remember who's boss when they're living in their mansions with their super-model wives. They're gonna know the guy cleaning their pool kicked their ass.

    • Lois (cleaning up): Underpants, in a closet. Human underpants!! I must not threaten you people enough.

    • Malcolm: The tricky part is I need to keep this up without being put on medication.

    • Lois: And when I do, we are all gonna clean up this disaster of a closet. It's gonna be our new family project.
      Hal: We've never finished our last family project.
      Lois: Because it's in here under two tons of crap!

    • Francis: Look at this, ever heard of fabric softener? These sheets are like sleeping on straw.
      Cadet Martin: Hey, it was good enough for baby Jesus.
      Francis: Get out!
      (Cadet Martin leaves; Francis throws away all the detergent)

    • Cadet Martin: We take this crappy soap off his hands and he makes it worth our while. (hands Francis tickets)
      Francis: The Alabama Opera?
      Cadet Martin: There's plenty more where that came from.
      Francis: No, thanks.

    • Malcolm: Dabney has three dentist appointments every week. His teeth look fine to me.
      Lloyd: He's not going to the dentist. He going to the "dentist." It's the secret code for the school therapist.

    • Caroline: Okay, your Holiness, would you start the gay... as in happy... Harvest Possession.

    • Caroline: Oh, come on. We've studied this. There is nothing dirty about the miracle of life. And we should all be able to discuss this openly.
      Dabney: Who's the father?
      Stevie: Does he... work here?
      Caroline: All right, you know. I told you we are not playing this game again!!

    • Malcolm (to the camera): When I was six, I dove in a pool and my trunks came off. God, I wish I was there right now!

    • Malcolm: Why don't you just put a bulls-eye on my chest and get it over with?
      Lois: Oh, you look fine.
      (bells jingle)
      Lois: And Reese will tell me if you take these off.

    • Reese: You look so adorable. You know what I like about medieval week is that you can spot the Krelboynes from super far away and they jingle when you hit them.
      Hal (coming out of the shower): Reese, leave your brother alone. (to Malcolm) Although you are asking for it.

    • Lois: Where's your jester costume?
      Malcolm: In my backpack. I'll wear it at school.
      Lois: Put it on. I didn't stay up all night for my health.

    • Reese: Wait a minute... (breathes) I can smell my own breath.

    • Therapist: Malcolm was here for a whole week.
      Lois: Wow, a whole week.
      Therapist: And he drew this picture.
      (Lois snatches it and she looks at it; in it are small people representing Hal, Dewey, Reese, & Francis all happy while Lois is giant and eating Malcolm)
      Lois: I like what you've done with my teeth.

    • Malcolm: I can't do it. I'm stupid and I'm terrible. I suck at everything.... AND I'M FAT!

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "Drunk is Better than Dead" by The Push Stars
      (Cleaning out the Closet)
      "Washin' & Wonderin'" by Stroke 9
      (Malcolm's Psychoanalysis)

    • Cold Open: Hal buys éclairs for the family, but as there are only three, Hal and Lois decide to eat them all themselves, after a loose door on a windy day makes them think the boys had just returned home.

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