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  • Great come back for the fall of 2013

    The actors are funny, believable and wise. I love it!
  • New Direction ??

    I would like to see the show go in a different direction for a better viewing. The family situations was done in her previous great show of Reba for 6 years.

    It would be great to spend more time with situations 'behind the music scene - making music attempting to launch her career' at the office with guest stars in and out.

    Lily Tomlin and Jai Rodriguez is a good addition to her shows characters but the episodes need a better story line to improve the ratings!
  • Its a great show.....

    Reba did it again. She was doubted at first, but after watching MC i would have to say she is alsome on it.
  • Creative Writers with better portrayal of Morality

    Love that the show is showing the wise mom putting boundaries on the kids (and on her own mom) and guiding them in making right choices. Good to see the contrast between conservative values (Reba) and skewed values (Malibu-ites) which is missing in most shows these days. Love that she tells her kids what is not allowed when hanging out with a boyfriend/girlfriend, but is not portrayed in other shows. The writers of MC are very creative, so they should be able to write the second season without PG-L and PG-D. Warning to parents, the show is really PG-14 for those who have higher standards than the typical teenager (and Lillie Mae) these days.
  • okay...

    Reba is trying to reinvent herself in the same vain as her previous show Reba. I love Reba but not this show. Mostly it's because of theme weeks that get too preachy, but it's trying its best I suppose. Guest stars are great, like Enrico Colantoni and James Patrick Stuart, but otherwise I don't much care for anyone else in the main cast (though thanks to Fox and the Hound 2 and its review by Nostalgia Chick, I now think of her as Reba McEnterrier).
  • Great show

    I love Reba as a singer and as an actor. To be honest I had my doubts about MC cause it is similar to ''Reba'' but when I saw first episodes I was convinced that MC is awsome show!!
  • A clever title goes here!

    I thought that it was a great show. I look forward to watching more of Reba. She is so funny and the others on the cast are great too. Funny show.
  • Amazing Potential!

    Reba's back to comedy TV with a new story and a new cast of characters! Obviously trying to recreate the success of her WB sitcom, "Reba," the pilot episode of "Malibu Country" has shown to me that she still has that comic edge to her. Paired with the talents of Lily Tomlin who plays her mother, this new show is promising to be a barrel of laughs! I can't wait for the next episode. No matter what anyone says, one thing is certain:

    Reba McEntire has returned, and there ain't nothing gonna stop her!
  • Canned Laughter

    First impression is that this is going to be a great show, but the canned laughter is really off putting!