Malibu Shores

NBC (ended 1996)


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  • Used to love this show.

    Yes it was a bit trashy. But it was a fun watch with some interesting characters.
  • LOVED IT!!!!!

    I loved this show, when I was younger and it was on..was sad when it wasn't being aired anymore.........wish there was a way to buy it!!!!!
  • Sometimes it sucks, but it's usually okay.

    Sometimes it sucks, but it's usually okay. Course, it'll always be better than Neighbours! How can anyone watch that? It should be shot down. Anyway, Malibu Shores it's weird at times, and usually quite unbelieveable, and sometimes everything is just too perfect, but it's cool as it is. Oh, and i'd NEVER EVER want to live there. Beach views and death on every corner!
  • An old favorite

    This show premiered when I was in the 8th grade and I remember loving it. I initially watched it because it starred Keri Russell and Tony Lucca who had been on the Mickey Mouse Club and who had been favorites of mine.
    This show was a little ahead of it's time, it was a teen drama that would have been right at home today with Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill and shows of that variety but ten years ago it wasn't normal.
    I wish this show had continued (because we never found out what happened to Chloe and Zach (the anorexic rich girl and the troubled bad guy). And I wish you could find it on DVD, but no. Sad :(