Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 24

Dependence Day

Aired Unknown May 20, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Mama says that Wednesday is beans and franks night. But she said in other episodes it was meatloaf night. Supposedly, she changed it.

    • Mama talks about the tour of the old homes of Bump. But when Bubba ran away with plans to go to Bump, he was told all it was is a STOP sign and a bump. Apparently, there is more to see than he was told.

    • At one point Iola takes a pan of muffins out of the oven with no oven mits... they must of been hot!

  • Quotes

    • (Vint, Bubba, and Naomi are wondering why Mama is taking so long talking to Iola's mother)
      Vint: I tried to talk her into giving me back my ball when it broke her window. She just laughed and kept it.
      Bubba: Well, she's probably mellowed out since then.
      Vint: It was last Tuesday.

    • (The family is trying to upset Iola so she leaves, and Mama complains about her chipped plate)
      Naomi: It's nothing compared to this fork. Have you ever seen anything that filthy?
      Iola: Well, for heaven's sake, it's just a water spot.
      Mama: Oh my God! Everybody check your flatware!

    • Iola: Ya see what I've done is I've arranged your condiments in alphabetical order, from A1 to Worchester.
      Mama: Well how the hell did you put away the lunch meat, by Dewey Decimal System?!

    • Vint: Boy, reading the paper can really be depressing.
      Naomi: What is it honey? The ozone layer?
      Vint: No. Mr. Dithers fired Dagwood again.

    • Naomi: Do you realize that she was vacuuming at seven o'clock this morning?
      Mama: Well, what's wrong with that?
      Naomi: Under our bed?!

    • Bubba: Plus, you get to stop at all the port cities along the way.
      Naomi: Yeah. I hear they hit Hinckley, Bundy, and Bump.
      Vint: Even a few of the smaller towns.

    • Iola: I'll send Daddy for my things, including my slip covers!
      Mama: Well, fine by me cause with you gone, they're the ugliest things in the room!

    • Mama: But normally Wednesday night is our beans and franks night.
      Iola: Oh Thelma, Mother says these things are nothing butnitrates and pig's feet. You should never serve them to those you love.
      : Well that's why I make em for my family.

    • Naomi: My friend Luann is looking for a roommate to share her motor home out on Route 5.
      Mama: Are you nuts? There is more truck traffic in that floozy's trailer than the all night Texaco.

    • (Iola premieres her slip covers to the Harpers)
      Vint: Gee, I, I liked it better the way it was.
      Iola: Oh, isn't that just like a man?
      Mama: And his mother. Oh Iola, I don't know, it's just so floral. There aren't this many flowers in my garden, or in Holland!

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