Mama's Family

Season 2 Episode 9

Amateur Night

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1983 on NBC

Episode Recap

Vint is upset that he did not get an important promotion at Kwik Keys, so Mama, Naomi, and Fran take him to the Bigger Jigger to cheer him up. After the family is served their food, the MC gets on stage and announced that they will be holding an amateur talent competition. The winner gets to headline a show and get one hundred dollars. Naomi tells Vint that he should go on with his Fred Astaire routine because it was a hit at the last Harper Family Reunion. Fran will be playing piano for him. Naomi leaves to get Vint's tap shoes, top hat, cane, and Fran's sheet music. When she gets back, she finds Vint and Fran even more nervous than when she left. Vint and Fran are ready to quit, which Mama thinks is best, because the same thing happened when Vint was younger. He was going to perform with Eunice in Rapunzel, but got nervous and left, and Rapunzel had to climb up her own hair. Naomi is able to help Vint gain confidence by telling him that when he goes on stage as Fred Astaire, he is Fred Astaire. Vint heads on stage, followed by Fran, who says Liberace will be going on. Vint performs Putting On The Ritz and is a huge success. He wins the competition and is congratulated by everyone. Naomi is proud of him, but Mama and Fran see that this is going to his head. The day of the big show comes, and Vint decides to make a change. The family is helping him prepare for everything. Vint returns from the mall, having bought a gold jumpsuit from Mr. Macho. He also picked up three new songs to perform, all of which have the word "me" in them. The Fred Astaire routine is out, and Vinnie Vegas is what Vint will be doing. He tells Fran to learn the new material, but she says that she cannot learn them by the evening. Vint tells her he'll just use the piano player at the Jigger because he is a professional. Fran is offended, and Mama tells him to apologize, but Vint doesn't. Naomi tells him that she still supports him, but Vint tells her not to tell anyone she is his wife, and instead a groupie. All the women have been offended and tell Vint they won't be going. Vint leaves, with his kids who want to be dropped off. Mama, Fran, and Naomi start talking about how Vint will embarrass himself, but then realize how harsh the crowd at the Bigger Jigger can be. They decide to go down there to stop Vint. At the Jigger, Vint is preparing for his routine when the women show up. But they tell him they are there to see him go on stage doing his Fred Astaire routine. Vint doesn't listen and goes to the bathroom. Mama follows him because she needs to tell him the story of when she bit off more than she could chew. Naomi and Fran follow Mama in the men's room to tell her to hurry. Soon more men come in because they have to use the bathroom. But Mama finally tells Vint her story about when she was the jump rope champion as a child, but challenged another girl to Double-Dutch. Vint finally understands that he will make a fool of himself if he goes on as Vinnie Vegas. But as they are about to leave, they discover that they are locked in. When they get home that night, Vint is feeling better and is no longer upset that he didn't get the promotion. And the guy who did get promoted couldn't even get them out of the bathroom. Vint and Naomi go to bed. Fran asks Mama what it was like in the Men's Room, and Mama tells her about one little poem she saw written on the wall that started out, "There once was a girl from Nantucket."
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