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  • Season 3 Episode 22: Monkey

  • The helper monkey is a Capuchin monkey. While they are small, they can actually be quite dangerous. Both male and females of the species get violent when they reach sexual maturity if they are not able to mate. Though small, they possess incredible strength in proportion to their size. There are many cases of owners being severely bitten or attacked, even by monkeys they've raised. If they do become aggressive, like all monkeys, they tend to lunge for the face and throat. There have been documented cases of noses and fingers being bitten off. They are quite capable, as was shown in the episode, of wielding objects as weapons. Though it is not the norm, once this monkey began to exhibit violent tendancies, Craig had every reason to be afraid.

  • Hal mentions that the sheets are tucked in tight and it makes getting up difficult. He talks about it to the officers after the break in, and it is shown at time index 9:10 and a few seconds after. It is clearly shown that the sheets are tucked in so tight that he wouldn't have been able to get under them without untucking them, and had to be tucked in after he had already gotten in bed.

  • When the officers are talking to Piama about how the tribal council decided that they had to leave the house, the man in the middle is the same man who played the owner of the totem pole that Francis was obsessed with in a previous episode.

  • It is extremely out of character for Lois to panic during the break in scene at the beginning. It was established in the season 2 episode "Robbery" that Lois has kept her head in robbery situations many times. With someone breaking in their house, it would be more in line with Lois' character for her to have attempted to confront him in some manner.

  • Craig is in the plaster casts because Reese/Malcolm let Dewey's dog chase him out of the house (from the episode "Dewey's Dog").

  • A turning point in the series: Francis and Piama escape from Alaska, leaving Francis's friend Eric behind. Up to this point in the series' run, Eric was Francis's unofficial sidekick and best friend.

  • At the end of the episode, Dewey's hamster Bernard's orange ball-house from Health Scare rolls by.

  • Craig's age is mentioned in the newsclipping. He is 36.

  • When Malcolm starts reading from the college dictionary, the first word he reads is "aardvark," where as in most college dictionaries the first word will be "a" or "aardwolf."

  • Reese's Hat: "MPD"

    The hat Reese dons while announcing his intent to become a cop says"MPD." The 'M' might possibly stand for Millbrook, the only town name mentioned in the series.

  • Season 3 Episode 21: Cliques

  • We learn that Francis and Piama's house is partly on an Indian Reserve.

  • Herkabe's comments about Einstein -- that he carried "spare pants" until he was 24, but he didn't let that bother him and eventually went on to build the first nuclear bomb -- are absolutely false. Einstein was quite suave and a ladies man when young (not your typical "nerd"), and neither Einstein nor his theories had anything to do with nuclear physics -- this is a very common misconception, but anyone who knows anything about Einstein and the history of the A-bomb knows it is not true. Herkabe being so educated should have known better.

  • Season 3 Episode 20: Jury Duty

  • In this episode, we learn Reese writes poetry.

  • Season 3 Episode 19: Clip Show

  • This episode has no "Camera Commentary" in any of the new segments. There is a few in some clips from previous episodes.

  • All but one of the clips are show openings. The only other one is Francis struggling to explain himself in the first episode.

  • When the clip of Lois opening the windows in Malcolm and Reese's window, she opens the first window, and when the camera zooms out, the second window "magically" opens by itself.

  • Season 3 Episode 18: Poker #2

  • We learn that Abe is asthmatic as well as Stevie.

  • Goof: As the girl who had the gun starts to smash up Malcolm's things, the first thing she destroys is a silver CD Player, which she throws onto the desk, breaking it into several pieces. She continues smashing several more items, including a yellow tin. After the close up of the yellow tin being stamped on, the CD player can been seen to be back on the desk, intact and in it's original position.

  • Season 3 Episode 17: Dewey's Dog

  • The third time someone from the family (you could say inadvertently, too) does something bad to Craig. Malcolm and Reese trick him into running and the dog chases him (the inadvertently is on Dewey's part; he didn't mean to hurt Craig, just scare him into doing whatever he wanted).

  • When Hal comes into Lois' office, you can see Craig in the office behind her sitting up straight in his chair then he gets up and leaves after staring at Hal for a while. When Hal turns around, Craig is lying on the couch sick.

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