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  • Season 7 Episode 2: Health Insurance

  • In this episode Hal is making a really big deal because he forgot to pay health insurance. But in some earlier episodes, we can see that family didn't have health insurance, because they have to pay for medical services. They got a bill when Malcolm had head injury, they got a bill when Hal had allergic reaction, and when Malcolm was in the hospital for few days. So, having no health insurance wouldn't be something new for this family.

  • Hal reveals that he once left Dewey in Mexico. Possibly the first time Hal tried to reach the ranch and ended up in Mexico instead, which Francis mentioned in an earlier episode.

  • Season 7 Episode 1: Burning Man

  • The Burning Man festival actually exists. Burning Man is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert, in Northern Nevada. It takes its name from the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy on Saturday evening. The event is described by many participants as an experiment in community, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance.

  • Malcolm loses his virginity in this episode to Anita (played by guest star Rosanna Arquette).

  • There's a scene with a rickshaw. On one of the takes during filming, Jane Kaczmarek accidentally thumps her trumpet on the head of the Asian Guy running next to the rickshaw. It wasn't planned in the scene, and happened near the end of the scene so it didn't mess up the take. But it was funny and she was so nice and apologetic. It won't make it on the episode on TV probably, but it might be on the DVD blooper reel. This just shows what a wonderful person Jane is and how she is nothing like her character in real life. As a sidenote, I was that Asian guy.

  • Season 6 Episode 22: Mrs. Tri-County

  • Whistling with the control and range that Lois' character did is an extremely rare talent.

  • Julia Campbell, who plays Donna, is best known for her role as Chistie Masters in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Her character Christie is very similar to her character Donna.

  • This episode has no "Camera Commentary".

  • Lois' whistling to Musetta's Waltz could be referencing the Peanuts character Woodstock, who also sung a number of symphonies in the animated adventures.

  • Lois' "talent" is whistling.

  • Season 6 Episode 21: Buseys Take A Hostage

  • Chad's sign reads: Angered by sniveling.

  • The Wilkersons live in the town of Newcastle.

  • Malcolm's math on the home owners money actually IS NOT right. He says that 150 homes paying $23 over 20 years plus book interest, minus a retainer, equals over $83,000. That works at an average book interest (APR) of 1.75% with a retainer of $0. He must not have been listening to the attorney stating that the retainer was $2000 per year. The home owners actually have only $35k. It would amount to $83k at an incredible average APR of 9.2%.

  • Season 6 Episode 20: Stilts

  • Craig says that Sam was his canary. This refers to the way that miners used to use canary's in the mines to tell if there was a toxic gas leak. When the canary died, they knew it was no longer safe for them to breathe the air. In this case, Craig said that Sam getting fired meant he had to start being careful.

  • You cannot join a clinical drug trial, as Reese does, simply by saying that you aren't taking any other medications. A physical and a complete blood panel are required.

  • Hal confronts Lois about the shoes, saying he was paying the bills. It has previously been stated that Hal wanted Lois 'to be in charge of the finances'.

  • Events from season one episodes "Red Dress" and "Smunday" are referenced in this episode, as Lois finally learns the boys weren't at fault for burning her dress and Lois's stash is seen again.

  • Lois reveals that what Leland said to her in "Malcolm Visits College" is indeed true about Lois completely running Malcolm's life in order to give her and the rest of the family a fighting chance, which happens after Malcolm tries to get another job. This reasoning becomes very clear in the series finale when Malcolm finally forces an explanation out of her.

  • The stock footage of the boys on the couch while Francis and Lois argue in the flashback is from season one episode "Smunday."

  • When Lois is taking the last picture of her to put in the magazine that she found in the boys' drawer, she held her hand in the air and made a face, but when she throws that picture in the pile, she looks different.

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