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  • Season 2
    • Episode 1: Everybody seems enamored with their tails today, except for Max, who doesn't think his tail is so special. Mama shows the kids - through her movies - there are a lot of different "tails to tell" in the animal kingdom. Every tail, however, is unique and special - just like the animal it's attached to. Episode 2: While playing in the bush, Max, Bo, and Karla stumble upon a giant footprint and go running back to Mama. Mama is curious, and together they discover - by looking at movies of various animals and their tracks - that the print they saw wasn't left by any animal walking in the savanna today but, instead, was left by an impressive remnant of the distant past.moreless
    • Episode 1: Max really wants to trumpet like Mama. The problem is he just can't get it right. He gets a little sad until he meets a young bird named Benny with a similar, although flight-related, problem. Mama shows Max and the others that we all grow and develop at different times, and it is important to be happy with yourself in the present. Episode 2: While playing "superheroes of the savanna" with Karla and Max, "brave" Bo accidentally exhibits his hidden fear of "creepy crawlies." Mama shows them that even creepy-looking animals can be savanna superheroes.moreless
    • Episode 1: Max is having a sleepover with his friends Benny the bird, Bo, and Karla. Everyone is excited until they start hearing some very unfamiliar sounds. Benny is scared until Mama, with the help of some fun movies, helps Benny understand and get over the sounds that are making him scared. Episode 2: When Max, Bo, and Karla find an egg, they enlist Mama's help in finding out what kind of animal is inside.moreless
    • Episode 1: Karla makes a new friend, Winnie the wildebeest, and is stricken to discover that Winnie and her mother are migratory, and must soon be on their way. Through home movies, Mama shares why animals migrate and assures Karla that Winnie will be back this way before she knows it. Episode 2: Bo, who has been boasting about his leaping ability, has an accident that's very embarrassing. Mama - through some very funny movies - shows Bo that all animals make mistakes and that it's one of the ways we learn.moreless
    • Episode 1: Karla is having a lot of fun with her new tadpole friend until one day she finds that he has changed completely. Why did he have to go and do that? Mama explains - with some help from her home movies - how change is something that happens to everyone in the animal kingdom. It just happens faster to some than others. Episode 2: Max wants Mama to play, but she has to work, as does the local tale-spinning orb spider. In the end, Max learns why all adults have to work.moreless
    • Episode 1: Everyone on the savanna is coming to Mama's big Kwanzaa celebration, which leads to a discussion - and some movies - about the seemingly endless variety and names of animal families. In the end, Karla comes up with a name for their little inter-species family - a "furry" of friends. Episode 2: The monkey brothers Kip, Flip, and Chip have a new cousin, Pip. No one, especially Bo, can believe that the monkey brothers were ever that small. Mama has some movies proving otherwise and making for one cute film festival.moreless
  • Season 1