Mama's Family

Season 4 Episode 23

Bed and Breakdown

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The scene with Thelma and the hammock is very reminiscent of one in an episode of Three's Company called A Camping We Will Go. Dave Powers directed that and this Mama's Family episode.

  • Quotes

    • Mama: Could we all please just shut up and get some sleep?!
      Vint: That's easy for you to say Mama. I don't think I can sleep in a bed where a pig's been.
      Mama: Oh, Vinton, what's the big deal? It sure as hell has never bothered you before.

    • (The cheerleaders come down the stairs screaming)
      Mama: What is it?! What is it?!
      Bobby Sue: There's a man in our room!!!
      (Bubba pops up)
      Bubba: I've been right here the whole time!

    • Mrs. Thornberry: Mrs. Harper.
      *Mama falls out of the hammock*
      Mrs. Thornberry: I hope I'm not disturbing you.
      Mama: No, I always crawl around on the living room floor in the middle of the night.

    • *The family is fighting over who sleeps on the couch*
      Iola: Obviously, there is only one solution to this dilemma.
      Mama: I know, but there's a law against murder.

    • Mama: Oh Iola, you have no idea what it is like listening to that squealing all day long.
      Iola: Well, you've got to expect that from teenage girls.
      Mama: I'm talkin' about the pig!!!

    • Naomi: Oh, this is so exciting. Spending the whole weekend with people we don't even know!
      Mama: Kind of reminds you of your single days, huh?

    • Mama: Shoot, for my Chefomatic I'd sleep in a snake pit. I don't suppose two nights with you all would be much worse.

    • Mama: Now all of these people cannot stay here!
      Iola: Well why not Thelma. You got the room.
      Naomi: Iola's right. Mr. Carruthers's nephew can sleep down in our basement, and Vint and me will bunk up here.
      Vint: Yeah. And the cheerleaders can stay in Bubba's room.
      Bubba: Ha! Thanks Uncle Vint!

    • Mama: Well Iola, the way my luck is going, I could go put my head in that old oven of mine, it'd probably start workin'.

    • (Mama is desribing the oven of her dreams, the Chefomatic)
      Mama: I tell ya Iola, you could fry bacon in the nude without a second thought.

    • Mama: Well, if I wanna look at freaks, I can just stay home.

    • Mama: Well Vinton, I thought you fixed this oven door. It won't stay shut.
      Vint: I did fix it. Remember, yesterday it wouldn't open.

    • Vint: Good night Mama, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.
      Mama: Yeah, yeah.
      Vint: If they do, take your shoe, hit them till there black and blue
      Mama: ALL RIGHT!!!

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