Mama's Family

Season 3 Episode 9

An Ill Wind

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 1986 on NBC
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An Ill Wind
In this Thanksgiving episode, Mama, Bubba, Vinton, Naomi, Iola, and Aunt Effie (Dorothy Van) all go for cover in the basement when an unexpected tornado passes by Raytown.

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  • Ah HELL were all gonna Die!!!!!! A Very funny episode

    Its Thanksgiving and Raytown is hit with bad weather. Well that bad weather turns into a tornado waring and has the whole family evacutated into the basement to ride out the twister. Fortunatly they have to live or its the end of the show. A series classic

    Happy Thanksgiving Harpers!!!!!
Vicki Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence

Mrs. Thelma "Mama" Crowley-Harper

Ken Berry

Ken Berry

Vinton Harper

Dorothy Lyman

Dorothy Lyman

Naomi Oates Harper

Beverly Archer

Beverly Archer

Iola Boylen (1986-1990)

Allan Kayser

Allan Kayser

Bubba Higgins (episodes 36-130)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Mama is in the kitchen getting the turkey out of the oven, you can see Iola's dress sticking out a little from the basement door. She is standing there waiting on her cue obviously for when Vent and Naomi finish talking to Mama and leave the kitchen.

    • Mama has heard dishes break when she was out of the kitchen before, so why didn't she hear the gravy boat when it fell?

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Iola: "Thelma, I have no conscious memory of what just transpired in your basement. All I know is I awoke on Vint's bed, my sweater askew and my shoes on the floor."
      Mama: "Well, I hate to burst your bubble sweetie pie, but the only thing that got to you was the rum balls."

    • *Naomi tells Mama she will fix her gravy boat with crazy glue*
      Mama: "Crazy glue?! We are talkin about fine bone china here missy. That thing has been in my family for generations!"
      Effie: "It has not! You're Mama got it with green stamps."
      Mama: "Butt out Effie!"

    • Mama: "There is nothin' wrong the cards. You're the one who ain't playin' with a full deck."

    • (Iola collapeses on the bed after eating all her rum balls/poker chips)
      Effie: Nothin' worse than a woman who can't hold her candy.

    • Mama: "Lord, I should have known, every time this family get together, there's a disaster!"

    • *Bubba enters in torn clothes and soaking wet*
      Mama: "Bubba, what in the world happened to you?!"
      Vint: "Bubba, say somethin'!"
      *Bubba spits water out*
      Bubba: "Land, ho!"

    • *Naomi looks out at the pouring rain, and says she hopes that Vint and Effie are alright*
      Mama: "It never storms in Raytown on Thanksgiving. That's just a meezly little sprinkle."
      Naomi: "Well, I hope Vint's pick-up doesn't get stuck in all this Thanksgiving sunshine."

    • *Bubba walks out into pouring rain*
      Mama: "That's just a meezly little drizzle. It's more of a mist than a rain."

    • Bubba: "Grandma!"
      Mama: "Bubba, in this house we don't shout at each other through closed doors. So what the hell do you want?!"

    • Mama: "You just don't get over this kind of grief very easily. It's gonna take some time before I'm right again."
      Bubba: "I found the cards!"
      Mama: "Hot damn! Let's play poker."

    • Iola: "What's you're secret ingredient?"
      Effie: "Booze!"

    • *Iola eats a rumball*
      Iola: "There, now ya see. Things aren't so grim. Let's all just stop being gloomy gusses and make the best of it. My, these kick right in, don't they?"

    • Vint: "And we're trapped!"
      Naomi: "Trapped like rats!"
      Bubba: "Even the windows have bars."
      Vint: "Trapped!"
      Iola: "Trapped!"
      Effie: "Trapped!!!"

    • Mama: "Now listen, ya see how quiet's it gotten all of the sudden. I told ya. I'm just gonna go upstairs and baste my turkey."
      *Thunder sounds, and Mama dives onto the bed*
      Mama: "Ta hell with the bird, we're gonna die!"

    • Mama: "And missy, I want you to get this pig sty cleaned up."
      Naomi: "This is our personal boudoir Mrs. Harper, and I think it looks just fine."
      Mama: "That's because all you ever see of it is the ceiling."

    • (Playing poker using Effie's rumballs as chips.)
      Iola: Well, Lord love a duck. I can't bet, I ate all my chips.

    • Vint: "Remember that tornado that hit Uncle Clyde's farm? It drove a two by four right through one of his cows."
      Effie: "To this day, that cow's milk tastes just like Pine-sol."

    • Thelma: "Oh, whoever would have thought it'd on Thanksgiving."
      Naomi: "Rain!? Rain?! Ms. Harper wasn't rain that blew out that window. You don't hafta hide down in the basement when it's rainin. This is a tornado! It's a tonado!"
      Mama: "Well, it's just a little teenie weenie one. I bet it doesn't even touch down."
      Iola "Ya never know with tornadoes. They strike on a whim."
      Mama: "Oh shut up!"

    • *Vint tries to figure a way out of the basement after the storm*
      Vint: "If only we had an old spoon, we could dig our way out."
      Mama: "Real good, Vinton. If only we had a bar of soap you could carve a gun and shoot your way out."

    • *watching the rain and lightning*
      Naomi: "Would you look at that. That's a doozy of a storm."
      Mama: "No it's not! It may rain and snow in other cities on Thanksgiving but in Raytown the sun always shines."
      *Following a loud crack of thunder*
      Mama: "That was just a sonic boom."

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode is one of the few that does not feature the full front of the house in the closing credits. Instead, a close up of the porch with chairs turned over in the aftermath of the storm is displayed. The Hawaii episode and the series finale are other examples where the closing credits image changes.