Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 24

Dependence Day

Aired Unknown May 20, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Thelma and Iola prepare to go a cruise down the Ray River on the Dixie Bell, having gotten a two for one deal. But Iola comes and says her mother had another dizzy spell, and she can't leave her. So Mama reminds her of a few of the times her mother has prevented her from doing other things. Feeling empowered Iola runs home to confront her mother.

She returns minutes later, with the news that she confronted her mother and said she was going to go on that cruise. But Iola's mother responded to her plea for independence by throwing her out. Mama and the family reluctantly agree she should stay with them until the cruise. But this arrangement quickly turns sour.

Iola takes over Mama's kitchen and works non-stop from dawn to dusk, including vacuuming under Vint and Naomi's bed at seven in the morning. She's also a terrible bunkmate for Mama, getting up to go to the bathroom constantly, then opening the window and adding more covers.

Mama tries to make peace with Iola and her mother, but Iola refuses to go home. So the family decides to try and get her to leave by driving her nuts at dinner. The plan works to perfection, as well as backfires. Iola is tired of Mama, so tells her she won't go on the cruise with her, and will instead take her mother as reconciliation, which disappoints Mama.