Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 2

An Affair to Forget

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Naomi is feeling the effects of being pregnant and wants to spend some quality time with Vint, who has to work late again, for the fourth night in a row. Vint says he has to stay late to train his new assistant, whom he neglects to mention is a buxom blonde bombshell, Heather. Mama begins to suspect Vint is doing more than just training her to run the store. Naomi is afraid that Vint has lost interest in her because she is pregnant, and especially since he hasn't touched her in four days. After Naomi leaves, Iola tells Mama that she found Vint's wedding ring in the bathroom, which really causes Mama to believe Vint is cheating on Naomi. And after Naomi discovers that Vint isn't wearing his gold band, she really believes he has lost interest in her.

Naomi decides to liven up her marriage by having a picnic in the mall, and Mama and Iola are afraid she'll catch Vint in the act. Mama and Iola decide to make a little trip down to Kwik Keys. When they get there, they are shocked to see the gorgeous Heather. Vint and Heather go into the storeroom to get supplies, and Mama and Iola enter the store. They hear some very suggestive dialogue coming from the storeroom, and Mama believes that they are rolling around on the floor, when in fact, they are only searching for a blank.

Naomi soon enters with the picnic lunch she made, and Mama tries to hide Vint and Heather. But the two leave the storage room. As Mama begins to panic, Heather recognizes Naomi. It turns out Heather is the sister of Luanne, a close friend of Naomi's, and is also married with children. Naomi decides to share her picnic lunch with the family at home, but Vint and Naomi never actually eat it. Instead, they head downstairs to the basement.