Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 9

Bedtime for Bubba

Aired Unknown Jan 14, 1989 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Naomi: Are we the only normal ones in this family?
      Mama: Hey, if you two fruits of the loom are normal, then I am proud to be a pervert!

    • Naomi: We're just trying out a few helpful hints from this new best seller, 101 Ways To Pregnancy.
      Mama: You mean there's more than one?

    • *Naomi is questioning why Mama is in Bubba's room*
      Naomi: Say, what do you do? Hide in different closets around the house hopin' to get lucky? Is that how you get your kicks?

    • *Iola tells Mama that the bra Mama found could possibly his*
      Mama: Wait a minute; this couldn't possibly belong to Bubba. A big, strapping boy like him, he would need at least a D cup.

    • *Naomi tells Mama that she can go to bed*
      Vint: Me and Naomi can wait up for Bubba. Looks like we're gonna be awake a while longer.
      Mama: On a weeknight? Usually by this time you two have been in bed for hours and asleep for minutes.

    • *Bubba tells Mama he has to tell her something about him and Toni*
      Bubba: Well, she thinks that I'm not ready for that final tomorrow, so, well I, I was wondering if we could come here tonight after the library closes and pull an all-nighter.
      Mama: An all-nighter?
      Bubba: Yeah. Toni says I need it really bad.
      Mama: I'll just bet she does.

    • *Vint is looking at the boxers Naomi bought for him*
      Vint: Gee Skeeter, they seem kinda roomy.
      Naomi: Well honey, they're for the baby.
      Vint: Well, they'd really be big on him.

    • *Naomi shows Vint the banana boxers she bought for him*
      Mama: Good night. Where'd ya buy those, Banana Republic?

    • Vint: What's wrong with Mama? She's so nice.

    • Iola: Now maybe it's not what you think. Maybe there's a logical explanation.
      Mama: You're right. Let's examine the facts. First Bubba and a gorgeous girl come in way after midnight. Then he insists that I leave him alone to study with her, in private. Then, the next morning, I find a black brassiere in his unmade bed.
      Iola: Now, what can we deduce from these facts?
      Mama: That I'm GONNA KILL HIM!

    • Mama: You don't need that kind of trash to make a baby. You just have accidents like I did.
      Vint: Thanks a lot Mama.

    • Naomi: Oh come on honey. I know this is difficult for you. But I wanna get pregnant we have got to stop making love.

  • Notes

    • When Mama asks about there being more than one way to get pregnant from Naomi's book on pregnancy, you can hear someone in the audience say, "Oh my God."

  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode is an allusion to the 1959 movie titled, "Bedtime for Bonzo." It was one of the more well known movies by the actor Ronald Reagan.