Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 10

Bubba's House Band

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mama, Vint, Naomi and Iola are preparing for Church Carnival. Vint is running a booth where he guesses people's weights. Naomi is going to do silhouettes of people's heads. And Iola is doing a salute to the Civil War with her Civil War Kitchen Cozy Collection. Mama wants to bake something, but she can't figure out what would be good enough to be a huge success.

Meanwhile, Bubba is looking for a band for Homecoming. After a few hours of negotiating, he finally books the hottest band in the Tri-State Area – the Bonecrushers. But, he tells the family that the band will be staying with them. Everyone, except Mama, is excited. The family prepares for the arrival of the Bonecrushers, but when they see that they are an all-female band, they are quite surprised. The Bonecrushers, Snake, Ciji, and Mojo, have a hardcore appearance that is a little intimidating to everyone, minus Bubba.

The next morning, Bubba leaves the band with Mama. She isn't too pleased with that, but she keeps the girls under control at breakfast. After the girls finally try Mama's oatmeal and begin to enjoy it, Ciji says how it reminds her of her Gram Gram's cooking. It turns out that Ciji's Gram Gram makes candy cakes, which she sends to the Bonecrushers while they are on the road. Mama realizes how well they could do at the Church Carnival, and she and the Bonecrushers start making the cakes. Iola comes over in a panic because one of her Civil War cozy gets ruined, but Snake offers to help her repair it. The girls finish helping Mama and Iola and decide to head to the Church Carnival to see how well their projects sell. But when Bubba sees the girls, he is shocked to see the transformation they've made, having traded in their leather and chains for a look like Iola's.

After the Church Carnival is finished, Mama's cakes were a hit, and Iola sold everyone of her pieces. It wasn't that great for Vint and Naomi however. Naomi didn't sell a single silhouette, and Vint got hit when he said Roselle Huplander weighed a lot. Bubba comes home still upset about the Bonecrushers' change in look, but Snake, Mojo, and Ciji come down the stairs in their old look, saying that is who they are. Mama is disappointed at first, but gets over it, and asks if the fishnet stockings they wear come in a queen size.