Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 22


Full Episode: Graduation


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Malcolm is elected class validictorian, and starts planning for his future. He gets a job offer and Lois turns it down for him, making him mad, until he finds out the reason why. Ida, Francis and Piama are in town for the graduation. Ida helps Reese try to secure a janitorial job, by creating a disgusting, huge mess that will surpass his probation period, allowing him to keep the job after the 30 day probation period. Craig starts packing Reese's things because they are moving in together after graduation. Dewey gets permission from his older brothers to burn evidence of the worst thing they ever did when they realize that they will no longer be together, but he decides to hold on to it as a memory. Hal struggles to find financial aid so that Malcolm can afford going to Harvard and also finds a secret out about Francis and is promised to not tell Lois.moreless
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bad parenting, pressures of high school, siblings, single camera sitcom, teen angst