Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 1

Traffic Jam (2)

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 05, 2000 on FOX
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Traffic Jam (2)
Hal, Lois, Malcolm and Reese are trapped in a horrendous traffic jam. Francis enters himself in a bet that recalls the egg-eating wager in "Cool Hand Luke." Malcolm becomes smitten over a girl he meets. Dewey has his own little adventure--all over the world--before his family returns home.moreless

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  • Traffic Jam

    Following the events of Water Park, the family travels home, only to get themselves stuck in a traffic jam.

    Francis bets the other cadets that he can eat 100 quacks.

    Dewey travels with a bunch of strange people to find his way back home.

    In the traffic jam, Malcolm meets a cute girl. But in the end, he learns she isn't from here but she is Canadian.

    In the end, everyone returns home, Lois asks where the babysitter is and Dewey responds "She left," and Lois thinks he means she was driven away by his behavior.

    A weird episode but pretty fun nonetheless. Superbmoreless
  • Includes Part I, and Part II review. The family get stuck into a traffic jam, and Dewey has his own journey.

    This review includes spoilers, of the tv movie "Waterpark". If you have not seen the season finale, please don't read.

    PART I

    Real hilarious, in the season finale and first tv movie. It was fun to see Dewey with a babysitter, but sad to see her die in an accident. The family (excluding Dewey and Francis) go off to a waterpark and Francis faces off in a pool challenge. It was funny, how Malcolm, Reese, and their mother all go down and get pushed down the water slide. I give, Part I, a 9.5. A great beginning to start off a tv movie, and ending a season finale.


    After the babysitter's accident, Dewey goes around the world in having his own journey/adventure. It was funny, since Dewey is always funny and hysterical. And, you wouldn't realize an episode, of the family stuck in "Traffic Jam!". The dad was really really worried. Francis continues to do... more bets :P. I rate part II, a 10.0.moreless
  • Crazy!

    Dewey is still lost and gets home by some very strange people. Hal, Lois and the boys get stuck in a traffic jam. Hal is in shock that he wasn't part of the accident. Lois is crazy and wants to get home. Reese wants ice cream from the stubborn ice cream man. Malcolm meets a girl, but is crushed when he finds out she's from Canada. Francis bets that he can eat 100 Quacks and he does...barely.

    This was a great episode! I liked Dewey's plot! That was funny! I would've been so mad at the ice cream guy! He was cruel! Lois was absolutely crazy! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • The second part of the water park episode!

    This episode is an excellent following of the previous episode, and it might be even better than the first part. This episode has a slightly more interesting storyline.

    The family was stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of the highway, and had to temporarity stop. At that time, Malcolm met a girl that he liked, and they spent the time of the traffic jam together. Meanwhile, Reese, who got overexerted in the heat, got crazy and was fighting the ice cream man. Lois also got exerted, and she was yelling and screaming at the construction workers. Meanwhile, Dewey, who was hopelessly lost (because he ran away from home in the previous episode), had many dangerous adventures before he finally went home.moreless
  • the family w/ dewey is stuck in a traffic jam and hal thinks he causes it. malcolm likes a girl, reese and an ice cream man battle for treats, lois is trying to get the workmen to fix the road faster, and dewey tries to get home with stops along the way.moreless

    From the prior episode water park, this continuatioin was amazing. this episode is so far my favorite malcolm in the middle episode and until i see the whole series, this on is at the top! i like it because the punch lines in it are coming all at once and i'm laughing so hard that i have to pause the tv to stop and catch my breath. francis is freaking cool in this on and hal is so funny and all the stuff he did was ironic so that made me laugh and reese cracked me up more than anybody so he was the best in this one. i just love it overall in general.moreless
Hallee Hirsh

Hallee Hirsh


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Mark Christopher Lawrence

Mark Christopher Lawrence

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Jayne Taini

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Arjay Smith


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Eric Nenninger

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Kasan Butcher


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Malcolm is talking about how great the traffic jam was, one shot shown from the front shows Malcolm just sitting and staring out the window, but you can hear him talking still.

    • When Lois is trying to work the crane, they have a close-up shot and just before it switches to the wide screen you see the officer's face come into view. Then in the widescreen he is just walking up to the crane.

