Malcolm in the Middle

Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 02, 2003 on FOX
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The family travels to Las Vegas when Dewey enters his rabbit into a competition. Reese continues to fatten up the rabbit much to the dismay of Dewey and they get disqualified from the competition. Reese unknowingly sells the rabbit to a restaurant. Now it is up to Dewey (with a little help from a "choking" Reese) to try and save the rabbit. After Malcolm tells Hal and Lois that they embarrass him, and that is why he didn't tell them he won state science honors he feels guilty and as a form of repayment, Malcolm gets great seats for him and Lois to see Lois' favorite singer. Lois then gets lucky and is invited backstage where all she really wants to do is figure out why Malcolm doesn't want her around. Hal, frantically searches all across Las Vegas for a slot machine that he has had dreams of winning the jackpot on. Francis is also in trouble when he gets behind on duties at the ranch, and for the first time sees that Otto isn't just a pushover for everything when they get stuck in a well together.moreless

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  • Not one of the best episodes of MIM, but great anyway.

    I notice that the last season of MIM, especially the final episode, were obviously not as good as the previous seasons. It isn't anybody's fault. They can't do the same exact thing year after year, so they were always trying to top what they did before by being even more outrageous. In the earlier seasons, the stuff going on were things everybody could relate to and "real". In the last season, they went over the top. Another example of this is the show "Roseanne" (which I didn't care for). Roseanne was a well made successful show, but in their last season with the divorce and lottery win, the show became irrelevant and negated all the previous seasons.

    I wish the MIM show would have featured REESE (Justin Berfield) a lot more often. As I recall, even though Frankie Muniz was supposed to be the star of the show, Justin actually won more awards and fans than Frankie did (which probably caused a lot of resentment). Ironically, in real life, Justin is VERY VERY successful. Everything he does in real estate or movie production winds up being very successful!moreless
  • It seems that i'm the only one who loved this ,o.k there's no wrong or right about that, but are we watching the same episode? Malcolm is very well written, and again this episode dose the job of telling four stories in twenty minutes , wow :)moreless

    love the fat rabbit , a carnivore rabbit lol, Hal and his winning dream , that would be nice, lois the mad middle aged fan ,always scary, and is it just me or dose Malcolm look alot like Boon ? with Hal saying that he said he liked Boon just to get lois into bed , you never know! and the guy in the restaurant who died while chocking the only down side, as always is the Francis story line but there's not much of that

    enjoy very funnymoreless
  • It was pretty good!

    The family goes to Vegas for a competition for Dewey and Reese's rabbit. Malcolm tells Lois and Hal that they embarass him. Lois is crushed, so to make it up to her, he buys her tickets to see a singer she likes. Hal has a dream where he wins the jackpot, so he believes it's true. It actually does come true, but the jackpot isn't money. Francis has been slacking off at the ranch.

    This episode was pretty good! It was kind of weird though. That bunny was so big! This episode will get a 9.0 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Congratulations! You won the jackpot!

    Reese has been feeding Dewey's rabbit a lot of bacon for no reason and gets Dewey upset

    Hal had a dream about winning on slots. Again, a dream so he thinks it's a message to him. He talks to Malcolm about how dreams work and overhears Dewey talking about a rabbit contest in Las Vegas. Hal tells Lois about a vacation in Vegas for the family over dinner to which also celebrated Malcolm's award in science. However, embarrased enough, he didn't want his parents to attend a ceremony because well, his parents embarrases him or so he says. Knowing he made a mistake, Malcolm tries to get Lois' attention again so while at Vegas, he went out and bought tickets to a man in show business which ladies love so much: Boone Vincent. Meanwhile, looking all around town, Hal tries to look for the exact same slot machine at every casino

    To Francis at the ranch, he and Otto are stuck in a well and get rescued by Gretchen and Piama in a unbelievable rescue reguarding Francis' car

