Mall Masters

(ended 2001)


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Mall Masters

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Mall Masters is a Stone-Stanley game show hosted by TV personality Chris Harrison, which was aired on Game Show Network (GSN) from April 1 to December 1, 2001. The question and answer show consists of three contestants who compete against each other to determine who is the most knowledgeable on pop culture. Chris Harrison first asks a toss-up survey question based on the outcome of a poll of 100 shoppers at the Mall of America. The first player to ring in with the correct answer gets to choose a category from a special board. The categories are named according to the mall's stores, and the subsequent questions are based on the store's theme. If the provided answer is incorrect, the right answer is revealed. The remaining two players are then asked a different question. If either of the two answers incorrectly, then the remaining one is asked a different question unopposed. If incorrect, all the three players would be back on the game. Players are also allowed to use interactive "mall cams" to receive hints on the right answers.