Malcolm in the Middle

Season 6 Episode 5

Kitty's Back

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When Kitty decides to return to Abe, she comes to Lois and asks her help with the reconciliation. Lois replies that she finds what she did unforgivable and creepy. Abe confronts Lois after he takes Kitty back and tells her that he is angry that she said Kitty was creepy. Lois refuses to apologize and says that she won't allow Abe to be angry at her. Stevie has a speech to give and Malcolm helps him out by pre-recording it. Francis comes for Dewey's birthday and gives him the 'brotherhood initiation' and causes him to be very sick. After being terribly sunburned, Reese tries to make a suit of his peeled off skin.moreless
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bad parenting, pressures of high school, siblings, single camera sitcom, teen angst