Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 1

Traffic Jam (2)

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 05, 2000 on FOX

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Malcolm explaining the consequences of the outing to the water park. Meanwhile we see Dewey lost in the middle of a cornfield talking to a scarecrow...
Opening Theme
The family is traveling home in the car but is experiencing the extreme heat.
An impatient driver wanting to overtake Hal does so but causes a road accident.
The road accident has caused the road to become closed; frustrating Lois and making her have arguments with the workers. She is further frustrated when she learns that the workers are capable of clearing the accident wreckage but just aren't. Lois tries taking the situation into her own hands by operating the crane herself but the police have a talk with her, telling her she is a control freak and she ceases.
Hal meanwhile worries about how it could have easily been him hit by the truck. He then thinks about how he was lucky and how he should value his life more highly. He tries to save the life of a bird to make his life seem more worthwhile but it gets killed by a dog.
Malcolm meets a girl who he becomes fond of but is very disappointed when he finds out that she is from Canada.
Reese gets frustrated with the ice cream man when he refuses to sell children any ice cream - a small war develops. Reese manages to steal all the ice cream from the man and distributes it to all the deprived people.
Meanwhile Dewey has been picked up by a woman who wishes to return him home; he however annoys her to no end with his constant questions. After the women enters the shop to buy some cigarettes a robber runs out the shop and drives off in her car unaware Dewey is on the backseat. The two quickly develop a conversation and Dewey is dropped off on the side of the road. He then goes on a mixture of adventures involving hitch-hiking.
Francis has an uncontrollable love for quacks saying he can eat a hundred; plans for a competition soon begin.
Two sides, one supporting Francis and one against Francis soon form and they exchange views on what would happen if he ate the quacks. Francis has had enough and just walks towards the quacks and initiates the competition. Francis manages to eat all hundred quacks but is left lying on the floor feeling sick.
The road reopens and the family prepares to leave, they all seem exhausted with how everything went but Malcolm says he found it fun.
The episode ends when the family arrives home and meets Dewey who has just been dropped off at the house by bikers.
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