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  • Season 5 Episode 22: Reese Joins The Army (2)

  • The song playing in the background to the flashback sequence at the beginning of the episode is "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple.

  • Unlike in part 1 of 'Reese Joins The Army', Reese is called by his real name by his comrades. In the first part, they called him 'Pvt. Jetsonr' because of his fake ID.

  • Goof: As Hal is giving some tips to Francis and Malcolm at dinner, Malcolm uses a ladel to put mashed potatoes on his plate. On the next camera shot as Hal continues talking, the ladel is missing from Malcolm's hand, as is the food on his plate.

  • Season 5 Episode 21: Reese Joins The Army (1)

  • Continuity Error: One of the biggest errors anyone could make. When Reese is being questioned by his drill sergeant, he looks at Reese's bed. The US is face up. This part of the blanket should only occur when a US soldier dies and the unit has not moved their belongings from the barracks.

  • Lois is fired for giving someone 2,000 dollars in change by accident. This is not possible. All sale venue stores have a policy to drop any large denomination bills (for instance a 100) into the drop box beneath each station. Furthermore, if the register goes over a certain amount (this varies for different stores, but is usually in the 300 to 700 dollar range), they are required to make a drop as well. Lois could very well have given too much in change, but it wouldn't have been anywhere near that much.

  • Dewey flies to his competition by himself. While children can fly alone; they must be dropped off by an adult, watched by a flight attendant for the duration of the flight, and picked up by an adult at the arrival point. He would not have been allowed to board the flight by himself.

  • Dewey's flight number started with a 5. He couldn't say the rest.

  • This episode marks the second time Lois got fired from the Lucky Aide. The first was in early episode "Lois vs. Evil."

  • Dewey has a keyboard in this episode, most likely a note of Malcolm Visits College where he builds a pipe organ.

  • Reese had apparently been dating a girl named Beth for the past month.

  • Running Gag: The whole family ignoring Dewey, who tried to tell them about his music competition.

  • Reese's drill sergeant always calls him 'Private Jetson' because of the fake ID he initially shows in order to join the army.

  • Dewey wins a national music competition and even presents the trophy in the bathroom, but no one notices it.

  • Season 5 Episode 20: Victor's Other Family

  • When Hal sprays himself in the face with the fire extinguisher, it really is something that could harm him. Fire extinguishers, depending on the type, use a variety of hyper cooling foams. If sprayed in the eyes, both the fluid and the cooling effect can be very damaging. In some cases, blindness results from fractured corneas. Usually though, the eyes require a few weeks time with no usage (hence the bandaging) to recover from the nitrogen burns.

  • At the beginning, Francis is trying to disuade further relations between a cow and a horse. While not common, there have been documented cases of interspecies mating (though obviously without offspring). Cows and horses make up a large portion of that documentation because they are animals commonly kept, raised, and observed by people.

  • Reese thinks that "Canada is the greatest nation ever!"

  • We learn in this episode that Ida and Victor were never legally married.

  • The closing credits accidentally listed #06-04-520 as the production code instead of #06-03-520 -- the correct number.

  • Season 5 Episode 19: Experiment

  • Reese apparently failed to learn all his colors as he didn't know Green was the proper term for mixing Yellow and Blue.

  • It is discovered that asbestos is in the family's ceiling, and the house has to be detoxified. Asbestos was popular in housing construction because of its resistance to heat, and many older houses still have it. However, asbestos is highly toxic, especially when inhaled. Even a small portion inhaled can, and usually does, lead to breathing abnormalities; most notably mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. Particles that are dislodged and spread in the air, as Reese does when bouncing the ball, are particularly worrisome. However, even worse was the time the boys caused the ceiling to cave in during season one's episode "Red Dress," which rained down dust and particles and covered the boys.

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