Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 20

Bye-Bye -- Baby!

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Vint and Naomi are still living in their mobile home outside Mama's home, and Naomi is upset because her baby is late. Mama tries to calm Naomi down by telling her that you can count on the Harper men and tells her about how much of a Prince her Carl was when she was going to have Ellen. This story calms Naomi down, but after she leaves, Iola asks about Carl being such a knight in shining armor. Then Mama tells her the truth about how Carl wasn't even there for her and she had to take the bus to the hospital because Carl refuses to come out of the bathroom when she went into labor.

Bubba, who's trying to make the college Water Polo team, is driving Mama nuts by running up and down the stairs. Iola stops by to show Mama and Bubba the picture she made for the baby made of dryer lint. Bubba leaves to continue working out to make the water polo team, and Iola goes to goes to the Laundromat to get more dryer lint. Vint gets home and asks Mama about his wife, and Mama tells him he needs to be more sensitive. Naomi comes in, and Vint isn't exactly sensitive. Naomi tells them she thinks it is time. Mama tells Vint to get the suitcase, and Naomi heads off to get the most important thing she needs, her hot rollers. Mama calls the doctor, but after she hangs up, Vint calls her in a panic. Mama rushes out, and Vint tells her that Naomi says the baby is coming now. Vint goes to get the pickup truck as Mama tries to calm Naomi down, and they hear a crash. Vint rushes in and says he crashed his pickup into Mama's car. Naomi tells them the baby is coming, and Vint passes out after Mama tells him to calm down.

Bubba, who made the water polo team, and Iola show up and wonder where everyone is and why there are two wrecked cars. They then hear a cry coming from the trailer, and Mama tells them to come in. She shows them Naomi's new baby, and then wakes Vint up. It turns out Mama helped deliver this baby girl, and Vint wants to thank Mama for helping out. He suggests naming the baby after Mama, though Naomi wants to name her Tiffany. Vint decides on Tiffany Thelma Harper. But a fight ends up breaking out over the baby's name.
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