Malibu Country

Season 1 Episode 2

Baby Steps

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 09, 2012 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Lillie Mae: I don't wanna be ugly but I call him a "he-whore" (discussing Reba's Ex Bobby)
      Cash: Hey Sage! Hey girl who's not my sister.(upon finding Sage "practice kissing" with a girl other than June)
      Reba: I wanna save my "upstairs" for upstairs" (when discussing her date with Geoffrey)
      Geoffrey: Think of me as your own queer eye for the straight, divorced, middle-aged gal.(When giving Reba dating advice)
      June: Ok I'm just gonna wade into the ocean and drown myself. (Sad about Cash catching Sage kissing another girl)
      Reba: Uh oh, you've got "Mr Cuddles", what's wrong? (Discovers June on the couch with her favorite stuffed toy)
      Cash: Where have you been young lady? (surprises Reba waiting up for her when she comes in from her date)
      Cash: He stood you up? *groan* I'm gonna kick his ass! (Finds out Reba's date stood her up)