Malcolm in the Middle

Season 1 Episode 16

Water Park (1)

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 21, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Dewey is dancing with Mrs. White, the rose she has appears and disappears frequently.

    • When Malcolm is first walking to the water slide, there are signs on the left, but when it switches to Malcolm, he is looking to the right.

  • Quotes

    • Lois: BOYS!!!!!!!!

    • (as Malcolm, Reese, and Lois fall down the slide, screaming and hitting each other)
      Lois: This is the last time I'm taking you boys anywhere!
      (the three go out of the slide as they splash in the pool; Hal, sitting in the stands with nachos in his hand, gets soaked)

    • Lois: Everytime I turn around, I hear screaming and fighting and I pray to God that it's somebody else's kids, but not! It's always you!

    • Mrs. White: Well, Reese is a horrid little boy.

    • Lois: I don't want to hear it! Either take care of this yourself, or I'm gonna lock the two of you in the car for the rest of the day! I mean it!

    • Lois: Do you think we're wealthy?!?!?!
      Malcolm: What?
      Lois: Do you think we're wealthy? Wealthy people drive fancy cars. They have fresh pasta. Do we do anything of those things... NO!!

    • Dewey: (sobbing) Why can't I go?
      Lois: Dewey, we've discussed this. You have to stay home because of your ear infection.
      Dewey: I never get to go.
      Lois: I know, honey. It's just this... and Disneyland... oh, and that chocolate factory tour.

    • Malcolm: Don't you understand what you did? You give me out to Mom, and you have declared war, you won't know when or how, but I am going to get revenge.
      Reese (laughing): Your voice is funny.

    • Lois: You are so cute when you sneak in alcohol.

    • Malcolm: (to the camera) As far as I can remember, we've always had troubles with babysitters.
      (Babysitter #1 - Malcolm as a baby)
      Babysitter #1: (in baby's voice) Helloooo... goochie goochie goochie. (bites her finger) Ahhhhhhh...
      (Babysitter #2 - Malcolm and Reese)
      Babysitter #2: I don't know, sweetie. What do you have behind you back?
      (it's unclear what it is as the shot is outside of the house, but we see the babysitter opening the door screaming and running out to the street)
      (Babysitter #3 - the guy in the closet; Malcolm & Reese are sitting)
      Babysitter #3: You know, I had enough of this. Now, you open this door right now! You know, I'm a claustrophobic. Just let me out. Come on!!!
      (back to Malcolm)
      Malcolm: (still to the camera) I don't know. I'm starting to think it might be us.

    • Reese: Hey, Dewey. How's the ear? (licks his finger and puts it in Dewey's ear)
      Lois: (slaps Reese) Stop teasing him, Reese! You know, if your father doesn't find a babysitter, nobody is going anywhere and let's see who's crying then!

    • Lois: (realizes the boys are up to something) Don't you dare!
      (Malcolm pushes Lois down the slide as she screams)
      Attendant: Arms and legs crossed at all times.
      Reese: That's the bravest thing I've ever seen you do.
      Malcolm: Yeah.
      Reese: You're gonna die.
      Malcolm: I know. So, you think Mom's going to be okay?
      (Lois pulls the two of them down the slide as well)

    • Malcolm: (on the water slide) Okay, on three. One, two, threeeeeeeeeeeeee... (gets up and gives up)

    • Reese: Mom, doesn't Malcolm have to wear his nose plug for his sinuses?
      Malcolm: (whispers to Reese) Shut up.
      Lois: Oh, that's right!
      Malcolm: I forgot it!
      Lois: Well, you just be very careful, then.
      Reese: Don't worry, here it is.
      Lois: Oh, thank you, Reese!

    • Reese: Hey there, girly. Let me adjust your bra strap. (grabs Malcolm's nose plug and smacks him) Now, we're even.

    • Mrs. White: You're eating my buttons.
      Dewey: I wasnt eating. I was saving.
      Mrs. White: What are you, a hamster? What were you saving it for?
      Dewey: I don't know. I like it.

    • Attendant: Hey, no cutting in line! (realizes it's Malcolm) Oh, it's you.

    • (a man gives Reese CPR while a lifeguard approaches him)
      Lifeguard: Sir, let the people who work here do that.
      (the man gets off of Reese as he gasps for air)
      Malcolm: Now, we're even!

    • Malcolm: Lifeguard! Help! My brother! He can't swim!

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