Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 1

Traffic Jam (2)

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 05, 2000 on FOX

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  • the family w/ dewey is stuck in a traffic jam and hal thinks he causes it. malcolm likes a girl, reese and an ice cream man battle for treats, lois is trying to get the workmen to fix the road faster, and dewey tries to get home with stops along the way.

    From the prior episode water park, this continuatioin was amazing. this episode is so far my favorite malcolm in the middle episode and until i see the whole series, this on is at the top! i like it because the punch lines in it are coming all at once and i'm laughing so hard that i have to pause the tv to stop and catch my breath. francis is freaking cool in this on and hal is so funny and all the stuff he did was ironic so that made me laugh and reese cracked me up more than anybody so he was the best in this one. i just love it overall in general.
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