Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 2

Baby Talk

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1988 on NBC
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Baby Talk
Mama and Iola are working hard on a homemade quilt to enter an upcoming contest when Iola comments about the house being so quiet lately. Vint and Naomi arrive home from visiting a friend of their's who just had a baby girl. Which gives Naomi the idea that she wants one too. Mama's dead set against the idea and makes it clear to Vint about her feelings. When that bit of pushing fells to get through. Mama decides to give them a taste of what having a baby is like. So, thinking they have a day off, she sets a little plan into motion to discourage them. Namely asking to babysit for one of her neighbors, who has a baby with a real penchant for high pitched crying. Problem is Naomi and Vint have decided to go into work late, leaving Mama to baby sit little Garth. It's a chore to finally get him to stop crying, but every time Mama gets him to be quiet someone slams a door and he starts again. In the end, Mama is wore out and falls asleep right as Naomi and Vint come in. Never having seen Mama so relaxed, they decide a baby is just what the family needs.moreless

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    Vicki Lawrence

    Vicki Lawrence

    Mrs. Thelma "Mama" Crowley-Harper

    Ken Berry

    Ken Berry

    Vinton Harper

    Dorothy Lyman

    Dorothy Lyman

    Naomi Oates Harper

    Karin Argoud

    Karin Argoud

    Sonja Harper (episodes 1-35)

    Beverly Archer

    Beverly Archer

    Iola Boylen (1986-1990)

    Allan Kayser

    Allan Kayser

    Bubba Higgins (episodes 36-130)

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      • Mama: You two can't have a baby! There is no room in this house!
        Naomi: There's always room for a baby in a house full of love.
        Mama: What the hell's that got to do with us?!

      • *Iola is mad about the quilt that has shrunk*
        Mama: We'll call it "A Country Quilt For Barbie."
        Iola: Are you crazy? Barbie wouldn't be caught dead with a quilt. That pumped out tramp sleeps on satin sheets with a different doll every night of the week!

      • Naomi: I don't have a home of my own. I have no room of my own. Well, I got nothing in this life that's mine and mine alone.
        Mama: Have you tried thinking of your side of the bed as yours alone?

      • *Naomi says her and Vint have work to do – making a baby*
        Mama: Don't you even think about working with her. You gotta talk some sense into that woman.
        Vint: Oh, Mama, what do I say?
        Mama: Well, you're the man of the family. Lay the law down! Tell her I won't allow it!

      • *Mama is holding baby Garth in her arms*
        Bubba: Hey, what are you doing? Babysitting?
        Mama: No, I'm having an affair with a midget.

      • Mama: Good Lord Garth! I was having the worst nightmare. I dreamt Naomi was taking fertility drugs and came home with sextuplets. That was the first time in my life I ever turned down a six pack.

      • Mama: It just got a little bit of dampness from the baby.
        Iola: Dampness? What kind on dampness?!
        Mama: Well it wasn't Mountain Dew.

      • Mama: Lord Iola, until today I didn't know what a blessing the change of life was.

      • *Mama tells Bubba to hold baby Garth*
        Bubba: Me?! But he's crying.
        Mama: Well, you just remember that awful sound the next time you get the urge to climb in the backseat of a car.

      • *Mama and Iola brought home Rosemary Peter's baby, Garth*
        Vint: Well, what's all this?
        Mama: It's a new vacuum cleaner Vinton.
        *Vint starts examining the bassinette, and Mama hits him*
        Mama: It's a baby, you jack-ass!

      • Mama: Vinton can't change diapers. He's only just learned to dress himself.

      • Vint: Hey, why don't we compromise? We'll call him Gillette.

      • *Vint and Naomi are fighting over a baby name*
        Vint: If it's a boy, he'll be Vint. If it's a girl: Vintina.

      • *Iola tells Mama she'll make her breakfast when Naomi and Vint get up*
        Mama: Well, who knows when they'll get up. It's their day off!
        Iola: I imagine they'll be sleeping in, if Naomi has her say.

      • *Bubba says he has a problem*
        Iola: Bubba, I am sure whatever it is can wait till after a nice hot stack of flapjacks.
        Bubba: Mm. Hey, that sounds great.
        Mama: Sure does. *gets up from her Singer*
        Iola: Sit back down there and sew!

      • *Naomi announces she's put the shower massage on pulsate, and Vint rushes down to her*
        Mama: Buster, you better be wearing a shower cap!

      • Naomi: She had a little girl.
        Iola: Oh, how much did she weigh?
        Naomi: Nine pounds, ten ounces.
        Mama: Good Lord, that's no baby. That's a line backer.

      • Vint: Boy Skeeter, I had the best time with you tonight. *kisses Naomi*
        Iola: You just never tire of that putt-putt do you?

      • Mama: Whoever heard of a team having a weasel for a mascot?
        Bubba: Well, it's only a junior college.

      • *Iola is telling Mama how to sew the quilt*
        Iola: No, ease up on the peddle.
        Mama: Oh Iola, for pity sake, I'm sewing a quilt, not crash landing an air plane. Now back off!

      • *Vint, Naomi, Iola and Mama talking about babies and how cute they are*
        Vint: Oh, I dunno, all them little babies look the same to me. Sometimes I wonder if they don't mix 'em, give 'em to the wrong parents. *pokes himself with Mama's sewing needle* Ohhhhhhh!
        Mama: I've wondered that myself.

    • NOTES (1)

      • This episode contains what is most likely the longest single laugh in the show's history. At one point, Vint returns from the basement, wearing a shower cap. This is, of course, Vint misinterpreting Mama's previous advice that he'd better be wearing a "shower cap." This is after Naomi calls for him to join her in the shower after expressing her desire to have a baby. Fill in the blanks.

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