Mama's Family

Season 1 Episode 8

Double Standard

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 1983 on NBC

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  • Not their finest hour

    Although the show was my favorite of all time, this probably was my least favorite episode. And judging by how users have voted, I'm not alone in this. We all know, unfortunately, the double standard is still a common occurence in some homes. I have always thought it was a very backward way of thinking and therefore, doesn't make a very interesting storyline. Sonja and Buzz are going to a school dance and they both end up getting the same curfew even though Sonja is a year older. Vint told her it was because she was a girl. Buzz even got an extra hour to be out to boot. I was quite pleased to see Mama, Naomi, and Sonja gang up on chauvinist Vint and teach him that boys can get into just as much trouble as girls can. Vint was ultimately the loser in the end. But, even so, it wasn't their finest hour.
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