    Since Dewey was disqualified for the rabbit being fat, Reese takes the rabbit to a guy who ended out being a restaurant owner. Shocked as is, Dewey gets really upset so Reese and Dewey try to get the pet out but ended out destroying the restaurant

    Since Lois and Malcolm (along with Jaime) went to that Boone concert, Lois got backstage passes to see him. Exciting as is, Lois sees Boone and talk about how Malcolm got her the tickets for making her feel bad. It reminded Boone of his own child and it's something every parent deals with when it comes to teens. Lois felt better

    What does Malcolm do? Change Jaime's diapers

    Before leaving, Hal finds the slot machine he's looking for and won....a stay at a hotel. So no $1 million. Oh, well, the trip wasn't too bad...well, maybe it was

    A good episode that does have its ups and downs.moreless
  • Not that great...

    Hal has a dream about a giant jackpot and is sure that it means something just like the singer trash cans, meanwhile Dewey and Reese decide to go to Las Vegas in order to have the rabbit participate in the contest, and Hal decides to take the family on, Malcolm accidentally tells Lois that she embarrases him, and things get worse for him. Reese accidentally sells Gordo into a restaraunt, Malcolm takes Lois to a famous singer, and Hal is desperate to find the giant jackpot. I was expecting a lot more from a season premiere from Malcolm in the Middle, but the funniest thing in the episode was between Reese and Dewey, apart from that, it was not that funny...moreless
Dan Desmond

Dan Desmond


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David Cassidy

David Cassidy

Boone Vincent

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Ursula Whittaker

Ursula Whittaker

Dream Woman

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Meagen Fay

Meagen Fay


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Emy Coligado

Emy Coligado

Piama Tananahaakna-Wilkerson

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Kenneth Mars

Kenneth Mars


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    • Cold Open: Hal and Lois discuss how weird it is that no one knows the sex of the baby and every time they go to mention it they get cut off. Lois leaves and the baby starts peeing on Hal to which he responds, "nice try mister".

    • In Latin America, the translating voices of Erik Per Sullivan and Justin Berfield changed. Sullivan will now have a brand new voice, while Berfield will have the one that used to be Sullivan's.

    • Bryan Cranston submitted this episode for Emmy consideration in the category "Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series," but he was not nominated.

    • Bryan Cranston had an even more challenging time directing this episode than he expected. He relates that, on a tight, three-day schedule at Las Vegas's Tropicana Hotel, he lost most of a day to a power outage and had to contend with drunks wandering around the set at "7 a.m., going, 'Whazzis?'" On top of that, "We had an actor, a big muscleman actor we'd hired in Vegas, who just didn't show up for work. I think he got scared. We called the police, called every number we had on him. Nobody knew where he was. So I gathered the writers together and said, 'We need to think of an alternative. Let's write him out.'" Cranston managed to wrap the episode, in which David Cassidy guests, on schedule - and it's only the second episode the "Malcolm" dad has directed. So all's well that ends well, except, somewhere in Nevada is a muscleman actor "who has our wardrobe. He's got our shirt."

    • This episode was filmed on location in Las Vegas during the week of August 4-9.


    • Boone mentions when he is in the astronaut suit he says 'I believe the children are our future'. This is a line from Whitney Houston's famous song "The Greatest Love of All."

    • The second Boone song is "Papa Don't Preach", which was originally a big hit for Madonna.

    • The first song Boone sings is "Get the Party Started", which was originally a big hit for the pop/rock singer Pink.

    • Little Shop of Horrors
      At the end of the episode, Reese feeds the rabbit with his own blood since he does not like the regular rabbit food. This is an allusion to Little Shop of Horrors, where the plant is fed by human blood.

    • Hal: After all, I saved the company 12 million dolors by outsourcing Flux Capacitors

      The Flux Capacitor of course is the item that Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) envisioned after slipping off his toilet and hitting his head while hanging a clock. The Flux Capacitor is what makes time travel possible in the modified Delorean-turned-time machine that Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) used in Back to the Future.