    • Francis' bet that he could eat 100 Quacks would very likely end in catastrophe. Even a healthy person without diabetes, when consuming that much sugar, would be at risk from a sugar-induced coma. Before that happened, the body would likely induce vomiting to assist the pancrea's production of insulin to slow this from happening.

    • Look closely at every shot and you can see that the shadows from the cars are way off from time to time (probably because the shots were taken from different days).

    • At the shot when the thief takes a sharp turn into a dirt road, you can't see Dewey in the backseat, which is most likely like that because the turn was done by a professional driver.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Reese: I just want some damn ice cream!

    • (A loud horn honks, signaling the end of the traffic jam, and everyone cheers.)
      : Yaaaaaay!
      Susie! Come back to the car, honey.
      Father: Bobby? Let's get a move-on, sport!
      : MALCOLM!! REESE!!! MOVE!!!!!
      : I got to go.

    • Lois: OK, let me get this straight -- we've been waiting all afternoon for a crane, and now, the crane is here!
      Construction Worker: That's right.
      Lois: And the man who works the crane? He's here, too!
      Construction Worker: That's right.

    • Reese: YOU SON OF A ...
      Malcolm: Reese, there's nothing we can do.
      Reese: Yes, there is. I can... I can... Ahhh. (charges the ice cream truck and hits himself)
      Jessica: And the Nobel Prize goes to...
      Malcolm: Hey, you're talking about my brother. (smiles) Good one.

    • Malcolm: What's the point of being out here?
      Reese: So you can find stuff like this. (picks up a dirty sock) Hehe, smells like gasoline.

    • Hal: Oh, flashing the brights. It's gonna be like that, huh? (slams on the brakes while the car behind him honks)
      Lois: Good Lord, Hal! He could have a gun!

    • Hal: All right, silver Toyota, you win this round. (lets the Toyota pass him by) Haha, get there two seconds sooner!! It's just an accident waiting to happen.
      (car wrecks into a truck and everyone screams, Hal slams on his breaks)

    • Dewey: What time is it?
      Lady: It's still 4:00. You have to wait at least a minute for the time to change, dear.
      Dewey: What time is it in China?
      Lady: Well, sweetie, I think they're a good 20 hou--
      Dewey: Do you speak Chinese?
      Lady: Well, no...I bet --
      Dewey: Is Chinatown in China?
      Lady: Honey...if you want an answer to a question, you have to first wait --
      Dewey: (plays with his feet) What does this toe do?
      Lady: You know what, I think I need a pack of cigarettes...for the first time in 20 years.

    • Lois: Dewey. Where's the baby-sitter?
      Dewey: She's ran away.
      Lois: You got rid of another baby-sitter? I can't believe you boys.

    • Ice Cream Man: That will teach you to mess with me. I was a surgeon in my country.

    • Hal: (on the yellow lines on the street, pointing his nose with both pointer fingers to a police officer) Z-Y-X... W.

    • Lois: Who's damn dog is this!!! I SAID, WHO'S DAMN DOG IS THIS!!! (tries to open the truck door but is locked) Trapped inside, and all the window's rolled and it's 90 DEGREES OUT HERE!!! (no one responds) Okay! Okay! It's nobody's damn dog. So, I guess nobody's gonna mind... (picks up a rock) ... if I just do this. (smashes the window and peeks in and talks to dog) Oh, don't be scared, little doggy. Oh, everything is gonna be... (dog snarls and goes after Lois; Lois' face turns to fear as she takes off)

    • Dewey: A-B-C-D. A-B-C-D. A-B-C-D.
      Lady: Honey, it's A-B-C-D E.
      Dewey: I know. A-B-C-D. A-B-C-D.

    • Ice Cream Man: (to Reese) You don't deserve any ice cream.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Body Heat
      Lois reveals that Dewey was conceived because they rented Body Heat. Body Heat was a 1981 film starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner. At the time, it was considered very racy due to graphic sexuality.

    • The Wizard of Oz
      When Dewey is talking to the scarecrow, it is a nod to the movie The Wizard of Oz. During the movie, Dorothy finds a talking scarecrow who aids her in her quest.