Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 10

Bubba's House Band

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1989 on NBC



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    • Mama: The Bonecrushers? Who's their lead singer, Andre the Giant?

    • (Vint tells Mama he's going to use her old scale to guess people's weight at the carnival)
      Mama: With that old thing? Every time I stand on that piece of junk, it adds twenty pound to my weight.
      Vint: No Mama. Look, it works perfect.
      Mama: I'm tellin' ya, the damn scale lies!

    • Iola: Well, it's not funny, Thelma, it took me six months to make these. Now Sherman's going into battle with burnt buns.
      Snake: Hey, isn't that your basic felt applique?
      Iola: Uh-huh.
      Snake: I could help ya make a new one.
      Iola: You?!
      Snake: Yeah. My sister was an exotic dancer. I used to help make all her costumes.
      Mama: Say no more. Snake, you run along and help Iola.
      Iola: B-b-b-but Thelma . . .
      Mama: But nothing, Iola. If she can use a chainsaw, I'm sure she can handle a glue gun.
      Iola: Well, very well. Come along Snake dear.
      Mama: I hope General Sherman doesn't wind up with pasties and a G-string.

    • Naomi: That is my husband.
      Snake: Too bad.

    • Mojo: Hey, ya know, for nasty lookin' stuff, this doesn't taste too bad.
      Mama: Well, thank you for the rave, Mojo.

    • Iola (about the Bonecrushers): I'll bring my accordian over. We can jam!
      Mama: Iola, I don't think the Bonecrushers are into polkas.

    • Mama: Sit down girls. I got you some oatmeal warmin' on the stove.
      (the girls sit down)
      Mojo: Nah. Forget the gruel, Granny. Just coffee.
      Mama: On no. You girls are gonna have a decent breakfast. You need energy to saw people's faces in half.
      Cigi: We get all the energy we need from our candy stash (holds up a plastic bag with candy in it) Jawbreaker?
      Mama: Well for heaven sake, eating this junk for breakfast? No wonder you girls have such nasty dispositions.
      (the girls stand up)
      Snake: Hold it, Granny!
      Mama: Sit!
      Snake: Yeah.
      (the girls sit back down)

    • Mama: I guess you can sleep upstairs in Bubba's room.
      Bubba: Hey, thanks Grandma!
      Mama: Because Bubba will be sleeping down here on the sofa, and I'll be standing right here with the chainsaw!

    • Mama: (to the Bonecrushers) My grandson neglected to mention that you were an all-girl band. You are all girls, aren't you?

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